A Landscape Photography Adventure | Waiting for Light: Tiveden

Starting to come really close to the finishing line of today’s drive Then we have some hiking to do not too far today Just out to a place where we’re going to see if we can find a good place for these sunset It’s about two hours left until the sun sets So hopefully I’m gonna be able to find something within an hour So that I have the time to work it This is the place that I thought would be a really good only one problem right here What I thought was a slight gradation down into the lake apparently is a Big rock rising straight up No way to get up on it and no way to get around it, so I’m gonna have to figure something else out Yeah down here we definitely have something good really nice rock formation going out into the lake there And the background the background Is pretty good as well This is going to be today’s shot it’s going to be Really good I think, it isn’t the best light but we’re shooting away from Sun anyway, so it doesn’t really matter that much I’m gonna go down there try to find a composition and Get everything ready There is actually quite a few possibilities, we’ll come to the composition here and I really have to figure out what I want most Because I’m always aiming for one good photo I’m not gonna change around my composition anything so I need to figure out the one that suits my needs best Those are things I really need to think about for a couple of minutes before I decide on anything I’ve decided upon what composition I’m going to use I’m going to use these Rocks leading out into Lake. I’m going real real close Into them. There are some leaves lying here In the foreground and I cleaned it up a little bit to have this representation of autumn here and foreground really and then The rocks are a real good leading line into the background So the only thing really left to do now is to put on the 10-stopper so that I can get a real really long exposure to smooth out all the water and perhaps get some movement in sky as well and Then the image is basically going to be done And now that that’s done the first photo it’s time to go back to the car and Make some dinner The sun is going down at around 6 o’clock right now. So It’s time for dinner Good morning one hour until sunrise Time to get up we’re going to the beach The sky is already popping actually so really kind of have to hurry here and just get something up and going I most definitely overslept The cloud is popping off a real good real good, but I haven’t really found a foreground that I’m really satisfied with so I’m photographing something that is just Simple basically, but a little bit busy here in the foreground. I moved the camera a little bit further forward Towards a bigger rock here. I’m trying to utilize that and a couple of other rocks to work in my In my favor when composing it with the background here The only thing really left to do now is to put on a ND filter just to smooth out the water and and that’s done This photo was perhaps a little bit rushed for my taste but It’s my fault shouldn’t have slept in so long But now Well the rest of the golden hour and everything’s going to happen so might as well do something with it perhaps Well, it seems like the sun rose into clouds so what I’m gonna do now is basically drive to The other parking lot in this National Park where I had planned to have as a base for today’s hiking so I’m gonna drive there and And we’re gonna see what happens next I’m up on the first viewpoint that I checked out on the map but there certainly are a lot of trees for being a a viewpoint “viewpoint” Sure, I can see through the trees but really have to Try hard to see anything through them as well. So It’s not what I would call a viewpoint But it is what it is I’m gonna have to look further for my for my Autumn scene It’s only 12, but I’ve already found the composition that I want for this sunset Beautiful composition a couple of trees standing close to the water and we have some Fall color in the background and the sun is going to set right behind it If it’s a beautiful sky is gonna be a beautiful picture so the thing that I need to do now is to go back to the car and Just grab some food and things like that and then hike back here I’ve decided upon the composition that I want and it’s quite interesting Well two hours to go until the sun sets And the game is on fifteen minutes left until the sun sets Hope exists, it isn’t looking good, but hope exists Such a group composition I really want some good light with it as well The only thing we can do now is to wait, a little bit longer, it’s always a wait, waiting for the light to happen At least the sky isn’t horrible could have been better but it isn’t horrible I’m not sure how much light I can actually hope for It does seem like there is kind of a big cloud lying there at the horizon but there’s some light kicking up right now and Seeing as there at least is some color in the clouds Now, I guess that bodes perhaps well Well, the cloud formation that we’re currently having is just Amazing it perfectly fits this composition and it frames in this top of this tree just perfectly and we’re getting a lot of clouds coming in in the left part top left part of the image and We’re getting some kick back in those clouds and you can see the action happening in the clouds here so that’s just to the left from where we are And this I think is a good sign Well, it looks like I didn’t need to fear anything about the clouds They are magnificent at the moment I added a 4-stop filter as well to to the camera Just to get a little bit longer shutter speed so that I can get so or smooth out those ripples in the lake Now the light has faded but it did turn out amazing Absolutely stunning No, it was absolutely perfect actually way beyond what I expected actually so Now I’m just gonna pack up my camera and everything and head back to the car and sleep Going back to the car in the dark Try not to fall and break your neck I’m back at the car now. It’s only like 7 o’clock, but it’s already getting dark But the thing is that I have nothing planned for tomorrow I’m or rather. I have no location That I know to go to so it seems kind of pointless going up early To go to where I don’t know I haven’t found anything pointing to the east so have nothing really for a sunrise except the one that photographed yesterday and Well don’t really like to do the same thing twice, so the thing I’m going to do actually is to drive home Thank you all so much for watching goodbye

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