(في كوريا مع دينا – الحلقة ٤(كل ما تتمناه في هونغداي

Hi guys, our episode today will be about the most popular areas to go out especially for young people So usually when we ask foreigners where are the places that they go to just chill, party, or eat out They usually say around “Hongdae” (Hongik Univ.) But in fact, it’s not only Hongdae that’s really popular for its nice spots In Seoul we have sort of a ‘triangle’ where we have “Hongdae”, “Sangsu”, and “Hapjeong” and the 3 have really great spots from shops to restaurants to clubs to cafes to karaoke, just everything, there’s so much you can do so in today’s episode we will check out these areas and see where exactly we will end up, so let’s go! so something I noticed here is that the restaurants aren’t only Korean, we have food from all over like there’s even a TGIF over there and I’m sure most of us, like in Arab countries we know it, and we grew up eating it so much so that was nice, also behind me over there, there’s Mexican, Japanese, American (Western) food everything you could ever need so, that’s also nice for people who are looking for a bit of a change, if you don’t want Korean or Asian food so that’s good we decided to have Mexican food today for that ‘bit of change’ gotta fill this with Pepsi as you can see here this place is actually Korean, but is like our version of Chipotle in America so, it’s really good, I’ve tried it before and I really like it okay so we’re done eating now and we’ll head out, see what else we can do maybe get coffee on the way so yeah, let’s go! since in Korea, speed is very important in cafes and they’re usually pretty crowded there are small cafes that are operated by yourself with the help of a kiosk like this one so for example, we want.. uhh cold brew let’s go every time we film an episode I lose something so in like I think the first episode, yeah the first one I lost my debit card and today I lost it again, the new card but thank God we called the restaurant and they said that they have it so I’m going back to get it so I’m like omg, what’s going on with me honestly, every time we film I’m just all over the place and just forget my stuff everywhere guys be careful with your things, please you know the best thing about Korea, is that when you lose something or forget something at a cafe for instance, no one will take it like honestly, I don’t know why but no one will take it! it’s so so safe Korea is such a safe country, it’s crazy like for example me and my friends at school we would be like, chilling at a cafe and we have our laptops and our phones and everything on the table then we would leave to a restaurant, eat, then come back and our stuff is untouched this is pretty normal in Korea also when you lose a phone or a card wherever you lost it, they (employees) will keep it till you notice and call asking if they have your card then you just give them your name, and they’ll tell you . okay come and get it so it’s like so comfortable, really like it’s amazing another place I wanna show is this shop it’s called ABC Mart you can buy most sneaker brands here like Nike, Adidas, Vans, all the well-known brands, usually at a lower price sometimes even the new releases and I usually shop here for shoes there’s a lot of Vans here but honestly I already have 2 or 3 pairs of Vans so, I’m gonna try Fila Fila is a brand that like, became a huge trend last year or the one before this year not as much but I have one, I have this so let’s try a new color right now, we’re closer to “Sangsu” and this area has shops that are like, well it’s a mix of shops and restaurants that are chic and ones that are more funky like behind me here, it’s so colorful, but at the same time you’ll find places that are more like full of flowers, and (mood) lights, and it’s really pretty especially that now it’s December all the Christmas decoration will be up and stuff so let’s walk around Sangsu, let’s go this dessert, in a small tart, sometimes it has cheese it’s called an egg tart and it’s very common in Korea you can find it almost everywhere but I never tried it actually for no reason actually.. I just never did oh! do you know the entertainment companies for idols? there’s a lot around as well this is one of them that’s an idol group, I don’t know who they are but, I guess they’re famous(?) these are incense holders incense, like in the Arab countries, is pretty popular here but the smells are kinda different this machine, lets you to buy flowers anywhere you just gotta choose the flowers you like, then you can have it, this door will open and you can take it out, for when you have an emergency and need a flower this place behind me is a chain, and it’s in almost every area in Korea it has arcade games, the old and the new and you know, the “뽑기” (Bbopki), the game with the claw that descends and picks toys and stuffed animals the place is packed I would have loved to show you me playing these but personally, I don’t like these games because I always lose, and get upset so I’m not even gonna try do you guys know this place? I think all kpop fans know this is the house that Black Pink filmed their reality show so a lot of foreigners come here to take pictures in front of the gate one thing I wanted to tell you is that many stores in this area, like clothing stores, they make the interior design of the shop in a way where it looks like a(n art) gallery why? so people who go to the store would take pictures, and post on Instagram, Facebook, and stuff, so more people would come to their store so that’s a special point they have, and also sometimes they’re hard to find because they’re always in these strange alleys but when you do find them, you will know right away because their interior, even from outside, usually looks very very special like this! it’s uhh… pop corn, every where… even over there if you can see, the entrance, is crooked like this so when you pass by and see this place, you would come and take a picture in front of it I also just realized that there is no sign the sign is on the side over there, and people are taking pictures next to it do you guys remember a long time ago the old VCR they stacked them up here and pulled out the tape they made an art piece of them also here, out of all that tape, they made a sitting figure probably looks really scary in the dark and when you enter here you’ll notice that, outside it was more like art pieces, but inside it’s just a clothing store even the fitting rooms there’s a couch inside the fitting room so Hongdae (Hongik University), is a university that is very famous for its art department so a lot of its students often have these flea markets where they sell items they made themselves so today there’s a flea market because it’s Saturday, and they’re usually on Saturdays they’re preparing a stage here as well, because a lot of people do busking there’s a lot of street performances especially in these areas so they’re preparing the stage, usually they sing at night so not now the weather got colder, so I took out this hot pack it was in my pocket open it like this I’m not sure if we have it in Arab countries, the ones that have cold snowy winters but this is common in Korea it’s like this pack, that has, I don’t know something inside? I’m not sure what exactly but if you shake it like this it gets hotter and it stays hot for about… how long does this stay? maybe 24 hours? so people put these in their pockets for when their hands are cold, they hold it and it warms them up as you know, in Korea especially colored contact lenses are literally everywhere even I am wearing some right now Korean brand, there are so many brands and stores and they are super duper affordable the quality is amazing, and the price is amazing and honestly, I have like, a full collection because I really love contacts, since I was very young so he was doing an interview about places that foreigners can visit in Seoul so he came and asked me, since I’m a foreigner too, what places I personally like to go to in Seoul and he was glad that I was living here for 4 years so… it was… the situation was kinda funny because I also am filming about places to visit in Seoul and he asked me the same question so I was like “omg we too are making the same video!” so that was funny

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