Aai, Bappa & Grandma | Ganesh Chaturthi 2019 Special | #bhadipa #BabuAngholKelisKa?

Hey, I forgot to tell you. What? There is a surprise for both of you. What is it? Someone is coming for Ganapati, this year. Guess who? Ganapati! What?! Babu! Shut up! Aai is going to come. Aai? Grandma! Grandma is coming. Yay! Wow! Now listen. Don’t trouble her. She’s old now. I don’t think that she has become old. And tell me when did we trouble her? I am not saying that you trouble her. You three do not team up to trouble me. I am old now. Depends… But when is going to come? [doorbell rings] Here she is. Yay! Wassup? Hey! What’s up? Here I am. Hey, take out the mobile first. Greetings, Grandma! No! Oh my God! Done with the show of culture? Yes. Take out my mobile. I want to click a selfie and send it on my WhatsApp group. Come, come! I will put a story on Instagram and tag you. Yes! Post! Stories! Hash-tag!
– She is just going on! Instagram! Let me go on! Facebook! Let her go on! Aai, Aaichi Aai (Grandma) and Bappa Scene this year… worth hearing! Come on! Be quick. Just wait. Let me do it my way. Let me first count these bunts. What is the plan for decoration, this year? What decor will you be making? Aai, this year, there is no decor, There is only big talk. Ani will be suggesting various ideas in that display. We will make him stand here and he will go on suggesting ideas. Wow! This is such a unique and wonderful idea! See..here will be the display and he will stand next to it. And he will explain the display. We say that we have to follow
Lord Vitthala in our daily routine. I mean Lord Ganesha here. Great! It is a brilliant idea. It is much brilliant than whatever
he has suggested till date. Exactly! But nobody understands what I mean. Granny, it’s only you who understands me so well. The display will be such that one should see it, experience it and enjoy it fully. One such splendid display! Though the priest may not at work,
Pitambari makes the things work. Aunty, I have brought a coconut. Oh! Greetings, Grandma! Oh! Guruji (the priest), why are you here today? And that too, wearing a pant and shirt? Tomorrow is Ganesh Chaturthi! Please come tomorrow. Grandma I am not the priest. Aai, forget about today, priest isn’t available even tomorrow. I am really worried about Ganesha’s worship. You need not worry when I am there around. Though Guruji may not be available,
Pitambari is there to take care. Pitambari app is available to help us worship Lord. How to prepare for worship and how to worship is explained well in Pitambari app and that too in priest’s voice. See. [priest’s prerecorded voice explaining how to worship Lord.] Wow! Nice it is. One can understand easily as they are explaining it slowly. Exactly. Last time I couldn’t understand what the priest
who came during Satyanarayan was saying. At one point, I felt he was singing a rap
from Gully Boy [Bollywood movie]. Yes, once he actually sang the punch line of a song from that movie. I heard him singing it. This app doesn’t have such mistakes. The method of worship is well-explained in it. They have explained even how to do the preparations for worship. Great, Granny! Now no need to worry about tomorrow. So you are not the priest. Then? What are you? Aai, he is Babu. He is Jui’s… Babu… Why are ashamed of calling him her boyfriend? Am I going to have a boyfriend at this age? Obviously, he is her boyfriend. Granny, we seek your blessings. So you are my grand-boyfriend! Grand! If that is the logic behind, then he is also a house-boyfriend. Is it?
– Most of the times you may find him here. What?! Your enemy’s enemy is your friend. Rotis, veggies and masalebhat is ready. Modaks are in the cooker. Only the salad is to be prepared. Let me prepare it. Let it be. Jui, get these carrots chopped with the food processor for Grandma. I will do it myself. You won’t get the technique. Why? Will I not be able to do what you do? I have cleaned your bum in your childhood. Now I understand. It is hereditary to make someone listen that you have cleaned their bums. Aai, Lord Ganesha has come to our home. And please don’t say it in front of kids. Granny, you please continue. You should know know it feels to hear it, Yes. Let’s mention everything today. Bums cleaned, castor oil force-fed to clean our bowels… Let’s have an in-depth discussion on it.
-Ani! Science is in the genes. Babu! You brat! It is to be offered to Lord Ganesha. Red flowers, bunches of Bahama grass, garlands are ready. Now that everything is done, let me prepare wicks. What does it mean by “preparing wicks?” Wicks are to be twisted. On should call it as “twisting wicks.” There is a science behind it. Wow! Granny you also have your own science? Of course! It means that is also in the genes. Babu, I also want to say it. Go on! There is a science behind it. Granny, your family has such a scientific temperament. Everybody has his/her own science. Looking at this Ramdasi (follower of Saint Samarth Ramdas) I remember my Uncle. Why? He also didn’t used to bathe? No dear! Even he had a beard. Villagers, out of respect, used to call him “Samarth” (able). Okay. So there just a difference of “A”. People here, call him “Asamarth” (unable). Unable to bathe. What?! Ani, the bahama grass shouldn’t be offered in this manner. Its stalk should be towards Lord. Why? What do you mean by “why”? There is a science behind it. Dear, the count of Bahama grass to be offered
should always be 3, 7 or 21. That is an odd number. Bahama grass attracts the element of Lord Ganesha. When we offer it to Lord with its blade towards us
and stalk towards him, the element of Lord Ganesh is projected towards us. Got it? Kind of… Sort of…I have understood this. Attraction and projection… …is happening simultaneously. Aai, even I wasn’t aware of it! I even don’t remember you explaining it to me in my childhood. Dear, even I wasn’t aware of it! I read it just today on Pitambari Ganeshpooja app. Aai, you copied it? Yes! Everything is for Modak (dessert) Ani, come to recite aarti (hymns recited to adore God). Will be there in 5 minutes. Jui, come to recite aarati. Aai, I will be there in couple of minutes. Ani, Jui come for aarti right away. Coming! Hell with you. See Aai, everyday I have recite aarti all alone. You used to trouble me. They are troubling you! Let’s start aarti. Wait! Ani! Jui!
-Yes. Don’t you want Modak? Come soon. Yes. Where are Modak? First aarti… then Modak! A play this year. Big brother! What’s going on here? He is practicing his dialogues from the play to be performed today. So our Nasiruddin Saha is participating is a play. Granny, you think my performance is like Nasiruddin Shah (Veteran Bollywood actor)? It’s no so, dear! Do you remember the play “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs” you participated in? You had played the role of the sixth dwarf in it. Then that another play “Ali Baba and Forty Thieves”. You the sixth thief out of forty. So we used call you Saha (Six). Nasiruddin Saha! Okay. Which play you are participating in, this year? Mahabharat. Thank God. There are just five Pandavas in it. Yeah! No I am one of the Kauravas. The sixth one! The sixth Kaurava! Ganapati Bappa Moraya!
(Hail Lord Ganesha!) (Babu recites aarati of Lord Ganesha) Wow, Babu! How come you have learned aartis by-heart? He uses Pitambari Ganeshpooja app. Do you know that all aartis ae available on it? The link to the app has been given in the comments section. Do download the app from Google Play Store, because…. There is a science behind it. Yes! Also, do use other world famous products of Pitambari such as Pitambari Shining Powder, Ruchiyana Jaggery Powder and Devbhakti essence sticks. Do share your feedback on today’s episode in the comment section. Do like this video and subscribe our channel because it is for free! Do follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Do watch our videos there. Do write a testimonial for us on Orkut. Do email us. Do send me a telegram in the morning. Do send us a post card. I will give you a pager number, do message me on pager. We will keep meeting as I stay nearby. Do visit… their home. I will see you there. Good bye!

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