Best SELLING Stock PHOTOGRAPHY Agencies in the last 12 months

Ahoj! It’s Zdenka Darula here. I
work as a photographer as a stock photographer since 2007 and in today’s
video I decided to share with you the top selling stock agencies to work with
based on how many sales they generated me in the last 12 months. There are 2 contract types stock agencies offer. Exclusive and non-exclusive. If you sign
an exclusive agreement, that means that your exclusive contributor and your
photos and videos cannot be sold anywhere else. You can only sell them
through that particular agency. In my case I decided to go with non-exclusive
contract, just because it gives me the freedom to submit very same photos and
videos to all stock agencies. Over the years I realized looking at my top five
selling files on each agency that they are all different. What sells for me very
well on Adobe for example, doesn’t sell for me very well on Shutterstock. So here
is a list of top selling agencies. The most selling agency for me is
Shutterstock and in fact it always has been. This agency absolutely brings me the most sales. Shutterstock accepts both
photos and videos. Envado marketplace. This is the second
most selling agency. I sell my photos there through their site Photodune and
a video through Video Hive. Third most selling agency is former
Fotolia, now Adobe stock. I always liked their site, even though when it was the
original Fotolia the sales were much higher. I am finding them a bit lower now
as Adobe stock. Number 4 is former iStock. Now it’s
iStock by Getty or Getty Images. Even I get confused by all those names. I sell
both photos and videos there and over the years I’ve had some up and downs
with the agency but you know what they are selling so all is good. Number 5 is 123 royalty-free and again I sell both photos and videos there.
This agency stayed the same over the years in terms of uploading. It’s very
simple to use and I always liked them. So those were my top 5 selling agencies
which I highly recommend to try out. Next are agencies which are not such a high
sellers but they brought some revenue in the last 12 months which certainly
helped. Another agency which hasn’t changed much over the years is agency
number 6 which is Dreamstime. I always liked submitting process there. It’s very
simple and I submit both photos and videos there. Number 7 is Deposit photos. I submit
both photos and videos there. So at this point I would say these are
all stock agencies which are worth my time and maybe your time to try to
submit to. I also submit to other agencies such as Canstock photo,
Big stock, Crestock and Stockxpert. But the income is very small. I also read
about other agencies which other people recommend. This camera is heavy. And I
might try them out myself and that would be Photosearch, Pixta, Eye Em, and
Stocksy. To make your job easier I included all the links to the stock
agencies I talked about in today’s video in the video description below.
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always respond and I’ll see you in the next one. Thank you very much….
Cau…. Ahoj…

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  • Thank you very much for watching. Do you contribute to stock? What is your experience and what do you mainly shoot?

  • Thank you for the roundup of your top stock agencies. I’m currently on several that you mentioned but I’ve spent most of my time and I’ve had the most luck with Shutterstock. I’ve just started using Lightroom so I can add the keywords to the meta details of each photo to save time when submitting to the other agencies.

  • Do you have advice for preparing photos and video for stock?

  • Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us.

  • Thank you for this very useful video

  • Thanks for sharing this information…I like your outdoor videos…

  • thanks champ!

  • Wow… I'm a hobby photographer and did not know you could do this. Look forward to more on this! Thanks!

  • I have been a photographer for many years but am just starting out with stock photography and your videos are a great help thank you

  • Thanks for share great info.
    Can we upload same photo on different sites like Shutterstock and istock????

  • Hi Zdenka would like to ask if you can still register envato as a contributor right now?

  • Thank you for the video. Can you please consider talking about SD cards? What types are you using? are they the same for video and photo? Thanks

  • I learned that there are two types of contracts offered by Stock agencies. I have thought about submitting photos to a stock agency. I am a bit afraid. But I need to look over my photos and see what I want to submit and just do it! Thanks for the videos Zdenka!

  • Are all of these stock photography websites non-exclusive that you mentioned be used able to use the same photo on different websites?

  • Do you ever use Alamy ?

  • Thank you for great info ^_^

  • how many photos do you submit say a month stay safe see ya

  • Heeeeyy…..good video. Thank you for sharing this information with us. I am not professional Photographer (like you), but I like it like a hobby and for couple months I tryed Shutterstock. I follow your advise (in a past video) "don`t give up to upload on Shutterstock" and first sale was something like "big step for me…little step" for Photography. So….thank you.
    I want to ask you: do you upload same photos to all these stock agencies or do you upload some categories of photos to Shutterstock, some categories to Adobe….etc

    p.s. sorry for my english

  • Really helpful, thanks Zdenka. I've started submitting to stock agencies, but only got as far as Shutterstock so far. I'm already bored with the tags and descriptions but i just don't trust Blackbox so won't be using that service. It's very much a "thing to do in downtime"

  • Very useful information. Not many photographers make videos about this subject. Thank you!

  • Do you use any particular stock submitter/ uploader app? A few years ago I tried a couple (cannot even remember names) that worked to a certain extent with various agencies but different results with each. Every site needed further work after the upload. I started with basically your list of agencies and it got to be so time consuming doing 5-6 of them (fighting the uploads)I am now down to Shutterstock, Getty, and Adobe and just submitting to them individually one at a time. I use Shutterstock key wording tool and apply key words, title, and description in Lightroom but still have to tweak to each site needs. Is there an uploader that they all will take or requires minimal work after the upload? Any input is greatly appreciated and thanks for the informative videos.

  • Hi Zdenka, thanks for being honest and your videos are always helpful and informative. I would like to know how do you upload all your photos and footage to these agencies at the same time? It takes a lot of time to upload and do the metadata for me? Would be great if you can suggest a way to improve workflow.

  • I am curious if the top photo stock companies you share have a minimum megapixel? When I looked into this some years back I found that if I didn't own a Pro level high megapixel camera that some companies wouldn't let me submit. I am fairly new and was discouraged then and technology wasn't like today. I never upgraded. Thank you!

  • Hi, I use the same stocks as you except for Envato, never heard of them! 🙂 I just started selling my photos and videos and only have seventy items but made about hundred dollars last month. Perhaps I should try Envato too. I store all my items data in an Excel sheet so just copy paste quickly across the four stocks and also I can initiate multiple FTP sessions video upload to all stocks at once, so it is not boring for me. But the photos pay very little, perhaps I can buy me a can of beans a month for it at the moment! 🙂

  • Hi Zdenka! Your videos are amazing!!! I have a doubt about how to choose if it is better to upload one photo as commercial or editorial…. For exemple, I have some photos of my daughter (she is 20 years old) at Times Square…. and I don"t know if it will sell more as commercial or editorial….can you help me with this? thanks a lot !!!

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