Are You Going and Going?

So you said something the other day
that was kind of fascinating had me thinking a little bit differently than I
have typically have been thinking. You said we were talking about what we’re
doing and planning and going forward in some of these conferences we’ve got and
travel and and things like that and in the course of that you said “well
maybe we’ve arrived”. Yes. And it was an interesting comment because what it
pointed out to me in a way is and I’m assuming many other people who are in
this similar place is we just keep going. You know it’s like the next thing the
next thing the next thing. And sometimes we don’t stop to assess where we are in
relationship to where we want to be. And so your comment was really interesting
because we were talking about the context of retirement and I don’t
understand that word. It doesn’t fit in my reality. But in the context of people
retiring and where are they when they arrive at their retirement we’re at a
place we’re at our age we’ve had numbers of goals and set things in motion and
really have had kind of a great adventure in a lot of ways. And yet the
conversation was let’s how do we do this how do we do that you know we’re going
to do some traveling. And you said well maybe we should look at it as if we have
arrived. And I thought that was really an interesting concept. So what it really
says is here I am. I have arrived. I’m right here. I exist right here. But in the
context of that many people in in in that piece for me
I was moving forward I was kind of saying well we need to or here’s a we
have to kind of take a look at how we’re living in the next
ten years five years. But I I suspect probably many other people have never
assessed I have arrived right here and where am I in relationship to my
goals and my desires and things like that.
And in our case I realize well we have actually accomplished much of what we
said in motion but I was not recognizing it as
accomplishment. And I think I’ve arrived doesn’t mean
I’m finished. Or I’m successful. Right. It just simply says I’ve arrived right here
and in right here how do I assess where I am? And and and in some cases where we were
talking about doing some things we have in fact arrived at that objective that
we were talking about. And in a way everything that I was talking about was
work. It was like oh let’s -right -keep going and do we need to accomplish this? And it was
really actually very relieving as like gee I can sit back and not have to do
because we’ve already accomplished or we’ve succeeded or satisfied a particular circumstance. For me it was kind of a exhale. A relief sort of and it was an
appreciation for what we’ve done in our lives. And I and I don’t think people in
general us especially take the time to evaluate where I am what I’ve a- what I’ve
accomplished and if where I’m living right now is actually my present time
goals. Maybe they were goals ten years ago but and they brought me to this
arrival spot. Pausing I think and reevaluating is that still my goal. Right.
It’s real important. Yeah and it’s not about am I successful that I succeed. It
really gives you a reference point to simply say okay here I am
what can I do? In in some cases and I’ve had this conversation with many people
but I haven’t put in this context people have accomplished
their goals they’re still going after the goals and sometimes they are feeling
frustrated because they’re working so hard. But in fact they’ve accomplished
what they set out to accomplish but haven’t really said am I satisfied.
There’s another part of that where we very seldom celebrate. Yeah. You know you
do things all day long and you accomplish what you set out to do all
day long whether it’s wash the dishes. But very seldom do we stop and say oh
good job I’ve successfully washed the dishes. And it’s a silly little game and
I played it often at different points of my life but walk around and say good job
I’m successful and do the next thing good job I’m successful. It actually
creates both an amusement and a rush of endorphins in the body that says I am
successful and we’re successful all day long far far more than we are incomplete.
And I think recognizing the tiny successes kind of opens the door for the
bigger success -sure -successes -sure. And we’re having those bigger successes we just
don’t we people just don’t recognize it. We’re so moving forward that we’re on
this got to do this thing. If we consider oh pause where am I oh look what I’ve
accomplished to some degree I’ve arrived and I’ve achieved my my wantings. Yeah
yeah -goals -and it and I think the point though is being in present time here I am
and assessing and and assessing as some of these things have worked some of
these things have not worked but do I need to keep doing some of these things?
Or am I really okay just simply recognizing in some cases I’ve been
doing this and it doesn’t support me or it doesn’t isn’t necessary anymore. And I
can let it go. Yeah. But that moment of assessing
and looking at it from well I’ve arrived right here here I am right here. How do I
go about assessing where do I go? A lot has changed in people’s realities and
much of the changing is not at their doing the the economy shifts or the
politic shift or the company moves or whatever it is.
And we take some of those things as I have a problem. Right. Well maybe if you assess
right at that same place do I need this can I adjust this instead of keep
pushing forward can I move around this and I don’t I don’t I know I don’t I do
and I don’t do that in some ways. But that comment how I’ve
arrived gave me pause in our case where we’ve been successful in many many cases.
It gave me room to simply accept the success and not have to keep going at
that project and whatever it may be. Mm-hmm. And that was actually a very
freeing construct to now say okay what do I want to do -yeah. In a way were its
well is what I want to do is this but I have to do this I let go of the but.
That’s that’s the piece I was just going to comment on that we people might have a
tendency to say I’ve arrived but I haven’t I’m still not a millionaire I’m
still not rich and famous I’m but but but and I think that really destroys the
appreciation of what you have accomplished in that pause. You know and
there’s another piece of this a lot of what I’m supposed to be accomplishing
isn’t you’re supposed to. And so in this I’ve here I am what am I about allows me
to really in all the tools of Mastering Alchemy give you room to pause and
assess and recognize that gee still I was I’ve been doing this and it’s not my
wanting. Yeah. There’s a whole piece I’m watching a
kind of a veneer a layer that is beginning to remove itself or come to
the surface and I’m watching people in general people walking around on the
street pushing really hard to accomplish to succeed to do and it’s not their
doing. Yeah. And yet it’s what I’m supposed to do the world says the culture says the
society says my mom dad says. But in this place of here I am you’re really taking
a good look at that because the world is about to go through some relatively
significant changes in the next five seven years.Yeah. And if you’re holding
yourself accountable to and your success or failure is based on
supposed to the odds are you’re you’re creating some disturbance in your
reality that is not a necessary disturbance. Another piece that we can
talk about maybe tomorrow or next week is along that line is when you pause and
you say I’ve arrived and then what I did is I looked around my life and
discovered there’s so much stuff that is no longer -oh yeah -present time and so next week
let’s talk about stuff . And how it affects you maybe and what we’ve been
doing around our stuff. Yeah yeah and stuff is well that’ll be fun because
I’ve been looking at this shirt that I bought once I have never worn the shirt
I liked the shirt. But it I’ve never worn it. Yeah. It just hangs in my closet I
bet it’s been hanging in my closet six seven eight years. Oh my gosh. I’ve
probably never seen it. I have never worn it. I’ve never worn it. I don’t think of
everyone. Yeah let’s do that next week let’s talk about stuff. So kind of take a look at I’m here I’m fine
and how do I take a look at what’s going on with myself I’ve arrived. I’ve arrived. So I’m here. So.
Good one. Okay fun.

