5 Mysterious Giants Captured On Camera
Hi guys! Billions of years ago our planet was inhabited by a population of giant, ferocious
creatures called dinosaurs. When you look at pictures of dinosaurs you really wish you
never encounter these guys. And you thank God that you live in the 21st century. But
you can`t be 100 percent sure that all the dinosaurs are gone. Because from time to time
really weird videos appear online. And some creatures might not resemble exactly dinosaurs,
but they are still frightening and fascinating! Ok, I hope you people are ready to what you
re about to see! Here are 5 Mysterious Giants Captured On Camera
1. One day two young boys went to explore the great outdoors they thought it might be
a GOOD idea do bring the camera along but they had NO idea what they re about to find
out. One of the boys was shooting the woods when all of a sudden a creature that looked
something like a giant gorilla jumped out and scared the shit out of poor boys. You
see how this huge monster runs through the woods waving hands, probably in some mad fury
outrage! One of the guys seems scared so much that perhaps he might have fainted like a
little princess. Looks like that other guys managed to restrain himself, he says that
the footage definitely worth sending on TV. Looks like nobody knows the hell was that.
Some people say it s big foot, others are sure it’s just a runaway gorilla. Did you
see a gorilla this big? I never seen gorilla so huge man. And the closest zoo appears to
be thousands kilometers away. 2. Ok, looks like father is trying to film
his children. The boy is having fun in a sandbox and the girl is trying to get on a swing.
Next we see camera shaking and a weird creature that appears in the shot. It looks huge. What
a hell was that? That s what I wanna know. If the father would notice the creature he
might have had a heart attack. I tried pausing the video a few times and one thought did
cross my mind. Slenderman might exist. Oh yeah, if you guys thinks this isn’t real
and it s just some shitty editing, do press thumbs up!
3. If there s one place full of mysteries and surprises then it s the World Ocean. Despite
all the latest research, many experts are absolutely sure that the ocean is full of
dark secrets. Weird, unknown sea creatures can easily hide in the deepest, remote cavities
somewhere at the bottom of the Ocean. This video is called Megalodon Shark Caught On
Camera. A group of divers was studying white sharks. Then all of a sudden we see how the
giant shark appears from nowhere. I m not sure how real megalodon looks like, I don’t
think anybody ever saw one, but that thing we see on the video doesn’t look like an
ordinary shark – that’s for sure. It s got darker color, it also appears like the
creature has some kind of fossil excrescence. If scientists are correct then the fully-grown
megalodon should be much larger. So divers had an idea that it could be a baby magalodon.
There s only one question remains: where is his parents?
4. Ok, the man who shot this next video said that it was a real dinosaur! He said it wasn’t
ordinary bullshit people see all the time and that the beast was legit! Slowing down
the video you see how that thing might resemble an ancient velociraptor. And as usual you
can’t really see shit! But I think that the man who shot this was really-really scared.
Was the fear caused by a real dinosaur or was it the guy`s disturbed mental condition
seems like a real mystery here. Tell me what you think guys! Is that a dinosaur or is that
guy mental? 5. As I said before ocean is a truly mysterious
place. And sometimes it carries ashore absolutely unbelievable things. Just like in this video.
This monster was found at one of the beaches in America. Locals were scared to death when
they saw the dead creature. Somebody suggested that it was a body of an exotic kind of shark,
but I wonder what are those spikes on its back? Never in my life I saw a shark like
this one. Tell me what you think about this one in the comments, peeps! Let’s figure
it out! That s all for now guys. If you want more
videos – press the like button and don’t forget to subscribe! Thank you for watching

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