Are photo books a good investment? || Buying one in Lisbon, Portugal

This was a very nice view, man. Awesome! So long Airbnb So damn hot All right, Lisbon, here we go Just made it to Lisbon, this is the hotel where Rachel has been staying the whole week. She’s here for work She’s here for a conference, the conference ends today. And that’s why I’m here, because tomorrow we are leaving for Spain It’s already 3 p.m I am gonna be on my own the rest of the day because she has some work to do today and she has plans for dinner so I’m not really sure what to do. I don’t think I’m gonna be doing any photography so probably just chill for a while here and then go for a walk and then try to find a place for dinner for one… Yeah Something like that These are pretty amazing, so I’ve been looking at this magazine, it’s a special edition from Time. It’s the 100 photographs… the most influential 100 photographs of all time. By the way, my mother-in-law sent this from the States. Thank you so much. I love it It has your usual suspects like that one from Koudelka, that one is pretty powerful, too And yeah, most of them are from wars and events like that, like that one Tiananmen Square, they are very powerful and some of them are crazy shots they have some regular shots, like that one from Let’s see if I can say it, Henri Cartier-Bresson. The cool thing about this magazine is that it has a little bit of a story about the photos. For example, I didn’t know, this photo was after World War II these two didn’t know each other and I had no idea I thought that it was like, you know a boyfriend coming to the girlfriend after the war they didn’t know each other and that’s pretty cool. Anyway, looking at those photos made me miss my photo books that I have in the States. I don’t have a big collection I only have like 5 or 6 but I love every single one of them. Not too long ago, I wasn’t sure if photo books were worth it After all, we have internet and we can look at photos from our favorite photographers at any time And actually, I have in my notes app, I have a notebook with a bunch of photographers that I love and I have some of their photos here, some of their quotes too Like for example these ones from Michael Kenna, what else do I have here? I have Bill Brandt I have a bunch of quotes from interviews with him, and I like to sometimes look at them before going out to take some photos just to get inspired so one might think Why do you need a photo book if you can access all those photos and all that information from your phone? I believe that photography is much more than a bunch of photos put together randomly. Every book has a lot of work behind it and there is a reason why that photo is on page number 5 And there is a reason why that photo is not even on that book It is very hard to tell a story with just one image, and even though we just saw some examples on that magazine those are very specific because as I said They are images made on wars and very specific events So we all know the context for those images There is another way for photographers to tell compelling stories and that is a collection of images. It could be a zine, it could be a book, or it could be just a collage. And that’s what I love about books, there’s someone else’s mind behind them There is a reason why they were put together that way: to tell a story. Sometimes it’s the photographer themselves Sometimes it’s someone else, but it doesn’t matter the important thing here is that someone put some thought onto that. And that is much more than I can say about my little notebook in the notes app or whatever I can find from a random search in Google So how come if I believe all of this that I’m saying, I don’t have more photo books? Well, if the reason is very simple, look where I am I’m in a hotel, we travel a lot and books are usually big and heavy not to forget that they are very expensive but after looking at those images I really want to have a few books here that I can bring with me on trips across Europe and that I can leave at my parents when we are traveling in the US or somewhere else Since I’m in Lisbon, It shouldn’t be too hard to find bookstores around here. livraria, okay, there are quite a few around here So I will have to do some research to figure out which ones have photo books and then I’m gonna go for a walk That’s what I’m gonna be doing today. I’m gonna buy one photo book Someone who just came to mind is Sebastião Salgado, Sebastian Salgado in English I guess. I know, he’s Brazilian but he speaks Portugues Even though he’s a photographer His books might not have a lot of text. But if they do, it’s gonna be in Portuguese at least the original edition So they might have some of those books around here. I’m gonna look for that. He’s not my favorite photographer I don’t love his style, but I wouldn’t mind buying one I had to stop for some chestnuts because these are the best things ever and I hadn’t eating anything today Oh my god those chestnuts were unreal I’ve asked on Instagram if anyone knew of a good store to buy photo books here in Lisbon and 35mmfilmroll recommended FNAC, so that’s where I’m going Books, regular books, books, regular books I meant to finish this video from Lisbon, but that night I had a little bit too much fun and the next morning was pretty much the opposite of fun So really quick I just wanted to finish my random thoughts about photo books and if they are worth it nowadays or not This is the book that I ended up purchasing there in Lisbon, it’s called Genesis by Sebastião Salgado. I believe this is his latest book. It was released 5 years ago It’s pretty big and thick. I will be doing a proper review, I’ve never done a review of a book, but I will try to make a different video just talking about this book because there is amazing work in here. Going through the images of this book confirmed what I thought, and it’s that a photo book is an incredible tool to see or to look into the thought process of the photographer. Well in this case, this is the result of an 8-year-long project from Sebastião Salgado and his wife, both of them selected the images and edited the images. This was very well thought out, the whole thing. And this is what I meant at the beginning of this video That’s what you can get from photo books. The whole idea behind getting out there and going to all these places and making all these images there is an idea, there is a goal in mind and that’s what the photographer is trying to do here with photo book, and that’s something that you don’t get looking at just these same images on the internet, because they are not arranged the same way You are never gonna find the same set of images They are not gonna be next to each other the same way that they are here So yeah, I’d argue that photo books in that sense they are very, very valuable and also because you know, it’s not the same to see these pictures They are kind of big This book is big So it’s not the same to look at the pictures at this size than on your phone or even your tablet So in that sense, yes, they are very, very worth it Now, many people say that books are a great investment and it’s better to spend money on books and not on camera gear I understand where they are coming from, and I agree with them to a point You need camera gear to make images. You need a camera, you need lenses But if your camera gear is just fine and the only thing that you’re lacking is some motivation or inspiration then a photo book can help a lot. I believe though, that the best way to spend your money to improve your photography is on travel, just go somewhere new, somewhere you haven’t been before It’s what inspires me the most, and I believe most people so I would recommend you that if you already have… you first need a camera and a lens, if you don’t have it buy that first once you have your camera and your lens, just go places start around your home but then go places, go farther, because that will inspire you a lot and keep on your phone some photos from photographers that you find inspiring photographers that you admire, and just look at them every once in a while. If you have money to spare then buy photo books. Keep a small collection at first if you want I’d rather have a small collection of books that I really, really enjoy than having a bunch of books that I don’t really like. So yeah, I think that’s all for today I would love to know your opinion about photo books Do you think they are worth it today? Or do you think that is just better to save the money for trips or for camera gear and look at the photos online? Do you have a lot of photo books? Do you have a big collection? Do you have a small collection? What photo books do you recommend? All of that. Please leave a comment down below with your opinion I really, really appreciate when you guys leave comments Because you know, I feel like someone is watching and it feels amazing. Thank you so much for watching. See you in the next one

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