oh, oh, oh you must not do that! hands off your hair, this gives points deduction since it is not synchronized – motivation
– for the nation we are the motivation nation on some days without question time is due to react to Jennie! Jennie, Jennie Jennie isn’t just a gorgeous, talented.. cute.. okay that’s enough, save that for later he has a little crush on Jennie for me it’s Lisa but today’s not about Lisa, but about Jennie – yeah!
– and I thought that I should put on my analytic glasses your critical glasses but to be honest I think that her stage performance won’t keep up with Lisa’s BUUT she will balance it out with her presence with her presence and her looks? – Jennie!
– Jennie Kim! It’s time to experience her on stage this is gonna be lit you won’t find anything to criticise anyway *evil laughter* we react to her performance of “Don’t know what to do” *bad impression* is the song like that? okayy with best quality please, I have to see it well looks like sailor outfits everything is white now uniform and fitting hey, Lisa should move I didn’t know that they have a part on the floor ahh it’s that song..didn’t know that what’s written on her top? cha- cha- chaaa? and.. is it Chanel? is it Chanel? they sure wear expensive outfits! it looks like they wear quite the same stuff except for Jennie she got the black print on it and black buttons..OH YEAH BLACK BUTTONS! she is the only one wearing black buttons the others are completely white look at her shoes, so cool are these white Martens? well, I already hype regular Doc Martens okay they wear different shoes some of them wear sneakers wait one pair are Vans Lisa is wearing some kind of sports shoe Jisoo and Jennie are wearing boots woah the boots look so good! damn! it sure is cool but they probably get dirty real quick this is what I hate about white shoes I love white shoes, but only if they are clean my lil brother wears them always really dirty doesn’t look good oh that hip swing okay wow that smile! I like it when they have red lips red lipstick sure looks cool she seems more on the cute side very cute completely different to the videos Jennie looks rather cute even shy I would say on stage she seems really shy even though she has been in showbiz for so long she has this live aura of innocence child-like cute this is so opposite to Lisa Lisa has the mix between cute and sexy slayer it’s okay Jennie too Let’s see when she puts on her slayer, resting bitch face but actually she keeps looking really nice right? always cute she looks like the typical girl nextdoor what do you mean by that? that sweet and kind girl even their microphones are white everything is customized you can see by their cloths and the fact that they lay on the floor how clean the floor actually is but how can you actually dare to pause Jennie all the time? her performance! you have to enjoy it! wow that body wave body roll..smooth cool shoes now again a smile I noticed that all Blackpink member have long hair no one wears short hair – yes true
– I like it, I like long hair I like short hair too Me too but.. not on me so you want to have your hair a little over the shoulderr right? shoulder length sure looks cute I only want my hair long in the back like that? like that! there was this thing going for a long time where they said Jennie’s performance isn’t that good and she doesn’t put any effort in it put I don’t think so! I think she dances very clean too yes sure..oh, oh, oh you must not do that! you must not do that! what are you not allowed to do? as a dancer during the performance, you must not fix your hair – sure is she allowed to
– no hands off the hair, only if it is part of the performance – why?
– imagine every member doing it several times, it sums up and what if hair hair is in your face? keep dancing, you move so often, the hair will never stay so you are turning your head like this? you have to ignore it for real, if you look at professional dancer they don’t touch their hair you know, they have long hair whipping them all over the face, but they do nothing about it says the one who always fixes his hair after each move? like this..I am not talking about me always like that..after one breakdance move yeah sure one step and then he pauses takes out a mirror and does this.. don’t forget the hair spray Andy does a lot of breakdance but nothing that destroys his hair so hands off the hair, there is point deduction it is not synchronized alright but I mean no one noticed it except for you you are to critical it is a reflex oh again the hair this is something different everyone did can’t tell with focused cam shot but it was a concious movement and everyone did that it was part of the choreography, it is synchronized so this is something different see, my analytic glasses give me +300 IQ I can see everything! it doesn’t seem like you are able to see everything but it seems like you are allowing nothing a real critique who has to put everything down always just nagging no I think until now she did well I praised a lot too You never criticise Lisa yes okay I think it is definitely way to exaggerated of the people to say that Jennie isn’t putting any effort in her dance I saw many videos already where the people wondered whats up with Jennie Why does she seem so emotionless on stage? no motivation I don’t understand that sure everyone has their times where you are tired and can’t perform at 100% but with this video I can say that she does put in a lot of effort and if someone is having a bad time, you shouldn’t be so harsh on them she does pay attention to her facial expression and smiles sometimes but mostly keeps that focused look which is nothing negative it is not bad this happens in groups not everyone is main dancer some are main rapper and especially in rap you have to focus on the words and i think what you should always keep in mind is that they don’t have only one performance they do that so often, they get flown around have thousands of jet lags changing time zones, changing weather changing culture and everything, always stressed there will be bad days, where you are more tired from jet lag so that’s why you should be able to forgive them it’s not like she performs bad in every show harsh words by a harsh critique but this time it was hard words to the hater guys please don’t hate too much we are all fans we are BLINKS right? otherwise you wouldn’t watch this video there is a woman who hasn’t smiled for years because she doesn’t want to get wrinkles seriously! she doesn’t smile, maybe only like this does she have so much self control? yes she won’t smile she forgot how to smile so friends laugh a little more how did you like the performance? good right? good, good? NICERUU NICERUUU JENNIEEE!! I WANT.. yes? say it we gonna cut that out alright guys please sbuscribe and give us a thumbs up thumbs up and smile a little it’s good for the dark season makes everything more happy and joyful on request of *struggling noises* what the hell.. long, long name we should react to Jennie’s focus camera and her name is really complicated *easier name this time* Jennie and Jisoo too please We will get to Jisoo soon, stay tuned just subscribe *easy name again* can you also watch Jennie and Jisoo please? oui, oui we will do that he is crazy

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