11 Creative Instagram Photo Ideas! Phone Photography Tips and More Instagram Hacks

Hey shutterbug pandas, it’s time to update that old profile image and get creative with your next photo album. That’s why we’re here to give you another set of photography tips and tricks using kitchenware, mirrors, office chairs and so on. Brought to you by Crafty Panda Bubbly. Anna had a brilliant idea to create a
colorful environment themed photo album. She simply used her surroundings in a mirror to cover herself with lovely reflections, which almost seemed as if it
was photoshopped. Anna just finished her yoga session but it doesn’t actually count if you haven’t taken a selfie, right? Let’s take it up a notch and ask Emily to help us out! Watch as Anna half way covers herself behind the wall so the mirror can duplicate the other side of her body making it look as though she’s floating in the air. Why not tell your friends
you’re doing yoga in a creative way Jacob thinks Anna looks charming even
doing something as simple as washing dishes. In the crowded kitchen it’s hard to get the right angle. “Jacob this is irritating give me some space” she said. But Jacob is determined he can get the shot. Oh wait a minute! That’s perfect! We’ll use the rinser to create a lovely lighting pattern illusion and give the image a dreamy playful look. Jacob just installed tinder to find a
date. First things first: He needs to set up his profile picture.
Next up – a lot of right swiping Unfortunately it looks like Jacob has no matches so far. This photo is clearly not helping him Jacob needs to figure out how to make his profile stand out a bit and a toy Lambo might just be the tool
to make it happen. Let’s grab a shoe box, throw the junk out and put all these extra props inside. Hey Jacob, don’t forget the jacket it might be chilly outside. The denim jacket,the cap and the shades make Jacob look like a real ladies man. Cover the box with grass, we’ll need it in a second. Ask someone to help you out with this photo project. Luckily Emily is just passing by and can be your photographer for today. Do you mind helping us out with the photo? Perfect! Put the car on top of the box and hold the camera just a foot away. Jacob now needs to stand a bit further away in order to compensate for the small size of the toy car. After a couple of shots Emily has managed to get the perfect bad-boy photo. It’s a shame boys can be some clueless
with the girls that are clearly into them It’s time to swap out your old profile picture with the new one, meaning we’re back to swiping. Finally it’s a match! Now we’re in business. “Hi, love your car…” Good luck with the date Jacob, hope it turns out well. Emily got inspired to update her profile picture with a cute and playful image. So Sarah is going to help her out. Maybe we should use a household item like a pillow? Nope too cliche… How about a can of coca cola? Darn it, the whole shirt is a mess now… Wait, don’t worry, Sarah has a brilliant idea. Emily go ahead and stand up give Sara a second to dress you up with a handful of flowers Or keep you hydrated with a slice of watermelon. Just like that in a second Emily becomes a part of nature! Emily is taking on the role of birthday
party photographer for the night. Matthew and Sarah are not that happy
with the background. How about we use that heart-shaped postcard as a lens lighting filter. As long as the aperture is wide open the filter will shape the blurred background lights into cool designs and give a stunning dreamy effect. This is how you do it! Rough cut out a piece of paper around the lens, bend it and cut half of the heart. Remember you can make all kinds of different shapes to suit the mood of the party it can be a note a plus sign or even a name. Emily not only continues to improve her
photography skills but she’s also into filmography. The camera movement in this video has her wondering how do they make it look so smooth?! Let’s go outside and
try it out for ourselves. Now who could be our subject?
“Hey Sarah, wait! I’m just gonna record you!” How come our footage is so shaky compared to those guys over there? There’s no way Emily can’t afford the
gear they use there must be another way we can make our footage look smooth. Is someone having fun in the office? This chair has a lovely set of wheels that
could actually help us out. It let’s grab our camera and try again. As long as Emily gives a serious kick she can smoothly catch up with Sarah’s running tempo. Or even catch a cool cinematic shot of a car wheel. Back at the office we can compare the footage which clearly shows the difference between the before and after shots. Yay! Emily just ended up with a cool shot for her next video project. Emma and the girls want to capture this lovely pool party unfortunately there are a few too many of them to fit in a single picture. Is there another way for all of us to squeeze in? Hey, how about we use these earphones? Plug it in the mini Jack use something like a bottle to position the camera. The earphone wire will give us enough space to back up and fit the image all together perfectly. Small tip don’t go too far we wouldn’t want your phone to get wet Sarah is a bit lonely, she keeps scrolling through Instagram and seeing all these happy couple sonline. Unfortunately she has no significant other to join her for a meal. Well sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures and when just a bit of creativity she can fabricate a dinner companion, not that we support this. Sarah decides to use a selfie stick to put some distance between herself and the camera. Which is a bit too obvious, wouldn’t you
say? Let’s use the same trick we learned from the girls earlier an upgrade are set up with a pair of earphones. The wire will give us more than enough space to trick the viewer. Keep in mind Sarah is still extending her arm in order to cover the cable. Although we’re done with the Instagram post. It doesn’t change the fact that we’re still eating alone. Sometimes you just have to fake it till you make it. Anna is not the only one with a casual
denim jacket and she can’t stand being like everyone else. We’re going to use textile paint to simply cover all the visible stitching and give it a visual kick – the whole front and the back. The white outline nicely complements the
jeans and gives it a whimsical blue sky look. Brilliant with this small twist
you could stand out among all the other denim jackets on the street. Anna won’t have to worry about looking like anyone else anymore. Watch out girls you’ll have
to step up your game. Emily fell off her scooter and tore her leggings again. Although it should be a simple sewing fix, she doesn’t know how to fix holes like this. and would rather tear it up a bit further to add some flair. Make a 10 inch cut around the sides by the bottom and stretch them out a bit. Put the leggings on and circle the hanging bits around the leg. Make a knot to keep it in place. Voila, It’s done! Those leggings look even better than before. How about we also add a bit of pizzazz to that white t-shirt? Cover the inner ring of an embroidery hoop with a piece of cutout stocking put on the outer ring and tighten it with the screw. Flip it over and cut off the
excess fabric we won’t need it Place a custom print shape under the fabric and draw the outline using a permanent marker. Remove the sheet and flip the hoop use a brush to cover the rest of the stocking with a layer of school glue. Give it 10 minutes or so to dry out and put it to the side grab a shirt and add a curtain cover inside to protect it from accidental paint spills. Squeeze some textile paint over the custom shape and smoothly brush it onto
the fabric. Lift the hoop and you’re done you can make other fun shapes like cactus pineapples and so on. That white shirt doesn’t look that dull anymore with our playful and simple illustration. Hey Panda Paparazzi, I hope you enjoyed
these photo hacks let us know which of them you’re going to use next in the comments below. If you want to learn more feel free to check out the older videos hit the subscribe button and ring that bell to stay tuned in for more!

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