Bow Bow 2019 Tamil Movie Scene | Title Credits | Master Ahaan intro | Tejaswi | Siva

Hey Guys only Pigs come as team to fight
Lion always come single and Bold Oh my god stray dog is chasing me
Sanju, get up! Sanju, get up! Sanju, get up!
‘Trichy’ Grandma! Sanju, take bath! Sanju, getting late,
go and take bath. Go to your grandpa. Go! Hello Sivaji Ganesan! Looking at your half baked Yoga lessons,
even Sathguru may forget teaching Yoga. Get up and get ready Sanju. Mom,Dad… none other
then Grandpa, Grandma and opposite house uncle
aunty care about me Please bless me to
get one good friend Go to school like a good boy, okay? Sanju, your lunch box. What’s for today’s lunch? As per your menu chart,
your favourite dish bread and omelette. Go! Bye Bye. Come. You at least have an hour
to go to school. But uncle is already late to office. He’s waiting for you without
having breakfast. Come quickly. Hello big man! If you’re late to school
and if Miss scolds you, we can come to school to explain, but I get scolded for coming late to office,
you can’t come to give explanation. Is one enough? What so ever I may try,
I’m unable to catch this critter. Will you go with uncle or
come with me? You’ll never reform! Okay, I’m getting late to office,
leaving to office. Okay, go carefully. It’s time to leave to office, I’m going. Go carefully. Okay?

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