Andy Marcus Shares 5 Quick Tips About Wedding Photography Preparation

– I’m Andy Marcus. I’m the president of
Fred Marcus Photography. We’re a wedding studio
located in New York City. So today I thought I’d talk to you about five quick tips on how to
prepare for a wedding shoot. (upbeat music) I think the first thing that one has to do is make sure your equipment is in order, that you have everything
you need for the shoot. Usually I like to bring backup of the most important equipment, such as cameras, my most used lens, extra cards for my camera. The preparation is
really only five percent of what you have to do to
be ready for a wedding, but it is a very important one. (upbeat music) I think what sets our studio apart from a lot of photographers is the dress. We like to come dressed the way the guests are dressed at a wedding so if it is a black tie party that we’re going to be photographing, we wanna come in black tie. If there is a more casual business attire type of affair we like to come dressed as appropriate for that particular wedding. I think we book a lot of parties just on the way we come dressed so it’s important, the
look of the photographer, very important. (upbeat music) Point number three, I
think really important, is the preparation prior to the wedding as to what you’re going
to be photographing. So as long as you have a plan, things will go very smoothly. We like to find out all the
details as far as family, who’s important, any people traveling from out of the country. Important photographs for
both the bride and groom, but also the parents because we’re looking for them to purchase an
album with us as well. So if you have great shots
with them and their friends, that works really well. I always tell people that of the 250 of the 300 guests of
people, the have to’s, people that they had to invite, and there are 50 of the really most important people. Those are the ones that
I wanna focus in on and if you don’t know who they are, it’s very hard to focus
in on those people. (upbeat music) Tip number four is
knowing of all the events happening that day, what’s important. Obviously depending on
the type of wedding it is, is it a Jewish wedding, Indian wedding, a Catholic wedding, different traditions. You wanna make sure you have all the important moments during a ceremony and then during the event itself. Having a conversation possibly with the band leader for
the party part of it, discussing with the officiant if there are any moments that are special during the ceremony. (upbeat music) Tip number five is have a good system for backup of your photographs. There are tons of ways you can do this. It is a very important thing to do right at the wedding and not to wait until you get home and realize that you dropped or lost a CF card or a SD card. As I shoot I back them up on what they call a Nexto drive and it’s a hard drive with a, you know, CF in my case, CF slot in it. It’s a very important thing. Obviously these are most important moments in a family’s life, certainly the bride and grooms life, and any loss of images would be kinda catastrophic to your business. So it’s really an important tip to make sure you back up, whether it’s on a computer
or on a hard drive or however you do it and have at least one back up before you walk out of the venue. (upbeat music)

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