(في كوريا مع دينا – الحلقة ١(حديقة سيول النباتية ونهر الهان

Welcome! Korea with Deena! Fun Time! Delicious Food! Explore Korea with Deena! Hi guys! I’m here today with Mabel, and we decided to come to a new place We’ve never been here before As most of you know, we live in Seoul And Seoul is a city that is very busy very crowded, people are always running around so we decided to come to a place full of nature, plants, lakes, all that stuff and our mission today is.. to take the nicest Instagram picture! ok? since it’s a place full of nature, we were like, “We have to take an Instagram picture!” you know? so.. let’s go! anyway, we printed the tickets as you can see, there’s a barcode on the ticket so, you just scan it and enter right away just like at the airport Its color and everything looks plastic (unreal) we came out and.. the first thing I noticed is that it’s cold, like, we’re really outdoors now (real Korean weather) second thing I noticed is that, it’s impossible to escape from the crowds in Seoul because, literally, 10 minutes after we went in, a huge amount of people flooded in they seemed to be on some kind of a tour so they filled the place and we decided it wasn’t appropriate to film so we eventually came out but this natural? park? what do you call it? The park? the botanic park! it has an indoor space that is controlled and it has an outdoor space that is… you know… out in this cold so, we’re going to check out the outdoor space, then we’ll go eat, because I’m hungry before we leave, we came to take a picture with the teddy bear I lost my debit card so I’m gonna call the bank now and cancel it and then just make a new one as you can see, all this food is like, the most common lunch mean in Korea here we have a lot of rice, and kimbap, Kimbap is like, a sushi roll inside there’s rice, vegetables, and tuna and of course we have the most important thing kimchi and kimchi stew this is my most favorite food in the world everytime I have Korean food, I have to have kimchi and Chris got himself some fried rice so, yeah “잘 먹겠습니다!” in Korea, before we eat anything, we say “잘 먹겠습니다” which means “I will eat well” but, we will say ‘bismillah” guys, I adore something called ‘kimchi jjigae’ kimchi jjigae, actually the word jjigae means “stew”, in Korean, like a thick soup so, actually, like, a week ago? maybe? or two weeks ago? I shot a video, I tried cooking kimchi jjigae by myself for the first time without help- actually no I had help I had a professional chef on the phone, but he wasn’t physically there to help me so we shot a video of me cooking it and of course I ruined it in the beginning it came out, like.. weird and I put sugar instead of salt I just made a mess, basically this kimchi right here is the same as this one it’s just cooked first, and then made into a stew but this one right here, is pickled and cold that’s all, and then it’s eaten with rice this white rice is pretty bland, so sometimes people do this, they put the jjigae on the rice or they put the rice into the jjigae because Korean (sticky) rice for Koreans, is like bread for us (Arabs) you know? it’s bland can’t be eaten on its own we need to find Mabel now I’m not sure where she is I think she went to eat Subway we’re late and Mabel is ‘walking on egg shells’
(Arabic expression for being slow) or eating on egg shells- when you order coffee here, in Korean, there is no ‘f’ or ‘v’ sound you substitute those with a ‘p’ or a ‘b’ so for example, if you wanna say “vanilla latte” “banilla latte” if you wanna say “ice americano”, A-me-ri-ca-no A + A (A)i-ce A-Me-Ri-Ca-No A + A if you tell your friends you wanna drink A + A, they will understand the meaning “coffee latte” “cappe latte” if you’re Korean and say it in a normal English accent, the person taking your order may be a bit confused like…. “Who are you?” “Can’t you speak Korean?” “Are you showing off your English?” so, when I first came to Korea, it took me some time get used to these pronunciations so today- we went to the Seoul Botanic Park, and then we got some Korean food, but Mabel didn’t join us because Mabel’s a loser and then we got coffee, Mabel the quiet baby Mabel the cute baby we’ll go to a different place, a nicer place a place we can try more fun things Hi guys! me and my sister Mabel, came to the most popular place in Seoul, and especially these days, because the weather is great! it’s amazing! we’re here at the Han River or in Korean, the “Hangang” so, stick around to see what kind of things you can do here! things you may not know about the Han river is that, the Han river divides Seoul into two so if you start walking from one end to the other, you can basically see the whole of Seoul it’s beautiful especially when the sun is setting, like right now and when the weather is good and there’s plenty of things that you can do around here like, around the river there are various parks there are areas you can bike, or skateboard, or walk.. I don’t know, your pets? this place over here you can probably see it in many pictures of the Hangang because everyone takes pictures here it says “I Seoul U” it’s a popular place for pictures here the last time I rode with these shoes, I fell I fell hard too so, I wont risk my life today only Mabel will ride but later we might rent bikes! I’m gonna order fried chicken right now “Hello” “We would like to have..” “one half-fried and half-yangnyeom, please” the food will be here in half an hour, and we have to go get it from in front of the station the subway station like a 5 minute walk so until the food comes, we’ll chill a bit now we’re here at a popular spot at the park, this spot has food, like.. a convenience store,
(often called supermarkets in Arabic) where we can cook instant meals like ramyeon ramyeon is Korean noodles there’s also a burger place, and also a chicken place so I’ll show you guys the convenience store because its pretty different from the ones we have back in the Arab world okay so we found some stuff that don’t contain any pork first this, its like seafood ramyeon/noodles and this, this isn’t exactly Korean well it’s produced here but this is more Chinese style and pork-free jelly I’ll go cook the noodles, I’ll show you now first, we’ll put the ingredients of the ramyeon in these bowls, they’re made of… like.. Aluminum? the point is, they can be heated as you can see, there’s a barcode so you scan it here oh it switched on the other one, oops it pours your water like this, then boils it with a timer you can see the other one it’s already boiling I picked up the chicken let’s eat here we have… regular fried chicken and here we have “yangnyeom” fried chicken yangnyeom is a Korean style sauce it’s a bit spicy (and sweet) the mix between regular and yangnyeom, is like, the best mix for fried chicken this is like the most common order what everyone orders all the time there’s an expression in Korean called “힐링” which means “healing” So people usually come to the Hangang, in this kind of weather and scenery, to ‘heal’ themselves anyone who comes here always goes like “oh I did some ‘healing’ today” meaning I de-stressed completely, and got rid of all the bad feelings so I think that’s what Mabel experienced when she chilled here for the first time with her friends and this is really like, really how I feel too when I come here I go home feeling really relaxed, I mean yeah I feel exhausted, of course and sleepy, because we move a lot and do a lot of activities but at the same time, I go back feeling happy and like, forreal, this outing should happen at least once or twice every month because living in Korea, we really don’t find time, to just go out and relax because we’re always at school or work, we’re always very busy so me going out today like this, especially with Mabel and did all these refreshing activities is pretty special to me, I had a great time and inshAllah next time we’ll show you guys more fun stuff more different far from nature and all this we’ll go shopping, we will… what are we gonna do Mabel? we’ll go to cafes, we’ll find hidden gems, so, yeah!

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