A Beginner’s Guide To Tiny Planet Photography 🌎

So I want to talk to you guys about tiny planet photography which is where you Use a consumer 360 camera like the Ricoh theta V like they have around the corner there and you can turn them into amazing Beautiful tiny planets like we see here which are very social media friendly And it’s just a really good way of showing an entire environment in one single photo So I’m going to show you exactly how I do it and how I’m able to produce consistently excellent content for social media and for online very quickly and easily And it’s something that I’ve been able to turn from a hobby into a career within the scope of one to two years it’s now my full-time job to make these silly little things and Yeah, I’m just placed in a really good place in a photography market right now because of that So i just wanna I tell you guys a little bit about me So I started on Instagram in 2014 just posting normal photos like landscapes portraits stuff like that And I found that a lot of other photographers Were posting the same thing so whenever you post a photo that looks like everything else It doesn’t really stand out on Instagram grid does it? So this is when I discovered my first Theta m15 camera which is similar to this one the very first Version of the Ricoh theta camera and this is a 360 camera it shoots in all directions And when I saw it I fell in love I saw the potential it had and I posted my very first tiny planet photo just Here which is a photo of me and my budgie and It got a really good response and slowly. I started day after day. I posted tiny planet I went to new locations I traveled around the world and I posted every single day and slowly I built an Instagram account and a following and it’s snowball to the point that I’m Luckily now one that the top three 16 tiny planet accounts Because I consistently posted good Good unique content that really stood out when viewing it on a in Instagram grid and on a Facebook grid so This is a really unique innovative technology that can get you noticed online if that’s something you’re interested in doing So let me explain the mechanics of our 360 works, so firstly we start off Here is the 360 camera unlike every other camera that you might be familiar with this camera sees everything you can’t hide from it It’s like having Google Street View in your pocket go lens on the front. It’s got lens on the back so it captures everything It’s very simple so you. It’s as simple as you’re turning it on like this. It’s got a big button there press the button And instantly we have a 360 photo which we can download to our phone or Computer so instantly this turns into this which is a double fisheye So there we have two 180-degree lenses So we have a 180 degree field of view on each side so as you can see this because captured this whole Environment this is the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco captured everything with this camera so the next step of this workflow is we then turn that Into something that’s more photo like and we call this an equi rectangular photograph So this is then taking those two Spears and and altered them into one consistent looking image So this is the next step however this still it’s good But it’s not really optimized for viewing of the social media the next step is we turn it into an interactive 360 photo like we have here so you might have seen these on Facebook and elsewhere online where you can then look around your 360 photo in any direction So this is what it was like to stand there in the shoes of where I was standing at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco So this is a really good way to capture a moment such a clarity you see everything in every direction It’s a very good way to preserve moments in time And for me I use it as a great nostalgic tool so in ten years from now when I’m looking back Where I was at ten years ago I can see it with such clarity in detail so this is a really exciting tool and when I first discovered it I totally fell in love and I saw the potential in and the kind of Ability to capture such detail with normal Cameras right you’re only capturing a tiny little window and that doesn’t really accurately represent an entire environment So this is where 360 changes the game So now that we have this 360 photo We bring into an app like theta plus theta plus video Which we then use to morph into a tiny planet? So this is the photo we had before it’s now looking really good and attractive for Instagram for Facebook And how cool is that that looks so fun and silly and eye-catching I mean this this style of photography is what has allowed me to grow my own brand, my social media accounts to the point that I can now turn this into my career because I’ve been able to utilize the 360 technology And it’s very fast I can do this in seconds And you know what the cool thing is there’s more than one way to edit one single 360 photo You don’t have to do it like this with it that same example from before I can turn into this So two different photos for the price of one So how cool is that I had two really good Instagram post this one and this one From the exact same photo because the 360 camera captures everything You can then morph it however you like And there are a thousand different combinations. I found these were the two best according to this specific setup But for me It’s I can really use it as a tool and to experience endless creativity Because there’s so many ways you can shoot and added with 360s so I just want to show you guys a few different tiny planet styles That I think you’ll find really interesting and these are things these are photos that I can turn over in 30 seconds so once you learn how to do it you can make