Best Budget Action Camera? — Yi Camera Review

– In this video I review
the YI Action Camera, what some people are saying
is “the GoPro killer,” as well as try out this selfie
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description below. I’ll list out all the specs of
this camera, the accessories, and anything else I forgot
in the YouTube description. Let’s get into the video. So the YI Action Camera has
been out for a while now. It started with the international version and it made waves in the industry because it has such great
features and incredible footage for such a low budget price point. Now, this is the 1080p US version, a little bit of differences between the international version. And now the 4K version is out and so I’m going to be reviewing
that in a future video. But let’s get into this
camera specifically. So first of all, inside of the YI Camera is a Sony 16 megapixel censor. So that’s really the bedrock,
right, of the video quality, a solid censor. It’ll shoot 1080p up to 60 frames a second and 720p up to 120 frames per
second for slow motion video and then everything down that. And I’ll list out the
full specs and frame rates in the description below. At 1080p it does 25 megabytes per second, which simply means that actually
the video files themselves have enough data so that
there’s not artifacting so that the video quality looks amazing. On the YI Camera you’ve
got the battery on the back and then you have a little
pop-off piece to reveal the Micro USB port for
charging or for data transfer, an HDMI out, and then it
takes Micro SD cards for data. And then on the bottom is a tripod mount, which is currently attached to
this selfie stick which comes with the YI Selfie Stick
and Bluetooth Remote Kit. In addition to the video modes of course, you can take photos, it’s got
different still photo modes as well as different time lapse settings. Now you can power up the YI on the front. You’ve got the shutter button on the top, which is going to fire off photos. Or you can tap the button on
the front and engage video mode and when video mode’s going it’s flashing. The LED light is nice because
depending on what color it is let’s you know how much
battery power is left. You’ve got the Wi-Fi
button on the side there. And one of the ways that
of course it is able to be so affordable is that there
isn’t any kind of LCD screen on the YI. Where things get really
cool is with the app. And so I’ve been using
it for the iPhone 6, I believe it’s also out on Android. The app lets you not only
monitor and compose your shots, you can engage video,
you can get into photos, and that’s really where
you can adjust the settings of the YI very easy. You can just see everything from whether the low
light mode is on or not, from whether, there’s kind
of a lens correction feature where of course it’s sort
of that fish-eye look where it sort of corrects
those straight lines and crops it a little bit. A whole bunch of different
settings inside of the app. However from testing it out with my phone and having it on me and using the app versus just using the Bluetooth remote, it’s kind of nice to just
use the Bluetooth remote. It connects super easy, I
just hit the connect button, you have Wi-Fi mode on, and
then boom, you’re taking photos. or you can switch to
video mode, hit engage, and now we’re recording video
on the Bluetooth remote. And that comes with the selfie stick. Now one thing to note is that
it does not have a mic input, which is definitely not
a deal breaker for me especially because of the price point. For an action cam use, I
usually want certain shots that I’m going to add into, you
know, other kinds of videos. It does have an on-board mic, so you can get audio off of the camera, but if you did want it to
be like your main camera for some reason and you needed a mic input that might be a deal breaker. Now for here in the US you
can grab a YI for anywhere between 80 to 100 dollars or
it’s 130 dollars US for the kit and inside you get the selfie stick, you get the Bluetooth
remote, and you get the YI. And I think it’s absolutely worth it. No exaggeration, this
is the best selfie stick I have ever used or tried out. Super well-built, love the
grip, and then it’s just got this twist collapsible
motion to tighten it down. Everything is just really clean,
works really well on there. And then it allows you to,
the Bluetooth remote can just pull right off here easy or it
can just be right clamped on for easy thumb engagement
between photo and video mode for the selfie stick. Okay, so we took it out for
a test shoot in Las Vegas, so check out some example footage. (atmospheric electronic music) Okay, so as far as my
final thoughts on the YI, absolutely ridiculous value. Really nothing comes close
to it in the price range. Plus it’s super user-friendly
to use after just a few moments between the app
or just the Bluetooth remote or just the settings on the
camera, got the hang of it, and super fun to use. And if you’re looking for
an action camera definitely consider this one especially
before you go on vacation. They have all of the different accessories like the waterproof housing
and different things that could combo up
with this selfie stick. They’ve got the waterproof one as well. So I’ll link up a bunch
of different things to check out in the YouTube description. And then of course
typically action cameras are associated with
extreme sports, you know, head mounts and different
things for snowboarding or dirt biking or skating and
all those types of things, but this also might be a
great tool to add to your kit, to your arsenal if you’re a
vlogger and you want to get some different dynamic, some
different creative shots at a second angle, at a really wide angle, to something that you’re doing. In that case, the YI might be something that you wanna check out. Question of the day, what
camera do you bring with you when you go on vacation or travel? Let me know in the comments section below and remember that some of
the coolest discoveries and ideas come from you, the
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