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  • Damn it, anchor just talking over the cop that is explaining what happened.

  • Thanks Trump

  • Where's the FBI? lets get a full investigation.

  • It wasn't the person who stabbed them who is at fault ,when it gets right down to it the knife did the stabbing .#BANKNIVES. See how silly that sounds ,but this is the propaganda we would get if a gun was used.

  • Guess we need to ban knives now…

  • As soon as the media finds out no white supremacists are the attackers this story will dissapear.

  • I am 18 year old in Florida. I cannot buy a gun, as the age limit was raised to 21. Plus, I am a university student, so I am not allowed to own pepper spray, or even a pocket knife, or risk being expelled. If someone attacks me with a butcher's knife they bought at Target, I will slowly and painfully die.

  • Why won't the media say if the accused perpetrator is an ILLEGAL ALIEN. But he was here on a student Visa and stayed 2 extra years, he was big on education and a funny guy, he was wonderful……..bullshit he is a hardcore criminal

  • Waiting for the the ban on assault machetes! Had somebody been armed he could have been stopped!

  • KGW why was there not an FBI investigation, random attack on multiple people, a man with a machete? What is the difference between what happened here and the terrorist attack on the London bridge a few weeks back? Where is the statement from the Mayor.other than we need to address mental illness? Citizens from both Beaverton and Tigard were terrorized and one will not be going hope to their family. There is nothing typical about a bank robbery with a machete.

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