A week as a photography major (WITH TIPS)

When my professor said it, my mind went blank and I was just like “what the f*ck?” I’m already thinking about redoing the whole thing because it’s hideous. I clicked on the video I was working on the previous day and this sh*t pops up. Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel. So today’s video is..a week as a photography major. So stick around if you’re interested in finding out what that’s like. Monday starts off with my favorite class – video editing. My class starts around 1PM so I get to sleep in on Mondays – if you count 9AM as sleeping in. So I turn in my project from the week before which was a scene of a bank robbery. My professor has a lot of advice and tips on how to make the editing process easier on premiere pro. I love putting together videos and I can completely lose myself in the process. It’s great. We’re going to be putting together an action scene so I decided to transfer the video files I need to my external hard drive. So I could edit at home. Remember this. An external hard drive is an essential. It makes moving your projects around much easier. And it secures your stuff so you don’t have to run the risk of another student deleting your files off the computer Anyways, I leave to go home after spending three hours editing. My Tuesday class starts at 8AM and it’s my Photoshop class, which is fun. I’ve been using Photoshop since I was thirteen years old and I really like learning new techniques on how to use the different tools within Photoshop. A memorable quote from my professor so far is… “If someone says that you did a good job photoshopping a picture, then you failed.” I went home to do my assignment, which was to paste different people onto a background. Simple, but not really because they have higher expectations of you Than just pasting it and clicking defringe. I’m already thinking about redoing the whole thing because it’s hideous and I don’t like the quality of the image. I love a good challenge though so I’m going to embrace this mess. After finishing up that project… I finish putting together the action scene – what’s left is that I have to fine-tune it. I saved the project to my external hard drive so I can finish it in class the next day. Remember this. So I wake up… I put my makeup on… I have a yogurt for breakfast… …and I’m in a pretty good mood. And then I went to my video editing class – which is 25 minutes away. There’s no traffic – how lucky am I? I get there early and I find a parking spot in a parking lot that is usually crowded with cars fighting for a spot. I get to class on time and I plug in my external hard drive, and the window pops up. I clicked on the video I was working on the previous day and this sh*t pops up. WHAT? WHAT THE F*CK? My professor said that it was no problem and that I could go home to continue editing. Before I left, she taught me how to convert my project file so that I could edit next class. I love learning sh*t like this. I think that’s why I value my classes so much. It’s the little things and plus, I’m learning stuff that’s related to what I’m interested in. So anyways, I drive all the way back home. I continue editing at home with a cup of decaf coffee. Thursday’s Photoshop class was short. It’s supposed to last 2 hours and 40 minutes but this class only lasted for less than an hour. I left to go home and decided to do my assignment there. Shocker! I decided to start over because I realized that I missed a lot of opportunities to improve the quality of the image. Again, expectations are higher than just pasting it and using defringe. There’s more tedious work than I expected but I’m enjoying it. And using keyboard shortcuts makes the process a lot faster. I feel like the new project is looking a lot better than the project I did before. The assignment won’t be due for a couple of a weeks so I have time to polish it. Friday is my photojournalism class. We meet around 9AM and don’t leave until about 1:45PM So needless to say, it’s a pretty long class. But I do like the feedback I get from my professor regarding my work. She seems genuinely honest when she critiques my work and I appreciate that. We quickly go over the basics of a camera like aperture, shutter speed, and ISO We then get into the practice assignment of the day which was partnering up with someone and taking environmental portraits of them. Environmental portraits are where the person fits the environment around them and where the environment tells a story about the person. The practice assignment was asking us to portray a student at college. Which sounds SO basic, but when my professor said it, my mind went blank and I was just like “What the f*ck?” After taking those photos, we got together to critique our work. Which is something you need to be ready for. For all your artistic (or even non artistic) career, you will receive criticism. Some harsher than others – but you need to learn to not take it personally. Instead, try to see what you can learn from the criticism that you got. At 1:45PM, I go home to take the pictures for the actual environmental portrait assignment. I did a light edit on Lightroom and then I exported all 15 images onto my external hard drive. Sooooo… It’s only been a couple of weeks since my classes started. But I’m happy to see as time goes on, that the assignments are getting more challenging. I’m happy as a photography major. Comment down below your major. And if you don’t have a major, comment down below – if you had to, what major you would choose. Please like the video if you enjoyed and subscribe if you haven’t already. Thanks for watching and until the next video, bye!

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