360Fly HD Camera Unboxing and First Impressions Review

Talk about pretty fly. I just got the 360 Fly HD Video Camera. Stick around cause it’s TechWizTime. Ok. So here it is. The 360 Fly Video Camera. And it’s got some tape. It’s ripping the promotional material though. This one does come with a bonus action camera
adaptor so I can use it with my GoPro accessories. And the big reveal. That looks brilliant. Wow. Ok. There’s some instructions here actually. It says, to remove, press buttons and turn
clockwise. So there is a button either side. And turn clockwise. Counter clockwise sorry. That’s why it didn’t come out. Ok. So that there is the 360Fly HD Camera. And it’s got a little plug there to make
it more water resistant. That’s where the microphone I believe goes. So, it’s just on the side there. So I’ll put that one just there for the
moment, across to the side. And let’s see how we get into this. This could be interesting. There’s stuff in here. A couple of little stickers there. And special warranty information. Very special. The USB Charge Cable, so that’s important. And we have a protective pouch. What else have we got in here? Uh huh! Ok. So here is the GoPro Mount Adapter or Action
Cam adapter. I’ll put that to the side for just a moment
cause there’s some other interesting things here. Ok. So there’s… Just like the GoPro, um, there’s some 3M
sticky attachments so you can attach it to a surface. I’m not a huge fan of that, but I know there
are people out there that do use these, so I’ll put those to the side. And this looks like the charging cradle. Now one of the things that it does say here
on the packaging is that it’s a 240 degree view that way and 360 degree view that way. So that’s how they get around the fact that
it is not a 360 camera. Now if we … lets see. Ahhh. It’s magnetized. So, all you do is … You can’t put it any
other way. It will magnetize in the direction that it
needs to be. And there it goes. Nice! Ok, so that’s the charging dock. Let me put that to the side. Now, the GoPro Adapter or the Action Camera
adapter. Let’s just see that there. So we …. Uh Huh! So it does only go in one way by the looks
of it. I can see there now. One side is actually bigger than the other
and it corresponds on the bottom there. So, it goes in and then you turn it clockwise
to lock it in to place. That is brilliant. So we’ve got the 360 Fly app for the iphone. So we will start it up. Ooo. There we go. Please wait, your 360Fly is starting. Ok, So I’ve pressed the big white button
and it’s asked me if I would like to pair. Ok, so it’s doing a recording right now. So, I’m guessing you can’t see it directly
on the phone whilst it’s recording. Which is fine. I wasn’t expecting anything too huge. But it would have been nice to see what was
actually being recorded. Alright, so now that it’s been recording
for a little while, I will stop the recording. Ok, so after a little bit of mucking around,
I’ve found out that I do need to connect to the WiFi and the default password
is 0000 0000. Yeah, so eight zero’s. You can see there all around. You can see the roof. And you can see me. Well, that is pretty cool. So we can live view on the the app and you
can see there’s a little bit of lag but not a huge amount. Yeah. Well that is fantastic. Brilliant. So if you would like to view this 360 video
yourself, then check up in the cards above or check in the description below. So one of the things that I don’t really
like about this that I’ve just discovered is that you do need to use both bluetooth
and WiFi in order to get the image onto your phone and record at the same time. If you don’t need to see what’s being
recorded, then you don’t need to connect to the WiFi obviously. But if you want to connect to the actual unit
and see what is recording, you do need both Bluetooth and WiFi enabled. So this is ok if you are out and about where
you don’t actually have WiFi, but say you are at home and you are on your Home WiFi
network. You’ve go to disconnect from that, connect
to the 360Fly and then when you’ve finished, you’ve got to reconnect to your home network. It’s a little bit of a hassle, nothing huge,
but it’s something to be aware of with this. Well, this has been a pretty Fly video, thanks
for watching. If you would like to purchase one of these
for yourself, you can find the link down in the description below. If you’ve got any questions about the 360Fly
then leave me a comment down below. And if you enjoyed this video, then make sure
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