Beginner Videography and What Mistakes to Avoid!

At the end of this video you will know the common mistakes to avoid as an aspiring videographer And some tips our team has learned on their journey. Hey everyone, its Elliot here to empower your inner video creator. I get it, creating takes time and a part of the process is learning from your mistakes. Our team has made plenty of mistakes. So lucky for you we’re gonna share them, so you can avoid these mistakes as you turn your creative pursuit into a career. A common mistake people make is buying an expensive camera. Which is something that you technically don’t need to do because you’re likely to have a camera on you already… like your phone! You can start making videos or even practice shooting on your phone. A lot of professionals use them to create vlogs, documentaries and other online content. Filmmaking it’s expensive at all levels, so make sure you embrace your limitations. If you work at an office, see if you can use your office space. If you need extras, ask your friends. If you need a dog in the scene, maybe ask your neighbor if you can borrow his dog for the day. Be resourceful will immensely help you out as a filmmaker, okay? When you’re out filming things can get really hectic. If you’re filming a wedding and event or your short film, you can burn through SD cards really quickly. Before you get yourself into a panic, always check your SD cards before filming, because you don’t want to find out that your SD card hasn’t been formatted and you don’t have enough space when you’re filming and on the flip side before you format a card, check it. You don’t want to accidentally delete your footage if you haven’t exported or backed it up properly. A good tip for our video team is to flip the SD card in the case. For example: SD cards where the labels are shown our empty cards. Those that are flipped are exposed and shouldn’t be inserted in the camera until the files are backed up. JONY: Alright, get out of here. What’s really important is white balance. Make sure to set the white balance before shooting in other words, DO NOT USE AUTO WHITE-BALANCE. (it sucks) I mean, you *can* use auto white balance but if you do that then if your subject moves or if something in the scene changes your camera’s gonna change the white balance and everything’s going to be all over the place. Our team recommends that you use a custom Kelvin setting when setting your white balance that way nothing’s gonna change in the middle of your shoot. If your camera doesn’t have a Kelvin setting you can also do the custom white balance setting which is when you take a picture of something white with auto white balance like this piece of paper and then you go and change it in your custom white balance settings. Feel free to experiment with your camera’s white balance settings and try different things out but I’d highly recommend that you end up really setting it so that everything that is supposed to be white in the image looks white. That’s great. Thank you Hey, okay Alright One thing you can never have enough of is pre-production. This phase is absolutely crucial if you want a smooth production. A rushed pre-production will leave you with a much more difficult, a much longer and much more expensive shoot and editing phase. Pre-production is sometimes the longest step in filmmaking. This is when the scripting, casting, location scouting, and many more is planned out. This is the safest place to make mistakes so make it here. Don’t spend hours and hours getting a shot that doesn’t add anything to story. Great videographers always think about how each shot will be used in the final edit. They’re constantly thinking about how their footage can be cut in relation to the shot before and after. When shooting be sure to schedule a little bit more time than you think you need in order to get some b-roll, and some different angles. There you have it. Those are four mistakes that you can avoid in your next production. to make it more efficient and your product more impressive. Is there a mistake that you keep making? The best way to fix it is to acknowledge it, so let us know in the comments. If you found this video helpful and want more tips about video creation, don’t forget to Like and Subscribe! Keep creating and I’ll see you next time.

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  • move your feet instead of electronic zoom: record at highest camera quality like achd/60 frames/s, un-zoomed. move the camera as close as you can without interruption of shot filling the screen with the image you wish. you can zoom in later in post but too much zoom with look fuzzy.

    keep the light source on your back, lighting up subject from camera's perspective.

    divide your screen into a two up by three wide grid, some cameras have this feature that you can turn on. not every shot is done in the center moving subject to the left third or right third can make the shot be more natural feel and the grid will help you reshoot the same angle more than once.

    Critique shows, movies and videos on how they shot the scene so you can reproduce it into your own work

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