1080p HD Security Camera vs Analog CCTV Camera Resolution

Here is a comparison of high definition video
surveillance recorded with a 1080p HD security camera versus standard definition video recorded
with an analog CCTV camera. For best results, view this video from a desktop web browser
and adjust the YouTube player to 1080p resolution. This first video was captured with the 1080p
security camera. This is actually an analog high definition type camera, which is also
known as AHD CCTV. Here is a still image that I captured from that video segment. Notice
that when I zoom in on the 1080p image, my face is still clear. Now let’s take a look
at the analog CCTV camera video. This is 960 x 480 resolution, also known as 960H resolution.
This is how it looks when viewed full screen on a 1080p monitor.
Here is a still image that I captured from the CCTV camera. I zoom it to my face just
as I did with the 1080p image and notice the difference in clarity. Here is the zoomed
in 1080p image again, here is a side by side comparison of the two. HD over coax cable
type security cameras have become extremely popular. They cost only slightly more than
analog CCTV cameras, however the resolution is drastically better. To learn more about
1080p security cameras, please visit www.cctvcamerapros.com/1080p. Thank you for watching.

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