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  • Ahhh it was really a bad night yesterday 🙆finally feels like yeah yeah 😄with masters its alwys yeah good..☺😁 and i guess i really dnt have to do anything lol 😃 bt i dnt like washing cloths thats for sure😆

  • Thanks for the reminder. Actually I have ponder over this too. Often after people have arrived to whatever goal they have been focused on to achieve experience a sensation of emptiness and almost immediately begin to plan or focus on the next 'goal'. We seldom allow ourselves to enjoy the feeling of arrival. The feeling of Beingness inbetween all the going and doing..If this make sense?

  • slowing down and removing all overt and covert addictions

  • Many thanks,I love these chats. Just what I needed to hear today.

  • What's happening with the comments? There were 6 of them and 4 of them have disappeared, including one of mine!

  • Yes, yes, the last few days much crying – and I heard/felt a similar vibe in another talk. So thank you for that, I am also in the middle of Re-visiting, or re-assessing my present Moment; and I did not celebrate my previous "stuff" :); I have done some of that "patting of my back" off and on –
    Must acknowledge ME, celebrate ME more. Thank you both Tim- Blessings, One Love.

  • Perfect for where I find myself right now. I am living my days exactly as I want and really grateful for that, but it is the perfect foundation for what I choose to do and be next, knowing that life moves me forward to whatever is next.

  • Wonderful “appreciation” talk. Great reflection on the NOW and being present with what is!

  • Hello dear Both Jim and Roxanne<3 ..yes yes..Been in appreciation for all the years in MA,pausing in myself and Bringing much into form**Appreciation is Golden..Im arrived and now redeciding.Very beautiful *Thank You

  • For me it felt like I gave Myself permission to decompress and breathe.Thank you both for this, Blessings.

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