Badlands National Park, Day 3 | Analog and Digital Landscape Photography

Good morning, guys That was a cold night, but I mean it’s fine and there are all the blankets but the parts of your body that are not under a blanket like your nose or sometimes like part of my back or something because I moved you know during the night they were freezing anyway, look, there is no storm this place looks beautiful There is no one here It looks like it’s gonna be cloudy for the next two or three hours, I mean partly cloudy because you can see the sun there But then the rest of the day is supposed to be partly cloudy / clear so hopefully it will warm up a little bit right now is 7:20 a.m. It’s 15 degrees fahrenheit i just made a coffee it’s very nice to have a warm coffee now But it took me a long time to make it outside It was so cold that I was pouring the water in the pot and it was getting frozen in the pot As I was pouring, so yeah, it’s cold Day three was a very hard day. The road didn’t open for hours so i decided to go to the badlands by foot it was very very cold and that walk helped to warm me up a little bit the clouds disappeared from the sky much faster than i thought they would and i had a sunny bright day with a terrible light for photography it was at this time when i realized that photographing the badlands was going to be a much bigger challenge than i anticipated The weather had given me a white layer that I welcomed at first but that ended up being my worst nightmare in the days to come I was very glad and relieved to see the road opening just in time for sunset But, with all that snow and ice on the ground, I was limited to roadside photography. All in all though, still a great day in a beautiful place

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