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Hi guys! welcome back to my channel. I’m Joy, and today I’m going to be answer
a very frequently asked question which is :How did you learn about photography? and
how did you learn about wedding photography? How did you start in this industry? And to answer that question, I’m going to
give you guys 3 quick free quality photography education resources. that was a mouthful. Basically, these are resources that I used
when I was first starting out in photography when I had no idea what I was doing and they
are all FREE. I thought you guys would probably get something
out of this. That’s what I’m going to be sharing with you
today! The first free resource that I discovered
when I was first googling things about photography is – Creative Live. Creative live is pretty unique, they are a
company that broadcasts experts live and if you watch while they’re live, it’s free. So it’s pretty great. I watched a lot of creative live and purchased
some of their courses as well so that I can rematch them at my own pace and on my own
schedule. Creative live is great if you dont have any
money but you’re curious about posing, and lighting, and marketing, and all these things
when you are first getting into a photography business. Another way that I learned when I was first
starting out was to find a couple of photographers that I looked up to and I read their blogs. I read all of the education that they put
out. My second tip for free education to simply
read about these things! You can go to your local library and read
about these things or you can find them online. I will link 4-5 of my favorite photographers
in the information section below who all have blogs and lots of really valuable education
that you can get your hands on today. Finally, my 3rd tip for you guys today is
to second shoot or find a photography mentor in your area or even online. Because this was one of the ways that I got
hands-on shooting experience when I first started in photography. So not only was I able to make a little money
and learn from somebody and watch them first-hand, but I was able to refine my own skills actually
shooting. In summary, second shooting, reading of other
photographer’s blogs and books, and creative live are the free resources that IWanted to
share with you guys today. So if you’re on a budget, but you still want
to learn, I hope you can get something out of some of these resources. Be sure to check them out! let me know what you think and I’ll see you
guys next time. Bye guys! *bloopers*

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