cool cool posts like this And it’s very silly I have a massive head butt Content like this gets extreme engagement online people respond to them really well and they really pop out on that Instagram grid unlike everything else which is like a landscape a photo of coffee or selfie and Something like this really does stand out a lot amongst all the other photos Then you can do other cool stylized effects like a dis silhouette here I utilized the manual exposure of the theta V, and you know what this was in broad daylight this shot broad daylight But I turned the shutter speed right up to I think 1/5 1/5 thousandth of a second and i’m a it look like it was sunset So you can do basically everything you could have done with a normal camera you can now then apply that to 360 Here I am in Sydney my hometown and to the left of us is the Harbour Bridge and To the bottom of the planet we have the Opera House again. This is a full 360 environment turned into one cool little tiny planet Here I am during my latest visit to Hawaii got some surfboards at the beach there and the cool thing about this is that Everything I saw on that day is present in this photo. There’s nothing missing it’s not just capturing a small square of my face or of the ocean or of the surfboards you seen everything from where I was standing Which is really really cool So tiny planets are also great for group photos here. We have about 20 or 30 people in one inverted 360 photo Normally group photos are really hard right when you have 10 on people It’s hard to actually take a photo with that many people you have to get get your arm out really far like oh Can you take the photo for me? And then you get you get the waiter in the restaurant to stand about 20 feet back so you can fit everyone in but with the 360 camera changes the game because you can capture everyone and they can be very close to the camera Because the camera sees everything you don’t have that spatial Distance as an obstacle Here’s another group photo Just as simple as this Put the camera up get people to stand around you take your photo and you end up with this It’s like that looks like a Christmas bauble Tianna christmas trees filled with people Here I am Alcatraz one week ago I think that’s quite cool. I was able to really utilize those bars I shot this in HDR using the theta V And this is one of my favorite ever photos that I’ve shot just turned out really really well looks like the Eye of Sauron Really happy with that hunger a really good response on social media This one is from my recent visit to Samoa and can anyone guess where I may put the camera here No So I place the camera right on this this beam here. It’s resting there Took the photo wirelessly gets on my hands behind my back. I’m activating it through my phone Take the photo and then I leave my audience wondering how I took the photo So that that’s just another cool way to use Creativity in a way that leaves your audience wondering how you did it Here’s me in Brisbane, Australia my home country in extra ferris-wheel All of these photos are so unique because have you have you guys seen anything like these yet? I’m posting these every single day to Instagram and getting a massive response because they’re just so unique I’m utilizing this new Technology that a lot of people don’t know about yet number avaible I’ve been able to experience a lot of Korea growth because of that I’m consistently creating a new content and innovative content This is one of my favorite ones when I was parasailing in Fiji. I just landed and I attached my Fader s at the time to the top bar of the boat there. I activated it wirelessly from my phone and Turned it into this beautiful tiny planet is it that’s one of my favorites. I think that turned out super super well Another one in Melbourne again, this is a very average location but in tiny planet boat It looks absolutely stunning so I was really able to utilize the full 360 in getting extreme symmetry Tiny planet tiny plants are great the symmetry showing off architecture of this old building. It would have been really hard to photograph this Building otherwise because there’s just so much detail all around and with a phone or if it DSLR You just can’t capture every lil bit without taking 16 photos So I was able to capture this full environment with just one click of a button. I find that really incredible Next style is inside outside This is another really good use of 360 being able to combine two worlds into one when you have a window here We have nice and warm inviting interior and a cold harsh exterior both cohesively in the same photo Here I am in a plane just sticking the camera out the window well not literally out the window But against the window and looked again that looks really cool. Just over LA at nighttime and turned out really really well So the next style is using a selfie stick now a selfie stick is one of the best tools in your 360 arsenal because it really gives you a massively high view point a Kind of a deceivingly high view point in this photo here I held the camera on a selfie stick and you know how high it was it was about this far But how high does it look it looks like it was shot for my drawing So there’s using a selfie suggesting a little bit of elevation it makes a world of difference Here’s another one. He’s a selfie stick for again a massive elevation looks like a shot from a helicopter or a drone But it’s just a little bit above my head So a selfie stick as much as I hate admitting that I own a selfie stick and I actually own about five or six of Them embarrassingly it’s one of the best tools in my arsenal So now we have nighttime shooting So again techniques you can use with DSLR photography you can also use with tiny planners, so