Arsenal Camera Assistant Unboxing (2018)

Hello there my name is Tom Crandall from
Gear Mashers ( and today we got an amazing product in it’s called the Arsenal in.
It’s a camera accessory that helps you take better pictures. It allows you to
do time lapses allows you to stack photos on top of each other for really
high definition photos it allows you to do auto focus stacking so you can take
multiple pictures different focus points and stack those together it acts as a
controller so you can there’s an app for it
it allows you to control your camera through the app it also allows you to
share a picture so it’s really cool so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take
a look to see what’s inside the box and hopefully this will give you an idea
especially for those Kickstarter folks what you’re gonna be getting so the
first thing is obviously the box looks really nice so it’s a black box with
some I guess what’s sea foam or whatever and then the white lettering
um the products made it looks like it’s made in China at least the box was so
you’re gonna get two cables and then you’re going to get the Arsenal unit and
you’re also gonna get a wall charger so let’s take the box open it up and so
they have a little thanks for choosing Arsenal and you’re gonna be able to go
to with Arsenal slash start and that will help you set up your Arsenal unit
they also included a three month free trial to this 500px
haven’t used that website but it’s 500px comm and they give you a promo code and
so you can use that as well so the actual Arsenal unit itself looks like
this pretty small and so what you can do is you can put it on top of your camera
so I have my hot shoe up here and I just slide it in no problem there
looks sort of nice now usually when I’m shooting I’ll have my microphone sitting
up here so I’ll probably have to have something rigged up so I can move the
Arsenal over if I if I want to have my microphone on there as well so inside
the box you have a wall charger and then you have two
cords one cords for charging the unit and then the other cord is to connect
the unit to your camera so here’s the cord that connects to your camera and
works pretty easily so what you do is you figure out which side here connects
to the arsenal’ looks like this top one here and Lighting’s a little tough to
see it let’s see if I can connect it in here so that connects like that and then
down here you just connect it and so this is what its gonna look like on your
camera pretty nice the other side is for charging so you can have your USB charge
port or charge cord going into here one thing I did notice is they move the
power on button over to the right because early on they had it sort of
maybe offset to the left a little bit that’s the only thing I can think of I
charged mine so the way it works is you press it on and you should see the
little blue bar light up here and that lets you know that the the units on and
there’s a little it’s you can’t really see it but there’s a little green
indicator light as well that lets you know that it’s powered on and then to
power it off you simply press it again the the blue light comes on and then it
will turn off and then the unit turns off so in order to use a Arsenal what
you need to use is an arsenal app so if you go to the app store if you have an
iPhone what you’re going to be looking for is Arsenal remote and then in order
to get everything set up the first time at least you download the app and then
you’re going to be turning this on and it’s going to be communicating with the
app to upload any firmware updates that need to be uploaded and I think pretty
much everybody when they get these units and let’s say install them with the
latest and greatest firmware they’re gonna have to do a firmware update it
takes about 20 minutes maybe a little bit more to get everything set up and
then once it’s set up you should be able to communicate with your phone with the
unit and then start having fun with it what
I’m sort of excited about and I’ll be testing this probably next book week or
so is the photo stacking I used to be into doing real estate photography and I
always like to do photo sacking I thought that was pretty cool so I’ll be
using that functionality they also have auto focus stacking which I think’s
pretty cool as well not exactly sure how that’s going to turn out but I’m excited
to try that I haven’t really been into time lapses but this unit will do time
lapses the other really cool feature that it will also do is you’ll be able
to share photos easily from your camera over to your phone and then you can
upload them an Instagram or Facebook or you know whatever photo sharing services
you like to use and I think that’s pretty much it again I really don’t know
the unit that well yet but as I start getting to use it I’ll be posting both
to the website and also be having videos on YouTube so
please subscribe to the YouTube channel and that way anytime I come out with a
new video you’ll at least see that in your history and then you know I could
always use subscribers I don’t have a lot of subscribers yet on my YouTube
I’ve been focusing solely on the website so it would be great to get some new
subscribers as well so anyway if you have any questions you know I’m gonna
try to answer them just please comment and that’s about it thank you so much
and have a great day

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  • Thank you for the unboxing thoughts

  • Greats thanks for unboxing but …. More than one year after project launching, you are the first and only one who officially touched the product. Thousands of customers are waiting but nobody knows if the product really works

  • Here are a few things I didn't mention in the video

    The Arsenal doesn't come with a protective case. I thought that would be a nice touch. I did mention that to the company.

