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Hey guys, so I’m heading to an event right now, which I’m shooting And yeah I just thought that I should talk on a few quick tips about what I bring and how do you prepare for an event? So follow me other journey as I go for the event. Let’s go These are the things I learned and picked up over the years. It’s not a hard and fast rule. It’s not the definite complete guide. It’s just some things that you should pay attention to The lenses I think it all depends on the job and you can watch a lot of videos about that But yeah, I’m talking about the other practical things. So let’s get started. Yeah, so essentially I have a principle where five minutes early is considered late I usually try to be about half an hour early to my events. Even right now. It’s about 4:30, and I’m supposed to be at the event at 5:30. So I’m actually an hour early. I’m almost there already. You always have to prepare for the unknown. So in case there’s traffic, in case the train breaks down… You cannot schedule these sort of things. So it’s always great to be prepared Another reason is that you can get to the location earlier so that you can scout out. And see the lighting conditions and Then you don’t have to like. You don’t have to be so Affected by it. So that you can make sure you have the right gear. Plus, it’s always better to prepare beforehand But if you can’t at least you can be early in the shoot. Right? On to the next tip Tip number 2 So tip number two is to dress the part. I’ve seen a lot of photographers who wear shorts into event I mean it’s not wrong, but it’s always great to impress your clients with everything that you…with your first impression Especially if you’ve not met them before Black will always be the new black. There’s no arguing there You are supposed to be discreet, you’re not supposed to distract yourself from the events of the night The only exception is when your client gives you a dress code and tells you okay Everyone’s wearing this therefore you have to wear it or your to participate as well So that’s the only reason why you should not be in dress code Everything’s black. Black is black. Black is the new black. Yeah, so on to tip 3. Okay. So another tip is to make sure that you are fed and well… watered before the event because sometimes clients don’t really give you food. Unless they have stated explicitly that they will provide you dinner, don’t assume. Maybe you can ask them, but then Don’t expect all the time So don’t expect to be fed and don’t go and take the good without being told. So, yeah Perks of being very early is you get to eat Do you want some? These are not the healthiest meal available by it’s the fastest and is the nearest restaurant and probably the cheapest around here I’m actually quite in the heart of KL so it’s been tough to find good food. Good and cheap food I guess But yeah Next tip coming soon. I almost forgot. One extra tip that goes along with being Well nourished. It’s actually to make sure that you have proper sleep. I think a lot of people ignore that fact that we actually need sleep to function So for me since today is Saturday, I actually slept quite early yesterday. I think I slept at about eleven, and so I’m bright and fresh and okay to go for the job Sp make sure you have enough sleep. The last thing you want is for fatigued to hit you in the middle of a job. Yeah Not sure how noisy this is but yea, next tip. Always double check your batteries your lenses and your memory cards Make sure they’re empty or at least there’s enough space for your work. And also make sure that your batteries are fully charged Oh, yeah, and also make sure you your spare batteries are charged as well Cause I’ve been in an event where I forgot to bring my spare battery and then yeah it was a bit of a stressful event because I ended up having to borrow a battery from somebody which Meant that he could have his spare battery Yeah basically Bring extra batteries. Charge. Bring your charges to the events sometimes and make sure your memory card has enough storage to fit the entire day. There’s no hard and fast rule. But yeah, just make sure you are prepared. lenses wise, I think you can just… you have to figure out what you have and whether your Setup can work for the event and yeah borrow if you need to Next tip and maybe the final tip. I think I’m almost at the event already. So yeah probably the final tip after this Okay, so the final tip is to smile! This is a very weird tip But basically we’re trying to capture people at their best or their happiest moment because unless it’s a solemn event You probably want a happy reaction from them and you’re going to understand that people reflect what they see. And if you smile, people smile too. Once at one of my events. Someone approached me and said you’re quite a happy photographer and I was like, ah I’m just trying to do my job. Yeah, I mean small. One smile makes the difference Anyways, I hope these tips help with preparation for even coverage So yeah, that’s a last and final tip. I think those are five tips for you On how to cover your event. These tips work for video and photo as well So make sure you have it all prepared and the event will go well. I have to go for my event now.

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