I did a light painting here I did a 10 second exposure, and I wrote 20 17 in the sky It was New Year’s 2016-2017, and I was able to get a beautiful tiny planet By reutilizing and that nighttime feature with which cameras like the theta V the insta 361 and a few others do have Here’s a nighttime photo where I use a one second exposure and we just did really still so that turned out really well it showed off the the Yarra River in Melbourne and Really really nice. It’s brought out those colors and their dynamic range doing that one second exposure, so Nighttime 360s can look amazing if you get them right although they do take a bit longer than the average photo This one, can you guess what I did here? So I call this one the dandelion Put the camera on the ground. I did a 10 second exposure got a flashlight and it went like this for 10 seconds Turned out as a dandelion. That’s pretty cool The next element to talk about is the inverted planet so before we’re working with a planet on the inside this time the ground is On the outside, and this is one of my most popular Three sigma tiny planets ever this is in Melbourne Nice, beautiful graffiti, and it just works so nicely when I inverted that photo Really, catchy and punchy on social media whenever you can create something like this you’re going to get lives on your work Here I am next to a poker machine just held it up to the screen took a photo inverted it This is one of my favorite photos, I’ve ever taken took this in Winnipeg when I was last there up in Canada This is an old dead forest called the Assiniboine forest and again wirelessly I took this photo And I inverted it and how nice is that look those sharp spines all pointing towards the centre and this took me 30 seconds to shoot and 30 seconds to edit how powerful is that and now that’s an image I can use forever And I edited purely on my phone Another one how might you guess I shot this one Where’d it up at the camera any guesses For example not Well done yes selfie stick I held a selfie stick in front of me angled it down had it about two or three Feet in front of me, and I was able to invert that 360 into this watery tongue almost like a whirlpool so again just a tiny little bit of creativity leads to extraordinary results Here’s another nighttime inverted planet again. I just did like maybe a half second exposure Just really utilize this environment this was in Sydney my hometown Took a call a cool photo for Instagram got six or seven hundred likes on it. Here I am in Venice Beach two weeks ago This ended up being my most popular Instagram photo ever Could not predict it at all I find with Instagram often you think something’s going to do super well And it doesn’t and then you think something isn’t going to go well, and it does but for me That was this one. I was even reluctant to post it yet. I got 1200 likes on this photo Was not expecting that at all so just shows you a little bit of creativity just try something new try a few different angles whenever you’re shooting with a camera or A 360 camera and you can end up with amazing social media posts like this The next style is inverted object planet so so here, I’m surrounded by billiard balls this again this was super super simple so I had a Triangle a billiard balls. I held my camera to it. I went like this Took a photo inverted it ended up like this again that pops out so nicely on your Instagram grid anyway you post it online It’s really going to stand out. It’s so unique and unlike everything else that is around it on Instagram Again same things tomatoes My god Chilli’s Popcorn Yes.This is exactly what it looks like I stuck my camera inside a popcorn bag took a photo Pull it out and there we have it got a great photo Coins Golf balls and finally we have cards so Let me ask you something have you guys seen any photos like what you’ve just seen before no yet, I’m able to do them so quickly Every single day and put out a new post like this That really grabs people’s attention and grabs a new audience for me that will then be my diehard followers because they love what they’re seeing I’m doing this so quickly every day Now the style I call this the mouth shot, and yes, this is exactly what it looks like I did this And I think I use a caption something along the lines of defusing Christchurch New Zealand a jaw-dropping Couldn’t help myself So everything we can do to photo we can also do to video So I made this little video for Rica a few months back for Valentine’s Day and it’s just a short little 30-second video where I really utilize that full 360 was like a date kind of scenario and It was a really catchy little Instagram and Facebook post I just used this little camera here I just popped it on the ground, and we just walked around the camera And we’ve got this awesome little little 30-second video So again just a tiny bit creativity and not a lot of time can lead you to really cool results like this So the next step in the workflow is colour correction. I like to stick to my map my mobile phone I don’t always like going to my computer so if you can learn a mobile phone workflow It’s going to save you a lot of time It means you can get to shooting even faster So my favourite mobile phone color correction herbs a Snapseed Lightroom mobile vsco cam or vsco cam however you say it and finally. I’ll do my final edits in Instagram Just to get those final colors and contrast and dynamic range, so I would strongly suggest these they’re all free now I want to talk to you guys a little bit about Instagram because In snowing Instagram and marketing is almost more important than taking photo pretty photos because if you make an amazing photo yet No one sees it then you’re missing out big time because they could be seeing it so