“19th Century Photography” at The Home of Andrew Jackson

I’m Betsie Reed this is a reproduction the body of the camera is a reproduction of a 1850s English Daguerreotype style camera the lens we use is original 1863 1864 dialup lens straight from the period what we’re doing straight here today are
actually doing today is the process in photography that uh… this particular style or method came around
and eighteen fifty one by Frederick Archer an englishman who pretty much was not pleased with or not
satisfied with the Daguerre process ’cause took too long and it was very
expensive and came up with something a little bit less time consuming and
more cost effective and so we’re using the exact same
formulations and chemistry form the plate developing the plate and
fixing the plate

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  • Cool! I've been wanting to see something like this for a while. Have you done film with an old camera? Now that would be super impressive!

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