8 Reasons Why I (Almost) Switched to Sony from Canon for Videography & Photography

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  • You didn't answer the guys question.
    I understand your response as you are already invested in a brand.
    What if your starting out clean?

  • I am very surprised that Canon/Nikon's antique video format (Motion JPEG/no 4K) don't matter to you as a professional. Sony cameras are by far the best choice for video because 1. they use AVCHD/MPEG4 "modern, video orientated formats 2. even entry pocket cameras offer MANUAL SHUTTER AND APERTURE CONTROL FOR VIDEO which no reviews seem to ever mention 3. Sony offer the excellent PlayMemories app for PC and MAC that allow you to COMBINE VIDEO CLIPS into one movie, which no one else offer. Of course you can use Premiere to combine them, but you lose quality in the process and you have to pay for it! I hear there are sooooo many "I" and "My Wife" in this review, so it's a very subjective review and offers little value to potential buyers.

  • All sony much better

  • 7 month ago I bought a Canon 80D for general use, then some good and also fairly expensive lenses finding myself liking photography. Only then I found myself truly loving landscapes and low light.
    I'm now tempted to switch to a full frame camera for this specific reason, but I'm struggling deciding not only what camera to buy, but also what company I should buy it from.
    Should I stick to the Canon system, wait for something like a Canon6Dii which will surely be a solid camera for stills, or should I switch to Sony which is clearly innovating a lot more and it's offering a more complete package in a smaller form factor?
    The problem is that I would have to sell either way some of the APS-C only lenses like my Samyang 16 f2 and my Sigma 18-35 f1.8, probably losing money.
    Plus, I would have to get a Metabones for a Canon 70-200 f4 IS I own.
    I would love to hear some opinion on what more experienced people would do.
    Clearly I'm on my way learning and I'm making mistakes right now.

  • I shoot weddings with canon 5D's series but I record wedding Video with sony's A7 series!!! Great video !

  • I did this exact same thing. Got the a7rii loved it then as the reality settled in with its huge flaws stuck with Canon got rid of the a7rii. The ergonomics were horrible for me as well as the colors. The battery life was always a stress wondering do I have enough batteries to cover the event or session. a7rii is the best consumer camera not the best professional working daily camera. Delivering the cleanest highest megapixel file to your client is not as important as a lot of other things. I also found the huge image size really bogged down my work flow. Have the 1dx ii now and i absolutely love it. Fast fast fast and just works always.

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the video start out with someone asking if someone was starting from scratch, which camera brand should they select for their INITIAL investment. It's as if you forgot what question you were answering. You basically say throughout the entire video that Sony has better features (for the most part), but you wouldn't switch from Canon because you "Get by" with your current equipment. I guess in a round about way you answered the question, since the ONLY reason you seemed to side with Canon is because you already have that equipment and it works just fine. The underlying conclusion, however, seems to be that Sony is a better investment if starting from scratch, answering that other guy's question.

  • there is a video on youtube where a guy dissects canon's mjpeg codec in a scientific kind of way (signal to noise ratio, and many other things) to see what it would take for the h.264 encoding to be similar in quality. the conclusion was that h.264 would need the bitrate of at least 300 mbit/s and in some cases all the way up to 500 mbit/s to be at the same level. so i guess it's not that bad after all

  • Phony are a bad company ethical speaking, plus their cameras are very akin to the playstation

  • but the 70d for example has the live view screen, WITH exposure sim. ? so why is an EVF needed? optical view finder is nicer imo, more organic.

  • autofocus zeiss glass is one of the reasons i picked up a sony but i still have canon for wedding ceremony because it's more reliable in the focusing. I like having both platforms because it gives me so many options.

  • You said canon only focuses on making camera and stuff and they are so behind compare to Sony technology. They keep on adding little thing here and there every 4 years that's a shame.

  • Magic lantern! It's THE reason to be on canon!!!!

  • The eight reasons you almost changed to Sony are the very reasons you'll eventually switch 😉

  • I got through the first 5 reasons and to be honest, the overriding recurring vibe I get is that you're not switching because you're too heavily invested in Canon. I'm actually the same. But I'm so dick of Canon screwing us over that as soon as I have the money to change, I will.

  • Sony has noise in low light situations, Yes others have that too but more so on my Sony I had. also youtubers use 1080 60fps over 4k.

  • Well… I was a Canon user(all my life), i started with a T3i, 60D, 7D, 7D Mark II, 5D Mark III and 2 months ago i owned a Canon 5D Mark VI. Also, i have good lenses from Canon, EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L II USM , EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS II USM, EF 11-24mm f/4 L USM and EF 85mm f/1.2 L II USM (and i'm still VERY happy about them). Clarification: I make documentary photography.

