5 Shocking Snake Attacks Caught on Camera

5 Shocking Snake Attacks Caught on Camera
Hi guys! Tell me something, are you afraid of snakes? As for me, well of course I am
not afraid of snakes but I still prefer watching them through the monitor screen. So how about
we check out 5 Shocking Snake Attacks Caught on Camera!? Snake VS Woodpecker
This video was shot by tourists. A woodpecker has found an unwanted guest in its den and
is trying to kick it out. But as you can see the guest happens to be a dangerous snake.
It has occupied Woodie`s home and now this bitch is trying to eat em. We are witnessing
a cruel and savage battle. You gotta give that woodpecker some props. This guy may be
foolish but he sure is brave. Unfortunately, he couldn’t kick out that bastard snake
out of its hollow. Snake VS Cat
A snake can easily crawl into your house. Especially if you live in the area of their
natural habitat. It’s good if you notice it. But imagine what could happen if you have
found a venomous snake in your bed in the middle of the night!? I would probably wet
my bed. Owners of this house were lucky because they have a cat. If your cat isn’t old and
blind but vital, visceral, and fast then it will definitely spot the snake. Just like
in this video. The cat doesn’t want to be friends with
the intruder and is trying to tell the snake to back off! Or maybe kitty wants to eat it!?
No, I doubt it. The snake is getting ready for a final strike but the cat is too quick
and the snake is retreating. Check out another case of snake vs cat battle.
This cat deals with it just as easy. Snake VS Bat + ants
In this video, you see how a bat got caught by a deadly snake. Poor bat is trying to set
itself free but the snake holds it tight not planning letting it go. This is a fight for
life! The next moment something weird happens. Looks like a bunch of ants came to rescue!
I mean not really, obviously, a coincidence but this is one lucky bat! The snake can’t
stand the bites anymore, it loosens its grip and retreats. The bat that a moment ago was
one step away from being dead comes back to life and flies away. Snake VS Mongoose
Tell me guys, do you know any animals that hunt dangerous venomous snakes? The fact is
that there aren’t many. And the bravest and the most popular of all is the mongoose.
When you look at the mongoose you sort of think that it s a harmless little creature
that you might want as a pet but the truth is that these little fellas are super quick
and can beat any snake better yet fight deadly cobras! Mongoose speed reaction is phenomenal,
it`s one of the quickest in the animal kingdom. To fight the venomous black mamba you see
right now, mongoose uses its special fighting strategy. The technique is that it teases
the snake with sharp attacks and rapid movements. After attacking several times in a row the
snake is exhausted and that’s when the mongoose makes its counter strike biting snake`s neck. Another Snake VS Mongoose
This time we see a snake crawled into a hole thinking it might belong to some unfortunate
little mouse. It has never occurred to it that this is, in fact, a mongoose`s dwelling.
Mongoose strikes like lightning biting snakes head. But it isn’t all that simple, the
snake doesn’t wish to be defeated. Two mortal enemies collide in a ravenous battle! With
each second mongoose loses its chance to win the fight! God almighty! I am scared to think
what will happen to its babies!? It seems like the mongoose understands the terrible
consequences and pulling all its strength it kills the snake and drags it`s corpse to
feed the children. Guys, I know that many of you enjoy watching
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