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Since you all are thorough with
inverse trigonometric functions, Let’s have the test on
differential equations, from the 1st term. Anyway, things don’t go
the way we plan.. It was the way I planned,
you idiot! As usual, we’re gonna score ‘0’! Ask her to postpone the test! Miss! Somebody from this class
stole my maths notebook. That’s why, both of us
couldn’t study at all. Shall we postpone the test? Sit down, you! Note down the questions! You got a pen? I don’t! I saw you got 2 pens!
– It doesn’t work! What happened to you? Nothing! What are you pondering? Know anything? Anandu.. Leave a gap while writing! There’s already enough gap
between us! Show it to me! I studied hard
not to show you the answers! Balu.. Please show me the answers..
I don’t know a thing! Miss! Unni is disturbing me! Unni! What’s going on? I got 2 pens. So I was asking him
if he needs one. Shall I send you to the principal?
– What for? Be quiet and write, then. Shall I suggest a nice idea? Shall we steal the answer papers
during lunch break? That’s nice. Shall we? ‘Thief’ is the only name
left for us to get now! Out here with such cheap numbers! Silence! Miss! Well, there’s a notice! God! Let it be about
the principal getting an attack! Bug off, idiot! A peon in uniform? Right.. Oh! You’re the new admission?
– Right.. Come on in. A student? Students, this is Salwar Hussain.
He’s the new admission to our class. I got one more food buddy.
Let him sit here! Buddy, he’s coming here.
At any cost, let him not sit here! Last bench.. is our own! Act sturdy! We shouldn’t let him grow! Let me bully him gently! Where’s your home? Huh? Tell me your place,
brother.. I’ve seen you somewhere.
You live nearby? Yeah, it’s around here. That’s the reason!
He lives around here! There are 5 questions,
solve them. And if I see anyone cheating,
straight to the principal’s room. Got it? Since when are you
growing it? Around 3 years. October, November, December.. You’re growing it since
9th grade, isn’t it? It’s my 3rd year in 12th! So, what does your wife do?
– Huh? Buddy, I got into trouble!
Principal caught me! I got straight into his hands! But he’s at 2nd floor!
What business have you got there? Well, I was at the staff room
to steal the maths paper. Oh! Deception! You wanted to do it alone, right?
Deal with it! Why do you say so, buddy?
Wouldn’t I steal yours as well? He caught mine too? He didn’t catch me for that! I went inside the staff room
without anyone seeing. As I was reaching the papers,
I felt a poke from behind. It was him! He hates me to the core! Since he didn’t get any other reason,
he asked me to shave and come! I’ve struggled hard
to grow my beard! It’s a beard, after all!
It’ll grow back! You can say so.
Your beard grows well. You don’t know the hardships
behind this. My family has a history of
not having moustache connection! Let’s search my maths notebook! To hell with your book!
I’m worried about my beard! Principal has asked me to
enter the class only after shaving! I don’t have enough attendance too!
Such nasty rules! Attend classes for attendance!
Write exams only if you have attendance! She didn’t keep the test based on
the portions she asked us to study. Right? Yes! Such dishonest teachers! Shall we call in a strike
against the teacher? Then, we can leave early,
have food and sleep! How’s it? Three of us?
Strike? Legit! Give me a biscuit!
– Me too! No! Eat it and die, then! I won’t give, even if I die! No need of friendships
in which biscuits are shared! Lunatic! Hey, Unni! Did you see my maths notebook? Your maths notebook?
– Right! Wasn’t that his notebook urinating
inside the loo, with its cover down? There was a lunch box as well.
They’d be near the pipe. Hey! Tell me if you saw it!
Don’t talk rubbish! What else? Losing your things
and then coming to us? Other day, he came to me
saying he lost his protractor! Why, buddy?
You ought to be careful! Hey, man!
– Hey, new comer! When someone says
something serious, Don’t ridicule it! All set? Go on, then! Come on! Let’s get a shaving set! I can’t! Go yourself! I’ll come!
– You come then, brother! Why is your hair like springs? Did you submit the biology record? No! Are you not submitting it? I don’t know! What’s happened to you?
Your face is all puffed up since morning! My face is like this!
Got a problem? Damn! What did I do? Forget it! Tell me what it is! I already know,
that you got an eye on him! On whom?
– Anandu! Wow! A piece worth setting an eye on! Then why did you unnecessarily
go to him asking doubts? Didn’t you tell me yesterday
that you’ve studied everything? I asked doubts? He was the one who pulled me over
and cleared his doubts for me! Did he tell you that
I asked him doubts? He would never lie to me! Trust me! Hey! There’s something coming for you!
– No way! I’ll submit this today! Not that! They’re fighting
on your name! Oh no! The issue from the morning! Get up! Let’s ask him right away! Come on! Buddies! Get along with me!
Please! When they come,
just support me! Sure thing! Hey, Anandu! Was I the one who asked you
doubts in the morning? Well.. When I asked you,
you asked me.. that why am I asking.. Then I didn’t ask anything
to you! Who asked whom?
Say clearly! I.. You, to me.
– Huh? Me, to you.. Heard that?
Clear? I drew all these.
Only diagram marking is pending now.. Hey, don’t get angry on him. He did it because
we asked him to. Right? Yes. What? Has she left? She’s maths teacher’s aide! She’s getting private tuitions
from her, too. Since there’s a test today,
she’d know at least 2 questions. Right? So?
– So what? So that we could make only specific
cheat sheets! Not the entire chapter! If I try asking her instead, Would she tell me?
I’m a bad student! Since he’s studious,
we sent him instead! But we didn’t expect it
to turn out so worse! Couldn’t you have
told this earlier? Idiot! But they told me just now!
– Huh? No! Does he have to tell this
for you to realize? Don’t hide anything from now on! Shall I go then?
– Where to? To explain some formula
to Stella. Stella’s company is good. But Divya, she’s a sly one! Sorry..
– It’s okay! Hey! Buddies.. I’ll never forget this support! You shouldn’t! Head to the store! Get 2 physics records.
Write our names, and start drawing! But.. I asked only for support.. I didn’t promise to draw.. Didn’t you?
– No.. Chinju..
– No! Dear Balagolapan!
Let me go! You study then! Playing with us! My hand is ruined! Hey!
– What? I just remembered something. Hadn’t you promised to buy me
a Sharjah shake? Forgot it? Always thinking about food?
You eating giant! My hand has turned to slime
by his pressing! And you’re concerned about
Sharjah shake! You just ate a bin of rice! And a pack of biscuit
on top of that! Always eating! Eating! Sin2 theta + Cos2 theta..
– Hey! Give him some theta (Food)!
Let him eat! To hell with him! Unni! Idiot!
I’ll show you! Stop! I gotta tell you something! What’s it? I know who took your maths notebook!

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