    Then, I tested the Sony A7R II with a Metabones adapter EF -E Mount and some Sony lenses. All I have to say it was an INCREDIBLE experience. I had the opportunity of testing the Sony A7 II and the A7S II also, but my final decision is for the Sony A7R II. Why? 1) The incredible low light performance, don't be fooled by it's 42.4 mp, the noise performance is REALLY good. 2) The built-in image stabilizer sensor, for example: 1 week ago I was in the Brazilian Amazon, specting a ceremony, I had to use 1.4 aperture because the light was very critical (only light coming from the wood fire) and my 85mm doesn't have IS, but the performance of the Axis IS was very helpful in these cases. 3) 42.4 mp + NO low pass filter = Stuning sharpness and GREAT image quality. 4) The autofocus, oh man!, the autofocus (if you are using lenses by Sony) is very accurate, it works perfectly, I used to be skeptical about this point on mirrorless cameras, but definitely the AF system on this camera performs excellent. 5)The Dynamic Range of the camera, it has a better improvement with respect to the Canon 5D Mark VI.

    Bad things about the Sony A7R II: Battery life and ergonomy, for my work I had to buy 6 batteries!!! Another bad thing, 5fps.

    These are the main reasons why I switched from Canon to Sony. Until now i'm very satisfied with the Sony A7R II. I read some people talking about colors. I only have to say, 98% of the times we have to process the images. In that order of ideas, the colors paragraph is something that can be discussed.

    Sorry for my english! Have a nice day 😀

  • I didn't try a7rII yet, but a7sII AF is rubbish, especially in low-light conditions, it's simply missing and not as good as any DSLR (even an entry level). Finally, I can't understand why people complain about poor video features on Canon cameras that were actually made for photography, while Canon have and develop separate line for video shooting.
    1. Sony is 8-bit 4k video (same as 5dIV)
    2. Lenses line-up for Sony is appalling (with adapters camera it's even slower) and what about rolling shutter on Sony?

  • Should be retitled – "The 1 reason I didn't switch to Sony from Canon" – Feature-per-feature Sony wins – but I'm overly committed to Canon equipment. WOW. Groundbreaking information.

    This should be cut to a 30 second video.

    Your are comparing the Sony a7sII ($3k) with the combined features of the Canon C100 Mark II + C300 Mark II + Canon 5D iV (totally $20k). And you choose the $20k solution, even though you said that the Sony had better features in each of the categories – and you live near Costa Mesa (Canon CPS) (It sounds like your Canon stuff breaks a lot).

    You forgot to mention any of the Sony 4K video equipment. WOW.

    And you didn't mention areas where Canon completely fails and Sony rules- low light…

  • Thanks for sharing! I'm a Canon DSLR shooter, and I've been shooting more and more video. I've been thinking about Sony for its video technology. Your insights were very helpful. I think I'm going to hold off and invest in a canon cinematic camera later, such as the C100. I have an upcoming commercial shoot and I'm planning to rent one to try it out. Your point on reliability is very key.

  • this video was very informational! thank you!

  • The only point of 4K over 1080p is that you can crop without loss of quality. The eye cant see anything over 1080p anyway.

  • From this video, I feel like you listed more reasons why you should switch to Sony

  • Just heard about you on DSLR Video Shooter, digging the channel. I'm a photographer but have a peaked interest in Video for some reason. Maybe it's the challenge and different perspective of things. Digging your channel. Nice stuff.

  • I am a Canon guy. I keep hearing people saying Sony is an electronic company and not really photography focus like Canon and Nikon. But I think most people forgot that Sony bought Minolta in 2006. It is really Minolta R&D which produces these great Sony cameras.

  • Saying that you get by with Canon is exactly why I switched to Sony. Never looked back. It's also short sighted to say you don't need 4k. Import onto a 1080p time line and you can crop and re frame without loosing quality.

  • Thank you for this video! I enjoyed it immensely.

  • For video… in the end it's about QUALITY. Watch 4K Sony A6300 next to 4K of the new 5D MkIV and the choice is easy. Nothing else matters. Who cares about flip screen, touch screen… It's about the end result. I don't mind using more batteries, just take some with you. You're not shooting 11 fps for hours. Or better still… a power bank and a usb-cable. Problem solved.

  • Caleb! What's up bro… Big fan… I have the hardest dilemma… Canon 5D mark 4 or Sony a 7s 2

  • So, now why did you not switch but made a 28 minute video ranting about how Sony is better than Canon instead?

  • Love your videos Caleb. Useful info and as a first time buyer this has helped massively.

  • Caleb, what are your thoughts on the new panasonic GH5?

  • Well 4K is quite common now.. So what now? Come on.. just switch already.. I know you want it. You're just in denial.

  • I see the Lions hat! go lions!