Understanding basic social media marketing goes such a long way, and it’s almost more important than taking good photos So my first advice for building and following on Instagram is keep a clear and consistent looking at profile So try to keep it as similar as you can try it and make your account niche then the morning You are the faster your growth so if you look at my account here. You’ll see it’s all 360. It’s all tiny planets so My photos are tiny plants up there, so people follow me. They know they’re probably going to get tiny planets It’s not going to be a tiny planet a photo of a coffee a selfie. It’s going to be all tiny planets Also, your bio is very important make it as similar to your overall theme as possible and really considerate because 15 words Makes a big difference in people actually following through on whatever your call-to-action is and and considering your Instagram profile It’s actually massive and really getting an audience because those 15 words are the difference between getting a contract with a big company and not Only post your best work this does seem obvious but a lot of people don’t do it for me I like to hold a personal standard of what I would say 8 out of 10 or above for me I need a post according to my own personal standards to be at least 8 out of 10 to post it Bufo 5 post 7.99 or less then people will know me as the guy the post seven point nine nine or less photos And they’re not going to want to follow me so for every photo. I take I will throw out about 19 photos Because I only settle for the best 8 out of 10 or above Be active on a regular basis the more active you are the better if you can post every single day, that’s great It’s not a few times a week But don’t leave it at any longer than once a week because that’s how you’ll really gain momentum The more you post the faster your momentum will growth Tell a story with everything you do and let people follow it this one is key Don’t just post a hashtag or an emoji just a one one sentence player Or a caption to your photos Allows the audience to follow your story because those one sentences add up over time right they add up to a whole bio of you Use all 30 hashtags and I even research the best hashtags in my niece Something that knows when I posted my very first Instagram photo which was like of a crappy landscape I used like 30 hashtags right, and I’ve got 50 likes instantly from strangers. I didn’t know To me that was massive it’s like oh my god. Thank you people discovering my workout. How are they fun? Oh Yeah That’s right I posted those stupid little hashtags, but they’re actually key because people are searching the hashtags and they’re massive for discoverability. I still use them They’re just so important to get them right and I would I would suggest Researching and maybe even hiring a hashtag expert to find you a really good list of hashtags Next I would say try to get your work reposted by the top share accounts in your niche My niche is 360 and there are probably I’m going to say 5 to 10 accounts that share all The best 3 16 tiny kind of posts, and they have audiences of 10k plus So how how powerful is that having your work shown to an audience of 10,000 people Those are all people that could potentially follow your work So you do want to try and get those share accounts of 10 because then their audience becomes yours Interact with your community through likes and comments the best way to get a like or a comment is like giving a like or a comment you got to build a reputation for yourself and Become known as a nice guy nice girl And really some of the supports and encourages people not just someone that post work and expects likes and expects attention. This is crucial Got to build your reputation Finally I’d say share your work as far as possible. It’s a shame for you put so much work into your creative Pursuits your your daily photo, and then it only goes to one network So I will use an app that’s called ifttt if this then that Which then pushes my daily Instagram posts to every other social network so Facebook Instagram Twitter No, sorry not Instagram Twitter 500 pixels flick up Pinterest and they’re a bunch of other other photo apps and Web site so you can then push your do the exact same bit of content to so you double or triple your audience by doing this this is massive having a good social media strategy is the difference between success and failure and Ultimately the better marketer is going to win if two people who have the same photographic ability the best marketer is going to win Finally if you want to learn more about tiny planets I wrote an e-book It’s called life in 360 beginner’s guide to tiny planet photography if you want to learn more about anything You’ve just seen I wrote all the best techniques in there so feel free to check it out So if you guys don’t know I’m active on social media, and I’m posting every single day. I post reviews tutorials side-by-side comparisons all the time so if you do want to learn more about 360 and I’m marketing all that stuff that I talked about here, you can learn online it doesn’t have to stop here So I strongly suggest you subscribe to my youtube channel because I do have lots and lots of Content and information there that will really give you a full 360 education Okay, also on Instagram if you want to see an example of my tiny planet so my 360 works And how I mark it just go there and copy what I do And you probably get similar results to what I’m doing strongly suggest check it out. Also Facebook as well With that said just like to thank you all very much for coming and giving me your time And yeah, feel free to come and ask any questions. Thank you appreciate it

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