[BANGTAN BOMB] Jin’s selfie time – BTS (방탄소년단)

I have makeup on so I need to take a picture
[Selfie time after the press conference] -Where’s the remover?
-Jung Kook’s trying to freeload
[Selfie time after the press conference] -I’ll be in everone’s selfies
-Nice -Now you take one
-Oh, we’re taking pictures? Hey, keep your hands up, what’s this He just doesn’t want to take one himself
[Members crashing Jin’s selfie] [Members crashing Jin’s selfie] -Ugh!! /-Ugh!! Seriously!
– ♪ Where my ♪
[Members crashing Jin’s selfie] -Ughh seriously!!
– ♪ pain lies ♪ ♪ Let me take ♪ ♪ a breath ♪ Upload it -Hey I like it
-It’s good Let’s go! I’m changing clothes I look so ugly though… -Huh?
-Go look No solo shots for you, Jin I don’t look normal in any of these -Nonsense
-Jin! -Go away!
-You still look good No ahh… Fine, I won’t We’re done then? [Retake attempt No.1] [FAIL] I said go away!!
[FAIL] Ahh! Go away!! -They’re trying to stop Jin
-Ahh! No no no, don’t block me Jin was super focused -Jin was super focused
-You’re uploading another one? ARGHHH!!! Come on, upload it!! What am I supposed to do with this?!!! [Retake attempt No.2] Oh man… -It’ll take Taehyung 40 minutes
-Sorry? 30 minutes? About 40 minutes I’ve got panda eyes Later, later I’m uploading this Remover cut This Jin, is what we call a remover cut, okay?
[A fierce battle of the selfie, younger members WIN!] [A fierce battle of the selfie, younger members WIN!] I have so many to upload

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