  • I'm a proud owner of a Canon 5D mark iii. I live in Brazil. I'm about to go to the US in March and I'll shoot a couple of documentary pieces and vlogs. I was thinking about switching to the 5D mark iv and then I started to see a lot of vlogs saying the code Canon use for 4K is not good, files are too big. Do you think it's worth changing from the 5D mark iii to the mark iv?

  • But the initial question was, if you would go with Canon or Sony when you would start completely new into photography?

  • Thanks for the review and thought process. I have ended up with saying yes to both for now. I love the images out of Sony cameras, and I love the look and feel of Canon Glass. It has forced me to slow down, change how I shoot, and in reality has been a good thing. The places where the two brands don't play nice together have been in places where I need to slow down my shooting as well. For example leveraging the EVF and using focus peeking has caused me to slow down, see everything that will be in focus and out of focus, and make deliberate decisions about it. I run and gun less, and my shots are more creative and better. My milage may vary, but the "issues" between the two have been a good thing for me and my shooting.

  • Majorly confused here dude….??? Looks like '8 reasons why you should switch from Canon to Sony' going by this video???

  • It's not about gear but about story. We all have a preference and with that we are usually biased to what we use.

  • Great video, thx!

  • Another Sony A7S R commercial…

  • Glad I went with Sony actually.

  • Thanks for this video Caleb. You could tell this was non-biased and you were very honest and open on your thoughts. Looking forward to seeing other videos from you.

  • I have been using and having Canon gears more than 31 years , my love for Canon because of great user interface, advance techs, cheaper than most competitors, a lot of 3rd party product & supports, great customer service and Canon is ever present to customers: big discounts several times a year, free camera clinic also has big community in the internet even on Youtube. These are enough, I don't have any reasons to change to other brand.

  • magiclantern makes canon rock video

  • in the end the best tool for the job. I have invested into canon and pentax and have added sony into the line up. my example is on vacation i use sony a7ii and gopro all day. family events I prefer canon for both video and photo because of magiclantern. and my daily all purpose my a6000 but i have my eyes on the Canon EOS M6 .

  • great video Caleb😁

  • honest question, hope you answer. For a start on a budget… What about Panasonic, meaning, I found that I could pick up a fz1000 for a good price, or a gh7, or if I wanted to go around or a little above $1000 I could pick up a GH4. For someone trying to go pro, what would you say about Panasonics I've mentioned or Pro starter cameras in general?

  • Great video, thanks! Go Lions! 🙂

  • So basically, I feel he's going to go to Sony soon. He didn't really explain why Canon was "better". I'll see what he says when the Sony A7r2 comes out.

  • I am a wedding videographer and I made the switch to Sony because I was at a point ready to upgrade some equipment so it made sense. I have had electronic issues with my a7sii that required repair while still under warranty. Your point about their Repair Service is beyond valid. Despite some of the video features I will lose I am switching back to Canon. My experience with sony's customer service and repair center has been awful. I've had to pay a lot of money for shipments and rentals because I need to stay in business and for a camera that is malfunctioning and under warranty – it's absurd.

  • Caleb I'm setting up a podcast room… I need to setup a 3 camera stationary setup… Would 3 xc10 cams work great? It's going to be connected to a switchboard to switch between shots… If not those… Which canon cameras? Price isn't a question but also think c300s aren't necessary

  • Currently working on a 60D. Outdated, I know, it gets the job done. But to get to another level, I meed upgrades. So I'm planning my next one and I'm stuck in sticking with Canon and getting something like a 5Dmkiii or 5DmkIV or a Sony R7ii. I really don't know what to do right now. Any suggestions?


  • the slow zoom in all the time is so confusing. But nice and informative video.

  • I was waiting for you to say frame rate. Canon is way behind here. Is slow-mo not ever a need for you?

  • Sony cameras have some great features that Canon lacks, but the reliability factor can't be overlooked. Single card slots and occasional overheating issues are things that prevent the Sonys from being truly "reliable in all situations." Like is said in this video, there are events/moments that are only going to happen once, and you can't afford to miss the shot because the camera needs to cool down for a few minutes before it's functional again. If Sony can completely move past cameras EVER overheating, include dual card slots on the majority of their $1,000+ cameras, and have a decent repair/support service in place… at that point, Canon has a real problem on their hands. Until all of those things happen, a huge percentage of people will stick to what they know is reliable.

  • I'm a pro commercial/advertising photographer and film maker. I'm so glad I switched to Sony A7RII and sony A6500's Killing it with this gear. Canon has been holding out on us for a very long time and I got tired of it.

  • Why is everyone is changing to Sony?!

