5 Most Haunting & Harrowing Last Photographs…

The old saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words, and we preserve our memories, many of which happy, through our photographs However sometimes our photos can capture some truly terrifying and horrifying events This list is a rundown of five of the most eerie last photographs ever taken Before I start, know that these are not to glorify people’s last photos As you all know I always try my best to treat these with the utmost respect These are people’s last moments on this planet. I hope in some way it will give you a little more appreciation to your day Life is precious and can be taken away from you at a moment’s notice Mohammed al cha when 16 year old mohammed al cha stopped to take a selfie with his friends while enjoying a day out in beirut on the 27th of december 2013 He had no way of knowing that it would be the last thing he did Mere moments after snapping the image the gold-coloured car in the background Exploded and ended Muhammad’s life as well as 15 other people’s The car was filled with over 15 kilograms of explosives and had been planted with the intention to kill former finance minister Mohammed Beach Atta, who was also killed in the blast The picture serves as an incredibly chilling reminder that when it comes to war and conflict it never pays And it’s often the innocent who suffer Chi-su Khan on the 4th of December 2012 58 year-old chi-su Khan was waiting to board a train at New York’s busy Times Square station Also waiting at the platform was naheem Davis a homeless man Who was behaving strangely and being aggressive towards other commuters han reportedly approached naheem to try and calm him down But instead an argument broke out and Davis pushed hand onto the subway track, just as a train was approaching Han tried desperately to scramble back onto the platform, but it was too late, and he was tragically killed by the train Photographer uma Abbasi captured the powerful image of hand trying to pull himself onto the platform with the train bearing down on him Davis was later convicted of murder stating that he was angry at the fact he had lost his timberland boots Umas photo made the front page of the New York Times, but many were outraged Feeling that the picture was shown too soon and that the title used was disrespectful to Han’s grieving family This next image is the last known photograph of Adolf Hitler and it’s always intrigued me It’s believed to have been taken two days before his death in April 1945 and he can be seen standing outside his Fuehrer bunker Near the Reich Chancellery in Berlin with defeat imminent. It’s not hard to imagine one was going through his mind at this exact moment By this time he’d been living in the bunker for over three months and his longtime companion Eva Braun had joined him It’s unknown whether when this photo was taken Hitler had already married Eva in a small civil ceremony within the Fuehrer bunker What is known is probably less than 48 hours after this photograph was taken Hitler and his new wife Eva Braun committed suicide. On the 30th of April 1945 after saying goodbye to members of their staff Hitler and Eva retired to his personal study at around 2:30 p.m. at 3:30 witnesses heard gunshots shortly after Hitler’s valet entered the study and was immediately struck by the smell of burnt almonds an Odor that is commonly associated cyanide Hitler’s and Eva’s lifeless bodies were discovered and it was clear Eva had ingested cyanide and Hitler had a gunshot wound to his right temple Two days after Hitler’s death Berlin surrendered to the Soviets and just over a week later on May the 8th World War Two in Europe was ended Regina Kay Walters Robert Ben Rhoades Or as he’s more well-known the truckstop killer was responsible for the murders of three women before his arrest in 1990 although he is believed to have raped and murdered up to another 15 many of which he did inside his 18-wheeler That had a torture chamber in the back Which he drove around the United States a statement to Rhoades’ cruelty Comes in the form of one incredibly eerie photograph that of 14 year old Regina Kate Walters a young runaway from Texas whom he abducted in February 1919 Police found at his house a compilation of images Rhoades had kept to his victims The most startling being an image of the young Waltons with a hands held up Seemingly trying to flee with Rhoades he had cut her hair off and forced her to wear a black dress and shoes Before he killed her and left her body where that photograph was taken to add even more tragedy to this story Robert also taunted the 14 year olds family by calling her father around one month after she went missing police later traced the calls and found that their locations were where Robert was working at the time a later search of his home revealed Regina Kate Walters his notebook with her father’s phone numbers written inside The ISIS woman this next photograph is truly upsetting and was captured in the historical city of Missoula on the 8th of July 2017 The image shows a woman carrying a baby under one arm and a large handbag in the other Standing on either side of the woman is two soldiers Inside the bag is a detonator to a suicide vest that the woman is wearing under her clothes The woman tragically detonated the vast killing both herself and the infant as well as severely injuring the two soldiers The harrowing image highlights the true impact of war and how it can selflessly snatch away the lives of anyone So that’s five incredibly eerie last photographs that really have a big impact I hope this video has shown you the preciousness of life and in any way grounded you for the day And I hope it was not too upsetting Thanks for watching and as always. I’ll see you in the next video

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  • Hitler and Eva I hope you roast in hell its taken too many years to get away from you Germans thank god for brexit

  • What a pathetic worthless piece of shit human being the guy that pushed the other man into the train. You could just tell he didn't give a shit. I wish he dies a slow and terrible life in prison.

  • Timbs really

  • Gotta love what our society has become.."oh shit, that man's about to be hit by a train, I better hurry or itll be too late….phew ok got my camera ready"… what a piece of shit, i hope karma was returned on him

  • With regards to the photo of the guy pushed onto the tracks,
    there were,(by your description), other people waiting on the
    platform when this happened,so why the hell didn't they help
    him?? The photographer took a photo but couldn't save his
    life?? 🤔🤔
    There were chances to save his life..How sad that no one took

  • Life is precious cos we r not going to live for a 2nd time don't just blame others live life to b a better person.

  • That is NOT a headline from the New York Times! It is clearly faked. They’re using to give credibility to the story. It’s at best the New York Post or the Daily News, both tabloids.

  • Every person on the planet named Mohammed SHOULD be killed! Islam is a dirty, deadly religion and needs to be snuffed out asap.

  • Hitler did not commit suicide in April '45…

  • Gee, I wonder who could have sploded the car???????????? Maybe those Catholic nuns again?

  • The negro victim lost his boots. He's a victim, they all are. They were born with a handicap of color.

  • Guy named “Mohammed”……

    Nearby explosion…..

    Another person called “Mohammed” was involved…..

    Literally none of that is a surprise 😂😂

  • Everyone in the comments crying about the train guy taking a pic instead of helping, but nobody seems upset by the baby in the last one? 😂😂 typical sympathisers

  • That filthy fucking photographer in the train death should be in jail for assisting in the murder. Who the fuck stands taking snaps instead of pulling the man up from the tracks. Shame on the scum!
    The photo of Dear Uncle Adolf fills my heart with sadness. It is no easy thing to get beyond the wartime propaganda, propaganda STILL being pumped out relentlessly by the media for fear any nation were to take up Nationalism again and throw off the filthy chains of usury secured by Globalist interests. Adolf said his spirit will rise again. I, for one, await that day eagerly!

  • People who kill others in the name of religion is truly disgusting and absurd

  • It has not been proven that the Soviets obtained any of Hitler's or Braun's remains. The German soldiers who handled their bodies and burned them attested to his shooting himself in the head while they both bit down on cyanide capsules.

  • That is not even close to a real picture of hitler. Christ almighty, that is the most shopped picture ever.

  • Please do your homework as Hitler did not commit suicide but escaped to live in Spain. This has been proven beyond doubt. Whereas no one ever identifies Hitler's body after it is claimed he had shot himself in the head after taking poison.

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