3 worst mistakes to avoid in PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY. Tips and Tricks – Part 3

– Hey guys, this is third tutorial for beginners in product photography. We’re going to do something cool with this bottle of Bailey’s. And if you didn’t see the first two, please, here is the links. Watch them before, so you’ll understand the whole story. Because I’m telling you a story, and it will be some interest
in our final in the end, okay? So, the bottle. We have it set up the way that, again, I covered on the previous tutorial. And it looks like this, okay? Exactly the same set-up as we had for the bottle of that
Molinari Liquor, right? Looks cool. Most of the thing looks cool. Except maybe like Bailey’s
logo on top, right? You understand what I’m talking about. It’s missing there, so we need to do what? We need to put some reflector additional to get the logo, right? Okay? However. It may look good. But there is one mistake that I see many photographers making. And it can be made up all the way to the final placement, whatever placement could be. Let’s see. Look at the bottom of the bottle. And at the bottom, we have an issue, okay? We have an issue. What is this? And I see it so many times
in our students’ work from The Complete Guide to
Product Photography program. And I see it all over the place. And if you experience
at least a little bit, you can probably answer what is going on. What is it? It’s a reflection from a table, okay? From this plate, and that we use, well, to have a nice reflection, okay? Or where you may need to put some stuff, prop it, if it’s an advertising image. But we need a table, and it will be always there. Unless we fix it. There are few ways to fix it, okay? Let me show you. One, the very first, the
super easy one, right? You just take away table. In this case, it will be no reflection, and if you look at this
shot verse previous one, the bottom looks great, ‘kay? However, it may be not a good thing for you to do, because you still need a table. What I can tell you guys. It’s not possible, at given angel, to get rid of the table, okay? It will be always there. What you can do, you can
lower the camera, right? Lower the camera, angle is different, and it will be gone, the
reflection from a table. Let’s so this. Let’s lower it. And reposition. It’s cool, right? But there is no table. It the same way as you just take it away. So you can’t do much about it. PhotoShop is the answer in many cases. And the best way, how we shoot when this angle is not good, because for some reason we need to do it like it was before, right? And you want to have a
reflection on the table if you needed to shoot like this, okay? And we don’t want to retouch the bottle, because it may be quite,
well, serious retouching. The best way is still, shoot like this, on a pin, or on little plate. This is a Baby Wall Plate that you can buy on any store like bhphotovideo.com or Amazon. And it works perfectly as
a micro-table top surface for anything that can stand there. And then what you do, you do in Photoshop. It’s super easy to create
a reflective surface and even have the reflection in Photoshop. If you don’t know how to do this, well check out the link, we have a tutorial for you on Photigy. Now, there is one little trick, that really separates
professional photographers from amateurs, or well semi-professional, in product photography. You can be great at
weddings, at portraiture, all looks cool. And, well. Now, on third lesson, you
know how to shoot this. And you know why I put all this lights, what is going on, you know, all the mistakes. If not, again, watch
the previous tutorial. But, there is something
that can be done different about this shot. Guess what. Not lighting. Lighting is good. It’s an angle. If I’m using the lens. It’s a macro lens. This is workhorse lens for most of products that we shoot. For students, or for our clients. 90 millimeter, macro lens. Beautiful lens from Sony. However, 90 millimeters, it’s a relatively long lens. There is almost no
perspective distortions, and you know, all this things that can be caused by wider angle lens. However, if you look at
the advertisement images of most beverage brands,
you will see something. Their bottles look different. They doesn’t look like this one. How they look like. Let’s put 35 millimeter lens, and I’ll show you the difference, okay? So, this is our bottle, at 90 millimeters. And I have, well, this is just a regular, actually, not the best, it’s
16-35mm F4 Sony lens, okay? It’s the best to use prime lens, but we using prime lens for the video. And for this lesson,
this will work perfectly. So, definitely you need
to move way closer, right? To the bottle. With this lens, so it’s
somewhere like this, ‘kay? And what you do, you lower the camera. You really lower the camera, ‘kay? And tilting lens up. Might not focus, of
course, you understand. If not, well, welcome to the school. You tilt the camera, and you
have distorted image, okay? This and this. Once it’s cropped, here
it is, side by side. Cropped and cleaned a little bit. The difference is in the angle of view, and it’s a big difference. We shoot bottles, we shoot perfumes, with wider angle lens. We shoot them slightly
from the bottom, ‘kay? If needed, we may even correct some distortions in Photoshop, but usually it’s fine if your subject is in center. It should be in center, otherwise it will be like this, you know, the barrel distortion. Maybe not a good idea to have, okay? And with frame like this, it looks really great. Now, you add reflection
for the label, okay? Somewhere like this, you can always do the composite image if your you reflection kind of throws something on a bottle. And, we are done. Okay, so this was a little trick for you in this sequence of tutorials for beginners in product photography. Check out our next video, subscribe to the channel, we’re going to post more and more. It will be actually like a
mini course for you guys, our subscribers of Photigy,
our readers and subscribers. Enjoy it. Welcome to the world
of product photography. It’s a beautiful place. It’s a free-of-drama place. The bottle won’t complain, sitting here for 10 hours or more. So, it’s a beautiful, well, if you like it. If you like it like me. See you on the next video.

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