3D: The Most REALISTIC Photography Style Yet?

– Ooo. – Woah! Look at that. Wow, it’s so real! Ah, look at that! I can almost touch it. THIS IS COOL Wow. Wow. Wow. You gotta see this. Come on. Uh, no. That was a 3D photo I was
just looking at and… oh my God. It was like so lifelike! It was like I was just standing there in the moment, and I could reach out and touch things. So I’ve just had my first taste of 3D, and it was better than 360. Wait, what? It was better than 360. But Mr. Ben, how could you say that? Your whole channel was built around 360. I know, but just hear me out. Here is why I think 3D is going to be the next big thing in photography. To take a 3D photo you’ll need a camera that shoots 180 like this one. You’ll notice it has two lenses that look like two eyes. This is to create the depth that mimics what our eyes can see. They’re like mathematically placed the same distance apart that our eyes are. With a 360 camera, it only has one eye on each side so it can only see a flat field of view. This is called monoscopic. This is called stereoscopic. This camera is called a Vuze XR. I’m going to take a photo by pressing this button here, and I can point it towards my subject if I don’t wanna be in the shot. Or, I can point it towards myself if I wanna take a 3D selfie. Cheese! Now we download our 3D photo and upload it to the Oculus Go. (whooshing sound) Wow! It’s like full-on 3D. It’s like I’m real,
like I’m a real person. This photo is real, it has depth to it. I can see I’m really close to the camera. I can see different
layers of depth behind me. Even the lenses on that shelf over there had a distinct depth to them. But what’s most incredible, is my face. I can see full-on depth. I can see my nose sticking out, my mouth, my chin, my eyes, my ears. They all have this really realistic level of depth to them. It’s like Madame Tussauds
had finally added Ben Claremont to their collection. This is seriously incredible, and really weird to look
back at yourself in 3D. It’s not like a photo of me, but it looks like the real person! This is both creeping me out and blowing my mind at the same time. I know you guys can’t see this in full 3D like I’m seeing, so sorry about that. But at this point in time you need a VR headset to bring out the depth in 180 3D photos. I just wish you could
see what I was seeing! It’s like so realistic. (gasping) I’m gonna look at one more. Cool, I’m standing in
front of the Opera House and it’s like I’m actually here. I’ve stood in this exact spot so many times before. But to be able to sit here at home and see it with depth. I can see the depth of the railing on the edge there. I can see the Harbour
Bridge in the background. As these people walk around the frame, their depth changes from close to far. I wish you guys could see what I just saw. This is game-changing! 360 has always been good because it captures
your entire environment to watch back later. But with 3D, it’s even better than 360 because it captures depth in your image and it feels so much more like you’re actually there than looking around at a flat 360. It doesn’t matter how
much resolution you have. You could shoot the exact same thing with a million megapixals on a DSLR, but it’s still only a flat image. Even with much lower resolution shooting on a 3D camera, the experience was so much more realistic because of the depth aspect. It felt like I could reach
out and touch things. It’s like stepping in to a time machine and actually being able to be there in moments in the past, with so much accuracy and
detail and atmosphere. It takes 360 to a whole new level. This is the most realistic photo viewing experience I’ve ever had. And by the way, you can actually get 3D and 360 in the same image, but it’s kind of expensive right now. Whereas 180 cameras like the Vuze XR actually make 3D accessible without breaking the bank. And now, for the limitations. The first limitation is with viewing them. You can’t view a 3D photo without something like this. And look, the Oculus Go
is awesome VR headset, and you totally should buy one. But it’s around $200,
so it’s an extra expense and it’s kind of bulky and it doesn’t fit in your pocket, and it’s just ehhh. It’s good, but VR viewing technology will definitely get better. There are smaller versions
like foldaway headsets where you can clip in your phone, and still get the 3D experience, although it’s not going to be as good as the Oculus Go. But it’s cheap. These are something like $5 on Amazon. Another limitation is 3D is kind of hard to share on social media. You can do it, but the
viewer on the other end will need to be watching on a 3D headset and not many people own these yet. I’m anticipating some kind of innovation with Facebook and the
