BREAKING NEWS !!! Fairy Drone : an Ultra Portable Full HD Camera Drone

Fairy drone is a new pocket-sized
ultra portable Full HD camera drone that is capable of a 16 minute flight time on
a single charge and is equipped with a 1080p F HD camera designed for new drone
flyers the camera drone offers easy flying combined with auto tracking and
motion control as drone lovers we have found out that everybody wants to fly
one nowadays but are hesitant to spend a lot of money for one when they think
they’ll only fly it a few times before crashing it turn ferry into your
personal air camera with a single touch thanks to its intuitive remote
controller and app designed for its portability fairy can be folded into the
size of a phone the fairy drone has been designed with a high performance in
camera and a Sony one-third CMOS sensor to deliver 1080p full HD videos 30fps
and eight megapixel images the camera can be manual tilted down to 60 degrees
with it’s continuous capture and delay capture mode fairy can be your personal
autonomous flying photographer to make your first drone flying experience even
easier it designed the ferry to return to its home location with a single touch
just in case fairy does goes too far it have integrated a smart function that
allows ferry to go back to its initial starting point if it’s out of range or
if the signal is lost ferry features a dual band GPS that tracks its exact
position and starting point so even if you lose it in the clouds just wait at
the starting point and it will be back to you
personalize it to your needs and choose between three different sensitivity
modes low medium and high each mode provides a different flying
experience smooth flying to record steady videos normal flight or take it
to the next level with the high sensitivity mode to make it flat like a
race drone thanks to its for high speed brushless motors

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  • Don’t buy. I hate mine. It lands whenever and whatever Maybe they will fix the bugs sometime later. I regret no checking further reviews

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