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What has made you sad today? You do come here when you feel sad, right? What’s it, son? – Did teacher scold you?
– No. Then? I want a dog. – Dog?
– Yes. I asked with uncle and aunt,
they said no. – Why do you need a dog now?
– I’ll not come home without dog. Okay, you want a dog, right? I’ll buy for you.
Come, let’s go. Despite my warning,
you bought a dog, right? You don’t want to listen to us, right? He can come to our home
if he comes alone. Tell him not to come with dog. What should I name it….? Subbu..Mani…Thangam…
Creamy… Choco… Chacku…Laddu… How about Pop Corn? No pop corn and all, please.
Any other name is okay. How about Scooby? Scooby….Scooby… Scooby….Scooby… This is the first test Perfect hunt for the lion! Let me have a feast! What a big dog! Sleeping like Dino puppy! They suggested grow a tree in
every home but they’re rearing dogs. It is looking at me. Looking at me angrily. If it jumps on me, I think,
it’ll have a feast on me. Don’t know what to do What’s this? No reaction for
my action, is it sleeping! Is it dog or just a mat? Hey boy…Is it you? Hey…sir…don’t know which dog
gave birth to you? You’ve become Godfather to me! Stay like that for 10 minutes, boy. I’ll clean up inside and come. Okay? I’m very busy…
I’m very busy… Will he be just acting
untill thief comes back! Wow! Sleeping beauty! Boy, they chase and thrash
if I steal one thing. You made me loot the home. How can I repay my gratitude? They raised dog for safety
but you’re safe guarding me. It’s not wrong to take a selfie with you. Boy, stay put! I’ll take a selfie and
show it to the world. First time on Indian Television,
Selfie with a Dog! Okay? Stay put… Look up Instead of taking thieves half kg of flesh
see how he is giving poss for selfie That’s it…this selfie is enough! Okay? I couldn’t take everything. I had come without preparation. Next I’ll come prepared
and take everything. Bye Selfie! You’re not Doggy anymore,
you’re Selfie… Can I go now?
I’m very busy… Grandpa! Come on Why are you shivering man? Come on… Come, fat boy! You fatso, come! Hey fatso! You… I can’t bear I can’t… Come on I bought you candy and all,
but you disappointed me totally. I can’t decide if I’ve to hold her
or hide my … Don’t come with me anymore, go away! Hello! Our salaries were enough to run home. But suddenly they gave me pink slip. Don’t get tensed. You’ll get a call from a Company
I suggest within 6 months, it’ll be a better job than
what you did now. You’ll surely get a better package.
Don’t get dejected. Stay there, I’ll come to pick you. Get lost, laggard! Barking for this! You’re absolutely useless! Come…come… Sit Sit Hey fatso, get up!
Rat may eat coconut! Catch it! Get up…go…catch it… Quick…you’re humiliating me. Go…fatso! Go! Go quickly…fatso! Go quickly… Go quickly… Sanju What’s happening here, Sanju? How many times I’ve told you
not to come here with dog? Why are you torturing me like this? Go out immediately with it. I said go out.

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