    The led lights on the top of the unit are rather small and are a little tough to see in bright sunlight.

    I did have a little difficulty plugging in the Arsenal/camera cord because both ends of the Sony cord looked the same, so it was hard to tell which went where. I mentioned that it would be cool to have different colored ends, so you knew which cord plugged into the camera vs the Arsenal. I will probably paint or somehow mark the two ends so I know which goes to the camera and which goes to the Arsenal.

  • Mahalo for the unbox and review. I cant wait to take a few days to try out the features.

  • The roll out keeps getting delayed. Wonder whether this is a real scam. Millions have been subscribed to this product. Have been watching for a comsumer to post something about using it. Could be vapour ware………

  • So positive to finally see an unboxing. I'll share this video on the Facebook group. Lots of people waiting to see.
    Is it possible to see long exposure, what are the differences in using an 6/10/15 stop ND filter and using the Arsenal software??
    Many Thanks

  • Finally, have you been able to get , touch or see a final usable product ? Thousands people rest in hope to see it one day. This could be vapourware as Trev White said ….

  • Will this serve better than a intervolameter? Sounds quite tempting

  • Since there has been literally nobody else to post a video about arsenal, I think everyone is waiting on you to put out a review video. Hope you can make it happen!

  • I have been waiting to test the Arsenal with my A7iii and haven't been able to test it yet due to Arsenal software issues. I was able to borrow a Nikon camera from Precision Camera and test the Arsenal, but most of the cool Arsenal functionality that was supposed to work, didn't, so my testing pretty much ended with not much to show.

    I am currently in a holding pattern until the Arsenal team resolves the A7iii issues, which would then allow me to continue testing.

    The Arsenal team has been working on bug fixes and new updates are being pushed on a weekly basis.

    For those that backed the Kickstarter, shipments of the Arsenal units have been slowed down so that the company can get a handle on the various bugs people are finding.

  • All of us that pre ordered and paid early will get it when it when they just sell it to everyone.. so much for the couple months in advance.. thinking of cancelling, their service sucks!

  • If image stacking didn't work and time lapse didn't work, what did work when you got the device?

  • I preordered this around April and my batch will be in September I think, as someone like me who graduated in photography and knows how to operate a camera, it'll be really interesting to see the use you get out of it. Once you've properly used it and tested it out, it would be interesting to see what your view will be. Like you pointed out, it would be good for time-lapse and bracketing.

    Would I get the use out of it for most photography? Perhaps not as I would like to set up my own settings, but for capturing behind the scenes photographs to quickly send across to my iPhone and upload to Instagram or Facebook, I really like that idea.

  • Hilarious! You took a small black box out of a cheap looking cardboard box and it has a light on it. Wow. Not much in the way of showing us the app hooking up to it for instance? How about a quick demo of it on your camera and how it actually works? I smell a rat

  • Good to see some form of progress on this product. Looking forward to see this in actual use! Thanks for the video mate!

  • still waiting did you ever try it? did you get it to work? I would love a video of you using it and working ut. thank you

  • ▶▶▶  Update  10/08/2018

    I have been having issues with the Arsenal and using a Sony A7iii ever since I received the unit.
    I did a quick video of me using the Arsenal and I show some of the issues I ran into.

    ▶▶▶ Update: 7/28/2018 I put a video up of Colin Bryson using the Arsenal with his Canon. It's near the end of the article.

    I currently can't use my Sony A7iii for testing.  On the Kickstarter boards I see the same.  As as far as I can tell no one has had any success with Sony cameras including models (A7iii, A7ii, A7Riii and A7Rii).  If you are expecting it to work with your Sony camera, you're will probably get an error message that says "CAMERA NOT DETECTED".

  • Almost a year waiting ..most products have tons of reviews .. ESpecially after so many units have supposedly been shipped , all I’m sering is reviews mostly by people that work for them. If you try to question you get jumped on by the trolls.

  • show us the end result picture, please! what you are saying, it just as the arsenal advertising function. All KNEW

  • Glad to see someone got one by now. I've done a few videos on the Arsenal assistant (my opinion of it, and how to do most of the features yourself without one). But I know many are waiting for a real review. And so am I!!!

    Looking forward to you posting some real footage using it and the output photos. The few photos I saw online from a real owner of it was less than spectacular (I'd say they were underwhelming). But that was just one person I found who had one.

