AXIOO | Meet David, Fen, Paulus, Ivan and Donny

Superhero I could be a hippy chef Housewife David Soong’s wife Product Designer I’ll be selling noodles What was her name? Robert Downey for my wife but he is married though So let’s think of somebody single Who is the actress in Intern? Robert Downey from Iron Man Anne Hathaway So.. Yes! Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel If you’re getting married with Miranda Kerr We’re in Johnny Depp My superhero when I was a kid Arnold Schawrzeneger Funny funny funny I recently shot a wedding in Disney Land Tokyo It’s really funny to see Mickey and Minnie officiating the wedding for Sandra and Harvey That’s really unique not the kind of wedding you see everyday that was one memorable wedding I met Awie for the first time in PS (Plaza Senayan) I started because Awie is my brother I’m honest, funny and I take good pictures Most of the times I don’t like to convince someone so if they like my pictures from Instagram or blog then that’s it let’s the pictures speak First things I will give my best to maintain good portfolios I will try to improve everyday then clients will start to know me from my pictures before knowing me as the photographer maybe I see things differently I don’t know would you hire me? there you go one with lot’s of cheese because I love snacks I prefer coffee and chitato all it takes is a really good food it could be really cheap because I think having good meal while doing your job makes you happy and gives you the energy to give more Cheetos thank you

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