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The American Society of Cinematographers has responded to the Academy’s decision to present the award for best cinematography, film editing, live-action shorts and makeup and hairstyling during the commercial breaks of the telecast. And, understandably, they are not happy. The organizations president Kees van Oostrum sent a letter to his 380 members in which he said, “we cannot quietly condone this decision without protest.” In his letter, van Oostrum argued, The news was announced Monday by Academy president John Bailey, who belongs to the cinematographers branch and is an ASC member, in an email which detailed how this years show would run. Bailey emphasized that the Academy is “still honoring the achievements of all 24 awards on the Oscars.” In the case of the four categories that will be announced during commercial breaks, the winners’ speeches will air later in the broadcast, he said. The plans call for there to be a rotation each year, meaning that at least four different categories would use this format in 2020. The Academy did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Meanwhile, multiple sources have told ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ that the cinematographers branch volunteered to be among the categories that will be presented this year during the commercial breaks. However, Speaking with ‘THR’ on Monday, van Oostrum, who is also an Academy member, called it “unfortunate that the Academy was forced to do this,” but added that “I don’t think [Bailey] had a choice” due to pressure to shorten the Oscars broadcast. Also on Monday, ‘Roma’s’ Alfonso Cuaron, who is nominated this year in the cinematography category, added his thoughts, tweeting, “In the history of CINEMA, masterpieces have existed without sound, without color, without a story, without actors and without music. No one single film has ever existed without CINEMAtography and without editing.” Meanwhile, IATSE international president Matthew D. Loeb lambasted the decision in a letter which read, in part: To read more on this story, head to For The Hollywood Reporter News, I’m Lyndsey Rodrigues.

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