What’s sup everyone don’t mind the construction
apparently there’s some kind of like war military base happening over there
really just started to pop up so if you hear that don’t worry but I’m finally doing a live shoot for you guys. You guys wanted it so I’m joining my friend Don, which you’ve seen him before you know the best-selling author I don’t know if you remember that not
really we’re just going to do something I have called the project dark
series so we’re going to get into it we’re
going to do something real quick involves just one simple flash you can
get some really cool effects and you can get a black studio background anywhere
for basically free let’s do this alright so to kind of show you that you
know these photos were taken before i was going to take a regular exposure you see how the background really kind
of crappy there’s nothing really good there but we’re going to turn that black
and that’s not using anything we’re just using what we have are the only thing we
have is just a flash of my SB 800 here and i’m using my d700 and my 60
millimeter lens and let’s just do this and let’s shoot so once again we’re just kind of show
you that I’m that were here I’ll turn the flash off alright so just give me a quick look um
alright give me, do something random so something I wouldn’t I wouldn’t think
you were going to do so just do something random so we look like they…
alright do another thing ok so two random things and you kind of
see how it looks alright so that’s just to show you cheesy that’s awesome glad I’m glad you
got dress and I definitely got dressed for the the occasion all right so I’m just going
to take a regular exposure just to show you kind of what we’re looking for so that’s kind of what we’re looking at
right now but now we’re going to turn that background black and they we’re
going to add in some flash you gotta know manual flash and we’re going to do
that so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to set my shutter speed i’m looking at you like
you fully understand what I’m talking about yeah I’m gonna set my shutter
speed to 200 because that’ll basically sync
with my flash and then I’ll kill down the ambient light so it’s darker but that’s not the only thing i’m going
to do now this this trick you can use a shallow depth of field because you’re
actually going to use pretty much the maximum aperture so like an f16 f 22 let’s take it down so I shot that an f6.3 the photo you just saw so let’s go from there I’m going to
build in I’m not going to touch the flash yet we’re just going to go and do
it until the entire image is just a dark so here we go so you don’t really have to worry about
doing anything right now so right now So right now I’m at an f11 and it’s getting
darker you can still see him we don’t want to see we want to get rid
of them so let’s move this up to f13 it’s getting darker f18 we’re starting to lose you and we are at f32 and that image is it’s
just dark so as you see there’s nothing there and you’re probably wondering why
would you leave the lens cap on or anything well obviously not but this is where you
build in the flash power and you just basically pour ton of juice into the
thing and i’ll show you exactly how it works I’m gonna get my great model here to
hold this, being careful, with a camera whatever but move it means all right I’m going to
turn this on him and we’re going to mess with a couple of degrees in a couple of
settings and I get a really kind of cool book that on that I want to go for thank you kind sir and some setting this
up the umbrella is kind of a little bit of a wider setting I want to get a more even spread a light
he’s worried that this pole is going to stick them in the face and if it on if
it does tough okay so I’m gonna be once again my
settings are on f 32 200th of a second and my iso it’s at 600 I could set
it to 200 but it doesn’t really matter I could probably
have done that here I’ll set it to two hundred and I could
probably lower the shutter lets just get the shot real quick yeah that’s that’s completely dark again
so alright over there what’s that I get the screens dark
doesn’t matter ok so we’re just going to go for the
just regular not doing anything yet so I said we’re going to build this around
you my flash setting is on 1/16 power it did
not go off did it? It did ok so that means there was not enough so i’m
just going to go and change so we are getting a lot more power so moving up
from 1/16th power to 1/4th power to really drive home that we need a lot of power so here we go already doing the chin
down thing and I didnt even ask for that’s good it was a lot of power and we’re still on
still need a little bit more I was going to go I’m just gonna go full
power 1 / 1 move it a little closer and we should be we should be getting spot on ok as you see it’s being really built in
there and we’re getting what we want so I’m we’re just going to dive into it
i’m gonna get a couple different looks different contrast on the face that I
want to see I will go with a split lighting type of thing first so for we’re going to do the
intimidating like oh I want to kill you type of thing we’re not the constipated
thing the I just wanna rip your damn head off you didn’t know he was a really good
linebacker in a college he’s also a semi-pro I made that up but
that’s it would be fine all right so tell me what you’re going
to do so you get really tough it really get really freaking tough! Get tough! we could ok, I’m already scared but
then if you want that’s fine all right that it’s interesting looks something
like this but likes to do yeah let’s do another one to get tough
you really want to beat that’s fine just going to move around
your fine not a paid model mind you Donny is one of the few friends who
actually likes to come out model and help not a lot of people like to that’s why
the eye live series hasnt been going long so thats what we’re going to do again, chin down come on get tough get tough get tough more keep going keep going you just
really yeah we’re moving along with that they
want to try just a different type of lighting we’re kind of getting what we
want to hold that for me I’m going to raise it a little bit angle
it just a little more trust me that’s not going to stab you in the face much we’re going to come around i’m going to
switch sides up a little bit keep looking at me, hopefully they can still see you. Look up stay where you are i’m just going to move my my physical self all right chin down all right let’s do this ready and come
on get mean you mean it is Halloween we’re shooting
for halloween keep up keep going keep going keep going one more one more you really want to beat my a$$ all
right we’re going to go with something like this so just really goes to show
you, let me get this out of your way here that you don’t need a lot of money you can do anything you can have go out
have some fun just use a higher f stop lower shutter speed and that’s really
what it is so it’s really easy to get a dark background I want to thank Don Donnie for coming out and helping out
maybe we’ll get some cool photos from this the said black studio background
anywhere very very easy to do higher Higher f stop,
a lot of flash power one light you can create a lot of looks it was just
something quick to show you that it can be done it’s easy that’s cool thing to do that’s all we
got you guys have any questions let me know thank you for watching Eye Live

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