Bow’s First Time on Camera Doesn’t Go So Well – mixed-ish

I was starting to wonder if I was ready
to make the news. In three, two…
[Mouths words] I-I-I’m here with the Mondale School’s
Lady Roadrunner Volleyball Team. Ladies of ball court — Volley great — State great — State champ great — Uh, Roadrunners — Okay, cut. Come here, come here. Don’t worry so much. The first time
I was on camera, I tripped Eartha Kitt
with my microphone cord. So you’ll be fine. Just remember, breathe… [ Inhales deeply ] …and smile. Yeah! Breathe [Inhales deeply]
and smile. Good, you’re doing great.
Go, go, go. Smile. Let’s talk
to the team general. Team captain. Let’s talk to the team captain. Face the camera. Team…
The microphone is shaking. Talk. Okay, cut. Okay…um… A lot of people have
a natural talent for this. You do not. Well, I am more
interested in — Pursue that,
whatever that is.
[ Chuckles ]

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