other social networks that will allow us to view 3D on our mobile web. Just move our phone around, and suddenly the photo
or video comes to life. There could also be some
kind of phone accessory like you put a lens on top of your phone, and it helps simulate the 3D effect. Another limitation is 180’s kind of suck when viewed back in normal 2D. Because then it’s just half of a 360, and that’s not very exciting, is it? So, ideally 180’s need
to be watched back in 3D. So is 3D the future of photography? I say yes. Watching my 3D photos back in a headset was the most realistic
photo viewing experience I’ve ever had. The sense of realism and
atmosphere it portrayed was way better than
any DSLR or 360 camera. When you see a 3D photo,
you’ll know what I mean. It’s not going to be the only way we take photos in the future, but it’s going to be a bigger and bigger part of the
way we capture moments. I really don’t see 3D
photography as a fad, because what I just
witnessed taking this photo, viewing it back in the headset, was absolutely incredible. This gave me so much value. And if someone were to take a 3D photo at an important moment in my life, say my wedding, and it was captured with
such realism and detail and I was able to watch that back 20 years later, that would be the greatest gift anyone could give me. It’s like they said, here’s a ticket to travel back in time, where would you like to go? That’s awesome. Even if 3D doesn’t catch on, I’m going to shoot so much more 3D it’s not even funny. Because I’ve seen what
this technology can do, and the way it preserves moments. And this gives me so much value, even if I was the only person on Earth with a 3D camera, I’m going to keep doing it. Because anything that
gives value catches on, and I know when enough
people find out about 3D and the awesome value it can give them, it is going to take off. So let’s consider this to be the early day at the Wild Wild West of 3D. There are very few people shooting 3D so there’s massive opportunity, just like there was with 360. A few years ago hardly
anyone was doing it. And now there are hundreds and thousands of people doing it, and really getting a lot of value from it. That’s going to be 3D in a few years. I’m seeing more and more
cameras incorporate 3D. So hopefully as they come out, they will overcome some of the issues associated with it. Like the work flow, we
need to be able to send out photos straight from this to this. Which I think they’re actually working on. And of course the viewing limitation. Expecting people to own one of these is still a bit too much to ask, but when we can view 3D
seamlessly on our phone, that’s when it will take off. So should you look in
to buying a 180 camera? Uh, you know what? We shouldn’t even use the word 180, because 180 is such a lame name. Who wants 180? It sounds half as good as 360. Let’s call it 3D. Should you look in to getting a 3D camera. If you offer any kind of
photo or video services, it would be a really good upsell to offer your clients 3D photos. Imagine capturing five to ten key moments of someone’s wedding in 3D, that they can then watch back and step back in to the day, in to their shoes again? Would that not be of value? Likewise if you’re
capturing important moments in your own life, to be able to step back in to them with such a high degree of realism 20 years from now. Would that not be worth the 400 and something dollar price tag of buying a 3D camera? It’s kind of one of those things where you might respond eh, maybe. And then you actually see the 3D effect in the headset and you’re like shut up and take my money! Ahhh! Just trust me on this one. I’ll link a few 3D
samples in the description if you want to watch them back on your Oculus Go, or if you have a foldaway headset so you can get a feel for 3D, and whether you like it or not. I’d just say don’t watch them back in 2D 180, because as we discussed before, 2D 180 is lame. I’ll definitely be posting more about 180 in my upcoming videos, so be sure to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss them. And hey! I’d be curious to know,
are you considering 180. What are your thoughts of 180. Have you viewed it, and what do you think. Did you have the same life-changing experience that I did. And if you haven’t yet, do your best to get your hands on a VR headset to view a 3D photo or video, and tell me your thoughts. Alright, that’s it. All the links you need are down there, and I’ll see you in the next video. Cool! Wow! It’s like I’m real! Ho-ho. Now that’s a good-looking guy. Heh-heh-heh-heh.

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