20 Free Galaxy S10 Wallpapers – Hide the Camera!

(heavy bass music) – So the Galaxy S10 display is incredible, and in turn, that cutout has led to so many creative
and awesome wallpapers. And in that nature, that’d
be fun to showcase 20 that you’ve never seen before. If you are asking
yourself whoa, whoa, whoa, how could you be so sure
I’ve never seen these? The answer is they were
all made from scratch. Big shout-out to JD and Drew
for the hard work on this. What sounded simple on paper turned into a hell of a lot of work. And this is definitely
where Drew is showcasin’ those affinity photo skills. I’ve seen the templates,
I’ve seen the edits, and those are cool, but
I thought it’d be fun to take it a notch up and
shoot real-life products and then transform those
into Galaxy S10 wallpapers. Primarily, these are focused on the single cutouts of the
Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10E, but baby, if you guys wanna see something for the Galaxy S10+, let me know with a comment down below. So first up is probably my favorite, and I do have a soft spot for
Baby Groot, aka Young Groot. It’s just kinda hard not to smile, seein’ Little Groot chillin’ in that plant with that cutout linin’ up perfectly with those big, adorable eyes. Now in the Guardians of the Galaxy theme, wanted to show a little Star-Lord love with this mintage Sony Retro Walkman, and those wireless
headphones were actually those featured in the
ridiculous 50 under 50. Now as much as I love Baby Groot, I also love Stranger Things. And this isn’t so much a direct play off of a cutout as it is just
a purely awesome wallpaper. And when you see the Behind the Scenes, it first starts off with
this simple, retro TV we found off eBay which is cool by itself, but when you add that
Stranger Things element, it takes it over the top. From there, this might anger some people, but this is a beautiful
shot of a MacBook Pro on the Galaxy S10, and I get it, it might be a little sacrilegious to throw an Apple product
in a Samsung product, but there’s no denying, it
looks really freaking cool. Next, JOYCONBOYZ. (hands clap)
Etika, I know you’re out there somewhere. For real though, I wanted to keep this as diverse as possible, and
Joy-Cons made perfect sense. The lines, the buttons, we actually have a couple cool variations of this one if you wanna check these out along with everything
in their full-resolution so you could rock them on your Galaxy S10. I’ll post ’em on Twitter,
which is linked down below. Keepin’ that Nintendo Switch love rollin’, we got a little Smash Bros. gameplay. And again, by itself, the Switch is cool, but when you add the gameplay element, it takes it over the top. And for me, the color combo of the red with that Sonic blue, is very nice. From there, four of my
photographers and camera people, the shutter button actually
makes a really cool option for a Galaxy S10 wallpaper. I particularly like this one as well because you got the black
with the red ring on the glass that pairs really nicely
with the background. And when you throw this with
a little bit of clock action, it is the perfect combination. Jumpin’ from photographers to showin’ a little musician love, this Akai MIDI Keyboard
with those reverse keys ended up working out really well. Now in terms of hiding that cutout, this one for me, is up there
in terms of completely, just makin’ it disappear. We got those closeup,
beautiful coffee bubbles, just kinda engulfing that cutout, making you wonder what cutout at all? Now it wouldn’t be a series
of Galaxy S10 wallpapers without a Galaxy S10 wallpaper here in that beautiful, beautiful coral, just chillin’ in a bush. So if you wanna throw a little Galaxy S10 on your Galaxy S10, this is the way to go. Now from there, I realize there’s probably not a good reason why you’d wanna showcase an iPhone 10R on your Galaxy S10, but there is no denying
it looks great on camera just like that coral, and that
cutout is freaking perfect. Now I’ve said it before, I’m
a huge fan of Master of None, it’s probably one of my
favorite shows of all time. shout-out to the Washington Breadsticks, but if you’re into the show, they have this really cool vinyl, which I’ll link to down below, but it turns out it turns into this really awesome Galaxy
S10 wallpaper as well. Keepin’ that vinyl train rolllin’, I love Baby Groot, I love Stranger Things, and I love Master of None,
but I also love Terror Jr. The new album is incredible. And with that, I also found
this really rad purple vinyl that makes a beautiful wallpaper. Next from there, shout-out to all of my Simpsons fans out there. This one’s simple, got
a little Bartman action. And yeah, there’s not a ton goin’ on, but I love the fact that
you have the navy blue, with that bright orange that really pops. And when you start to play
with icons and clocks, that’s when you really start to have a completely different experience. Turns out this video’s just nothing but things I love that were smashed (laughs) onto a Galaxy S10 and
made into wallpapers. Well we got some shoe love. First up, the Jordan 11 Concord. Shout-out to Jock for
throwin’ these my way. Love you man. And secondly, my personal favorite, I am sorry for all the
Nike Jordan fans out there, but I’m gonna say it anyways, fight me. This pair of yellow Human
Race’s looks so freaking good on the Galaxy S10. From there, jumpin’ back
to the gaming world, got this beautiful Xbox controller. Very simple, very clean, very minimal. Tons of white, which
gives you a lot of room to really tweak and customize
this to your heart’s content. Hittin’ you with some
more gaming wallpapers, really love how this
Needler one turned out. Got a Question Block, and
this really rad neon Pokeball. From there, probably shouldn’t
have closed on these, but it turns out Apple products, they photo very nicely. So if you do wanna throw
a little bit of applesause on (laughs) your Galaxy S10, here is a fantastic looking iPad Pro with that Apple pencil,
and one more iPhone 10R because why not? That camera cutout just works so well with the Galaxy S10. Hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you guys did, make sure you
guys smash that Like button. Again, links to all these
full-resolution downloads are on my Twitter, which
is linked to down below. Thank you guys for watchin’. This is Jonathan and I
will catch you guys later. (upbeat hip-hop music)

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