5 Scariest Paranormal Videos & Photographs Ever Taken…

We’re starting off the Halloween month’s top5s video with five pieces of footage and photographs of supposed paranormal beings From footage inside an Indian morgue to some never-before-seen paranormal photographs that have only ever been shared exclusively with us So hit those lights sit back and enjoy The boy in the Jesus picture This photograph was posted to the Shadowlands Ghost page and although it’s old it hasn’t had the coverage it deserves It was taken in a family house in Largo Florida In 1985 and over the years the family believed the place was haunted From a general feeling of unease and seeing the ghost of the children’s grandpa To their dogs constantly growling or staring at things that were not there the whole family often experienced cold spots all around the house and unexplained noises smells and malfunctions of electrical equipment as Well as being restrained, or pushed by unseen forces It wasn’t long before enough was enough and the family called in a psychic who told them the house was cursed After deciding to have the house blessed the activity became worse not sure what else to do the family decided to try on a Ouija board. And asked if a spirit was haunting the house to which it replied yes So when this photograph was developed that was taken at the height of the activity and the image of the young boy Unknown to the family appeared just below the picture of Jesus For them it confirmed what they already knew. The family had the photograph examined by a film expert who confirmed It was not a reflection or camera error and whatever it was was behind the glass and had its own light source There’s no reason to believe it’s fake, that’s not to say it couldn’t be a double exposure or reflection despite the expert’s analysis But do you think it could be the spirit that was haunting the family? Indian morgue This next clip was sent to me in early 2017 after spreading around on the Internet It was captured on CCTV in the morgue at Malda Medical College and hospital in West Bengal India Malda itself has had its fair share of paranormal activity and is home to numerous historical buildings that are supposedly haunted This morgue in particular has had its fair share of paranormal activity and heartache With staff hearing breathing sounds when no one is around, footsteps walking down the hallway, cold spots, and feelings of being watched. In 2014 a report was released stating how eighty babies had died there between 2012 and 2014. So it wouldn’t be a surprise if there were a lot of restless souls within its walls Well take a look at this footage, it was shot around 1:30 a.m.. And appears to show an operating table moving around on its own Now the table which is in an outside area of the morgue could easily have been blown by the wind However, if you look at the trees they are not moving Apparently the emergence of the footage caused unrest amongst the staff who already claimed the place is haunted Now I’ve been assured this footage is genuine although the table could have been pulled from afar pretty easily by someone looking to fake a video But given the area’s reputation What do you think? The penhold poltergeist This next recording is both creepy and unexplained It was sent to me by paranormal investigator Rona Anderson Who along with her associate April has performed over a hundred private investigations. They live in Alberta Canada and most of their investigations remain private However some do allow the footage to be used and this is one of them The investigators were called to a house in Penhold after claims of a poltergeist that was leaving the owners too scared to stay there Whilst the pair tried to rid the house of the two apparent poltergeists the homeowner received two creepy messages on his phone Take a listen Apparently no information came up on the display of the phone and when contacted the cellphone provider could find no record of the calls The calls were also examined by a sound analysist, and he concluded they were of an unknown origin Rona and April personally believe each message contains a separate male scream. As the two entities they removed from the basement of the home were male And they think it was those two entities that were responsible for the bizarre phone messages It’s one of the first of its kind. But I think you’ll agree, it’s pretty damn creepy Mumbai station ghost This next piece of footage surfaced in July 2017 And it catches the terrifying moment commuters on a busy train platform in eastern Mumbai thought they’d witnessed a tragic suicide. As the train approaches a woman jumps onto the tracks to certain death But instead of her body being found on the track or under the train, there was no trace of her after the incident Not even a sign of her running away Witnesses have said the woman was a ghost as have many others on the internet Although railway chiefs say the woman probably intended to take her own life But miraculously was able to walk away unharmed out of view from the cameras. It seems pretty hard to believe she could have survived so you can see why people think it was a ghost especially since ghosts are very popular in the Indian community. I don’t know what to make of it, but what’s your thoughts? Farm ghost This photograph is a good one. It was taken in 2006 on a disposable camera at the party on the grounds of a family house Jeremy the man who sent it to me wants it shown to see if there is an explanation The photo was taken by his aunt who was trying to capture a picture of the retired farm equipment With the pond and windmill in the background At the time the translucent figure standing near the equipment was not visible. It wasn’t until the film was developed that a clear outline of a person can be seen. In comparison to the size of the machinery it’s thought the figure would be around five feet eight inches tall Three years before the photograph was taken Jeremy’s grandmother passed away in the house and since the passing the family have experienced a lot of paranormal activity. In the form of footsteps, door slamming, and flashes of figures when entering rooms The dogs of the house would also get upset and bark at nothing and then all of a sudden get calm and wag their tails So when the figure appeared in this photo Jeremy’s aunt decided to show it to a psychic to see what she thought of it the psychic said that she could see a man in the picture wearing World War 1 military gear with a dog by its side and That his name was Monroe Cohen It sounds hard to believe but this was the name of Jeremy’s grandmother’s father The psychic had no apparent way of knowing this information As she supposedly knew nothing about the family or the location the photo was taken. As you can imagine the photo has puzzled Jeremy and his family for many years And they’re genuinely just looking for more of a plausible explanation than a ghost Hopefully you can leave your thoughts in the comments So there’s five pieces of supposed paranormal video and photographs. As always, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video You

