[artsyYL] Speedpainting Batman Punching Thug on Rooftop

Hello! I’m back after a long break from editing videos! For those who have been waiting for me to upload… Thank you for waiting patiently! For those who don’t even know who I am Well, stay tuned to watch more! Here I am drawing Batman punching a thug on the rooftop It was suggested to me from dA user Definitely was a challenge for me So I decided to try it out! Since I am assuming Batman’s punches are strong… Had to make sure the tooth flies out haha I don’t usually draw buildings and was having a hard time trying to draw what I thought of in my head Even so, I tried my best I like to use my own photography that I took for texture/layer effects Here, I used another photography I took for the rooftop floor texture/layer effect I thought I was done, but something felt off It’s not Gotham if it doesn’t rain!

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