Blindtouch – the first camera for blind people

We present Blindtouch, a camera for people who are blind, the first one in the world. It consists of two devices: a camera and a base unit. Thanks to Blindtouch a person who is visually impaired can now take a picture then put it into the base unit and “see” it, by touching a three-dimensional pin matrix. These are common landscapes. We admire them every day but we’re often unaware that they’re totally inaccessible for people who are blind. And that they only see these… Blindtouch works just like a normal camera. You can carry it around wherever you want. A visually impaired person will now be able to take and save pictures of the precious moments in his or her life. And never again miss out on the time that he or she would like to last forever. Beautiful landscapes unforgettable meetings with friends touching moments around the family table holiday memories. All of these can now be saved forever. With Blindtouch all the photos are saved on a SD card and has a battery that last for few hours. It takes just one click and the picture appears on the pin matrix. Hi, I’m Peter, I’m software engineer. I’ve constructed Blindtouch myself because I think that in the age of advanced technology the people who are blind deserve much more. What you can see here is the working prototype of the device which I’ve been working on for 3 years. Blintouch is to be used mostly as a camera for visually impaired people but it can also be used as a Braille reader. I would like it to be quicker, lighter, smaller and to have much higher resolution so that the pictures could be easier to feel. In order to do that I need your support to build up a team of experts and a professional technical base. We want to enable people who are blind “to see” the outline of a mountain range or just go backpacking and simply be able to take photos that will record their memories. Just like we all do. So join us and help us make the world more visible to others. You can make a difference.

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