Acid Attack Victim Finds Love With Fellow Campaigner

COMM: 24-year-old Laxmi has overcome the odds to rebuild her life, following a devastating
acid attack. Laxmi was just 15 when she spurned the marriage proposal of a thirty-two year
old man, who took revenge by destroying her looks. COMM: Despite suffering devastating injuries, Laxmi has now found love with fellow acid
attack campaigner Alok Dixit. COMM: A bright young student, Laxmi’s life changed forever during a shopping trip in 2005. In
front of horrified shoppers in broad daylight, the man she had rejected and his accomplice
set upon Laxmi. COMM: The burns across Laxmi’s body and face caused not only physical scars but mental
trauma too. Ashamed of her appearance she refused to leave the house. Her assailants
were imprisoned for ten and seven years. But for Laxmi the results of the attack were a
life sentence. COMM: But Laxmi’s fortunes changed when she met Alok in 2013 through their work campaigning
against the rising tide of violence against women. COMM: The couple have now united to try and stoop acid attacks for good through their
dedicated charity.

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