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  • The messages were so clearly faked any one could scream on a voicemail and then say ‘there phone was blank and the company had no record of that call’. The single worst bs ‘proof of ghost’ I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen half the videos on your channel

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  • Some spirits are mischievous and will only answer to The name of Jesus Christ with faith then the ghost/spirit will be controlled only by the name of our Savior Jesus Christ…

  • From your system without copying or distribution by others or copying of this message and any attachments is intended solely for the offer of employment and toast. It's also likely that titanic wasn't really a good time for the new tip for a smoke free environment before buggering the rest of civilization and the boat was damaged beyond repair however this is a godly like type motion detection. this week so that I have been in the face of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies of the five armies……. actually it's three armies, apologies

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  • 0:20 – All content is exclusive only to us
    two seconds later, here's a photo found on another website

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  • Hi Top5s. This is Paranormal Rona of the Paranormal Explorers from the 3rd story. Thank-you for showing this creepy video of ours, however, I have to make one correction. April only attended a small number of investigations with me over the years. She was a temporary associate. It is my partner Ben who has been investigating with me since the early 2000's. We actually reviewed the whole investigation video and found a ghost photo bombing our infrared camera. It had a weird alien face. It was not one of the male spirits in the basement. Cheers! https://youtu.be/aaODIJ4mS0A

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  • @Top 5s
    As far as the "ghost woman" jumping in front of the train is concerned, I used to work for the Underground Railway in Hamburg, Germany, as a technician in Repair and Maintenance. We also had to check trains that had run over people, by accident or suicidally. One case was extraordinary – a man jumped in front of a train and the whole long train of nine carriages passed over him without giving him more than a scratch !!! The thing is, underneath an Underground train there was only an area of about 9 square inches – or 23 cm (!) that was free of any equipment, the entire length of the train, making his survival a true miracle ! He could not have avoided being hit and killed by various components under the train if he had intentionally attempted to, yet it happened ! Unbelievable, yet true. He was the luckiest man on Earth on that day and I hope he reconsidered taking his life after his Guardian Angels were out in force really looking after him at that moment of time. My colleagues and I just couldn't fathom his unbelievable luck, it was nearly impossible to comprehend. So, was that poor lady a ghost, or also just extremely lucky – like that man in Hamburg over forty years ago ???

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  • Number 2 has been debunked. There is another surveillance video taken from a camera facing the train at that moment and the woman is seen flattening hersefl against the concrete so the train passes over her without touching her, She managed to get up during the commotion, and got away and she is seen later in another surveillance video, well and walking to the exit.

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  • Mumbai "ghost" was debunked with video footage of the same lady leaving the station after the jump.

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  • a poltergeist (effect) isn't a ghost at all! The paranormal activity is created by the human body electromagnetic energy release during moments or periods of high stress ,fear etc….

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