  • Sony has better sensors and iso and Canon has 300% more pixel dot resolutions then sony
    …if Sony devlop higher resolution pixel dots I will definitely buy sony

  • With all due respect Sir, you did not give eight reasons. You gave one reason, eight times. That reason is you already have equipment that fulfills your needs so you do not need to switch to Sony. However, I do respect your determination in controlling GAS to make the switch with which so many other people seem to suffer today. Even though you gave this reason eight times, it is a solid reason. If you already have what you need, stop looking for something better. Respect.

  • Now I want to switch to Sony

  • Real Pro SPEECH!

  • Thanks for all the reasons, you made me switch to a Sony Camera and I've never been happier! Also, don't forget Sony's badass low light performance, it's sick and that Eye AF makes shooting even more faster and more accurate.

  • Frankly… you sold me on SONY.

  • Thanks for sharing, Caleb.

  • I love canon for photography, I believe canon is the best for photos and Sony is my favorite for video. One issue why I wouldn't use sony for photos is the battery issue the die too quick canon batteries are way better and more reliable.

  • Canon is starting to look like iPhone.

  • I'm graphics designer and I don't like a bokeh of Sony camera, it's hard for me to edit in Photoshop…

  • Wonderful presentation from a first-person, practical perspective.  Enjoyed.

  • I've shot on both canon and sony for a while and at this point I feel like I need a therapist to help me make up my mind.

  • You ever heard of magic lantern for Canon? If not you really need to look it up!

  • Nikon! or Fuji!!

  • Hi Caleb, wondering if you had any experience with 5D mkiii and 'Magic Lantern' software.

  • For someone who is ready to invest in a camera system primarily for photography but also for some TV quality video, what would you recommend? (I've used Nikon in the past but am not heavily invested and I'm tending towards Canon 5d Mark III at the minute) Thanks!

  • Hey, great channel! keep up the good work, please have a look at my work and let me know your thoughts. 🙂 Maybe sub if you like. A Fellow Videographer Working hard. Sony BTW 🙂

  • The only thing I think sony completely wins over canon is the eye-auto focus… But then I take a look of the number of portrait I shoot as an amateur… clearly not worth the money to switch for me… My first two cameras are actually sony: Sony 5N and A6000. I switch to Canon 80D because I do a lot of sports and wildlife photos, and autofocus with long telephoto lens are just very easy with Canon. Sony didn't figure that out until A9 and A7riii.

  • OMG, this is one and a half years, and it's still really good.

  • First of all you haven't answered the question thst was asked at the beginning of the video. Secondly, CANON DSLR, don't shoot in log profile so you are limited to highly saturated, super contrasty video that is hell to work in post. The reason you haven't switched to Sony is because you were using DSLRs (or your wife did) for photography. However, you gave at least 6 good reasons why someone starting video production (which was the question) should choose Sony.

  • You don't need 4k…yet😅
    When there'll be 8k cameras you don't need 8k either, but when you're still shooting 1080p then, it's kinda weird😉

  • I'm thinking to Buy Sony a6000.. But.. Canon Lens price are somuch lower than Sonys that it has me stuck between them 2. I need help to decide which brand to go to.. Looking for a Camera with a price and the features of the Sony a6000. I'm going to be using it for portraits, kinda low light photog, and Highspeed shots. PLZ HELP. I GOT A DAY ONLY . THX

  • Thank you for your time and hard work

  • Still have your mind made up in 2018 ? I’m invested in Canon but with the A7r3 and now the A73 I simply cant find any reason to keep waiting for Canon to step up their game. And the auto focus results I see others get using sigma adapter with Their L glass at least with stills is pretty impressive and will make the switch much easier.

  • I loved ur sofa and room , LIKE anybody noticed everything on that shelf ?

  • Vertical video will not be tolerated.

  • having the same problem currently have a canon t5i looking to upgrade to full frame still haven't made a choice yet still debating should I stay with canon or switch to sony im looking for more like an all around camera that does video and photos really well in low light situations for the type of work I do decisions decisions

  • This video was released in 2016. Now Sony released A7R III. What would be now your opinion in 2018? To switch or not from Canon to Sony??

  • Well I like the feel of the bulk ones of the canon cameras although I’m a Sony fan

  • Which camera is best for anything canon 77d and 80d?

  • I believe you,so honest.thank you

  • Customer service is EVERYTHING

  • It's 2018 and during the World Cup event I've seen a lots of rain, Canons and Nikons. Did not see one single Sony on the field

  • Just say you’re heavily invested in Canon.

  • So Sony I Guess, at least an entry level like 6300 or 6500

  • Big mistake to switch to sony and buy it.

  • I switched to sony

  • Amazing

  • U sound miserable with canon lol

  • in body stabilization, sigma art lenses, low light capabiities, eye focus, dual card slot, 4 k videos, slow mo, mirrorless everything in a small package is SONY A7III, nothing like canon.

  • Although I was told there there about tied. The only different thing is that Sony’s more expensive

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