3 Must-Have Lenses for a Wedding Videographer: Breathe Your Passion with Vanessa Joy

Normally photographers and videographers do not get along, but I’m here today with my husband Rob Adams. He’s a really good filmmaker. Nice Star Wars shirt by the way… Thank you very much.. someone that loves me bought this for me. Three top lenses you need when filming weddings. So the three lenses on a wedding day that I feel are essential, are a mix. You have to have a wide, you have to have a medium, and you have to have a close. You can definitely get away with using a zoom lens. The problem with zoom lenses… is they’re usually not very fast! I don’t like em… I like Prime’s, because Prime’s are going to give me the best low-light capability. If you want to zoom with the prime… you just move your feet yeah! A wide lens is really important for video, because you need those to set your scenes. You need a wide lens to set your establishers. Your drone… that’s a wide lens. I mean you’re getting your scene establishers with a very wide field of view. Wide lenses, safe shots. Scene setter. Now a medium lens is going to be your best friend on the wedding day. It’s my best friend. The Canon 50mmm 1.2 I know is your favorite lens… it’s my favorite lens too. And it’s not cuz we’re light and airy photographers, I mean I am… but well I mean, it’s really good for video, it’s a great lens because yes, it does allow a lot of light… and you also don’t want to shoot too shallow… so you got to be aware of that 1.2, 1.4 range. The 50 mmm is going to be what closely resembles what your eye sees… Okay can I just add something to that? No. It is worth mentioning, that if you’re on a crop sensor a 35 mm is going to be the equivalent of a 50. Perfect so… 50 mm use it for details.. use it for portraits! And the last one. A tight lens is absolutely essential. Yes. so a lot of videographers choose to use a 70 – 200 mm or some sort of long zoom lens, and again a great lens if you’re going to be outdoors. But if you’re in low light, it’s going to be a little bit limiting at f/2.8, so I like to use a 135. That’s like a secret lens. It really is! And so many videographers don’t use it, and I don’t understand why? It’s milky, it’s beautiful it’s a great portrait lens, it’s great for photo sessions, and it’s also great for just staying out of the way, like cocktail hours, first dances! You can be it on the fringe of the action, and it looks fantastic. It goes down to 2.0, it’s an awesome lens…and it’s under $1000 here at Adorama! It really is a very versatile lens.. and no you don’t have the zoom capabilities, but again just move further away or closer to your subject. I find I am actually a better shooter with my 135mm than I am with a 70 to 200mm. So to wrap it up a wide medium and a tight lens. make sure you check out my husbands work here robadamsfilms.com You will either laugh or cry, just open a bottle of wine, get some popcorn and watch some really great wedding videos! Thanks babe… Want to learn more about making better wedding films, download my free ebook entitled 10 Tips for Making A Better Wedding Film Use the link down below make sure that you’re subscribed here to AdoramaTV, but really to my TV show Breathe Your Passion, this is where you can get a ton of information that will help you succeed oh and follow me on Instagram. Link is below.

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