Bow Bow Movie Emotional Scene | Siva’s canine passes away in an accident | Tejaswi | Master Ahaan

Okay, just do it somehow. Because we’ve to finish
everything before auditing. Okay… Entire colony is attending
temple festival. Are you not coming? Chitra is alone at home,
so I’m not joining festivities. Okay sir Tell me, Raghavan. Okay Still stock hasn’t been taken! Raghavan, tell them to clear the stock,
only then we can send for audit. Hubby Hubby Okay! Go…go..go away… Take signatures… I can’t bear What do you want?
Don’t you’ve any time to beg? – Sir, please listen to me.
– You’re disturbing me at this hour. Not allowing me to make a call! Go away, you dirty rascal! Go! I said go! – I’m unable to bear it, hubby.
– Chitra…Chitra Pop corn Pop corn Where are you, boy? Pop corn Why are you sitting there? Come here I’m coming. What’s your problem? Why are you torturing me
at odd hours? I’ve been following you for so many days,
can’t you realize how much I love you? Why are you avoiding me? Look, I’m not interested
in talking about this. I’m concentrating on my job,
my passion only. You’ve parents and family. Get lost. If you don’t accept my love tonight,
you’ll not see me alive tomorrow. You’ll see my dead body
on my birthday. Will go away or not? Why are you disturbing me?
I’ll hit you. Go! Go! Pop corn If we love our pet too much,
we can’t bear it’s loss. That’s why we said no to pet. Such a lovely dog! So active! But why this dog is a dullard? How did you get broken
on feeling pain? How I felt deeply pained
on facing difficulty? It may also be in some sorrow. When an orphan child stays
in orphanage, he’s happy feeling all other
children are his family, they don’t realize they’re orphans
and staying in an orphanage. If we adopt an orphan
and bring him to our home. They feel we’ve separated them
from their family. That’s why they’re sad. If we raise them with love
and affection, educate them, they don’t know we’ll be helping
them to become a good citizen. The day they realize this,
happiness will come back into their lives. Just like them, these dogs too. So, make Scooby feel
it’s a part of our family. Then, let’s go. Sleep now, let’s look out
for it tomorrow morning. Okay? ‘Bow Bow’s sniffing…
breathing continues…’

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