    Love to see the output you get with the video of you shooting the scenes. Test that bad boy out!


  • Noticed you didn't bother to tell anyone that the Arsenal currently is not working with the Sony camera.

  • Did you get your's to work??? I have a Sony a7r II and it won't connect wirelessly with Sony Memories.

  • I got mine a week ago. So disappointed. Its garbage.
    Not just the constant bugs with connection dropping, but its SOOOO slow. The intial video made it sound so amazing. Its not. I want my $$ back. Selling it in ebay.

  • I STILL haven't gotten mine… and I crowd-sourced.

  • I still haven't got mine, who has gotten one? Respond here if you got one.

  • Keep changing ship dates, not the sign of a good company. Wondering if is even real. Hate Kickstarter products, probably my last

  • Have we all been duped? I try to be careful, but theres a sucker scammed hundreds of times each day! If this was real and the September date was delayed for some reason I think we should have been notified and informed of a the new production and delivery date!!!!!

  • Got it today (Melbourne Australia) Doesn't connect to my canon mark iii, Tried everything. Wasted the last 45 minutes i gave up.

  • How do you know when that Arsenal unit is fully charged? Will the orange light go out.

  • I'm glad to watch this. My package didn't come with the charging adapter!

  • received mine, won't even connect to my phone…I've put it back in the box until its fixed. Crap.

  • Don't waste your money, software is too buggy. Won't work with my Canon 7D and latest firmware. Fails to connect half the time and won't control camera at all when is does connect.

  • I asked two questions because it was not working. One answer, we don't support that. Went to their website and it was zero help. Asked again and – nothing. More than useless as it cost me money and I wanted it to work, No, it does not work, lots of talk and worth it if you want $175. worth of black box with a blue light, I am throwing it out.

  • Just want everyone to know that I had ordered my Arsenal device back in August and I got mine in yesterday (Nov. 27). I brought it home and the firmware update went smoothly; the app installed on both my phone and tablet smoothly, the devices all paired up smoothly. I spent the night trying it out with the exposure stacking, focus stacking, and some quick astrophotography outside (even though it was fairly light polluted). I think it went really well. Super sharp photos from all the ones I shot. I can definitely see this being a huge advantage in wedding and events photography while in handheld mode. This would also be a big help if you are doing any type of still photography, i.e. car lot photos, product photos, real estate, etc.
    I'm looking forward to trying it out in timelapse mode and look forward to the future updates on the Holy Grail timelapse stuff. So far, I'm pretty happy with it. The only qualm I have is the lack of detailed instructions. I have some questions about some of the features I'm seeing in their tutorials but can't seem to do it on my device. I'm not sure if it's a difference between Android and iPhone or what but I'm going to email them to find out.

  • I strongly recommend you don't buy this especially A7iii shooters or A7ii for that matter lol. Sony has bracketing & HDR in camera so why use this device in the first place, photography isn't hard to learn and once u have it down it's all about location location location and no device can help u with that part lol, if u are no good at finding little gems then this wont look fir them for you lol, I just hope this does not catch on as it's like driving an automatic car round a race track, it's boarding and easy.

  • How is the performance on the Arsenal?

  • Do not buy this apparatus: I have not been able to link it to my SAMSUNG Note 8 Android. SO you cannot work it. Then I ask for support and they do not answer the emails to the support email and on their site, so no pride in their product, and a useles product as result. I have no idea how to return the thing because they refuse to answer. Grand theft. You have been warned.

  • Thanks for the info…

  • I ordered mine the first of October and just got it yesterday which was the 28th of December. I was informed when I ordered it they were testing for different camera models and it could take some time to receive it. I charged it, downloaded the app, hooked it up to my camera which is a Cannon and it works for me flawlessly. I can control my camera from my phone. I can stack photos and they are immediately available on my phone to send or save. I haven't tried out all of the aspects of the unit yet but what I have tried works flawlessly. I don't use my camera on a daily basis so to be able to hook this unit up and use the camera and take great pictures so far I am really impressed.

  • Got mine today. If it works as a remote intervalometer, I'll be happy for the price. If it helps with anything else that's a bonus

  • Hey Tom,
    My wife and i just got our Arsnal unit yesterday. I noticed in your unboxing review that you talk about a need for something that offsets the unit up so that it doesn’t interfere with the camera flash. I have some ideas for that. I have access to 3D printers and am a cad designer. Letes chat, my email is [email protected]

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