BRUCE TV [Be yourself] EP.1 Photographer Jon Apolonio

know everyone I’m Chris the host of bruges TV and welcome to my youtube channel we’re based in both Vancouver and so today you guys [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] please visit support lovers community sweatpants is already poor order its mate order and we are having dope collaborations define believes in pursuing her dream we are most passionate about we support who they are who you are we share stories about emerging artists and encourage the movement of [Music] [Music] I want a visit Breaking Bad is this the same thing as they say something it’s not the same so it’s a midnight methane bubble is the water right is it yeah yeah it’s just frozen water no it’s like Oh throws in incorporate that idea like maybe take photo around Bay or snow these really appeal in winter season right the color and I think if we do like a photo shoot like by the water that would really work and like we can put brief description of like what the photo is about I took from our border we can do the I introduce our collaboration John as an artist as a photograph er what kind of photos and like if we can show other photos you took would be cool too right yeah yeah something that is similar like those photos you sent me like Vancouver local photos yeah I think they don’t work those kind of stuff but the yeah it helped our brains fight brainstorming I think that’s the direction how much your hoodies in Vancouver these days usually not the cheapest ones fuck hmm yeah I should to friends they said therapy interested in buying so who do you go for like one like Nike goes for like 110 to 140 do you go to North storm and yeah I have summerholt because like in Vancouver there’s many rich rich rich to this like Chinese Korean and they spend 180 like they it’s nothing oh but spend like three thousand yeah yeah thing but it wasn’t for me so I think 180 like maybe I might not have to worry too much about the price and and you’re hosting the event at exposure so yeah bring you’re bringing lots of friends man yeah people bring your family neighborhoods I’ll be second goes there I feel like I’m going there because I’m preparing or the clothes and shipping there just my body is not my effort my sweats those are there let me know how it goes like Oh also could you please take photos every yeah mostly your clothes are colossal and one of one a film guy I found which make a video of the event okay and I’ve asked him to do an interview with John and Erin both of you guys did collab with on the shoes and you are doing I’m thinking like why you’re standing like around our collabo one liked the interview interviewee interviewer we’re asking like like what’s your falafel about like what’s the hoodie or crewneck was this colorful about and you just briefly I think about think about what you wanna say just care I’m gonna ask him to ask you guys what’s your relationship with not defined or director like or creative director of which is you know you can just really talk about like how we met I we did work together back in college and yet and that meeting kind of like it just continued from this step right it never got here just supporting each other supporting yeah I don’t know what to say just don’t go black don’t don’t go blind when he has he surprised question did do you like poverty yeah if they say bubble tea there did you go before no I’ve never been up here of course the Mason rich money why would I vote for Richmond income poverty I didn’t know about the place before who found who found the spot to host the event I know a few Korean local rappers there and I heard about they they do shows there and I different local brands do the pop-up pop-up event there so automatically I found out about the place and I thought this place has great environment like good for party hosting go to so I contacted them and they were really friendly if they wanna keep some of our stuff displayed and sell it together it’s like a bubble tea and also they treat clothes clothing it’s like yeah I think that’s that’s cool man poverty place is only selling bubble tea and cool man it’s boring man we need to be open man like exposure yeah they also do hip-hop live performances that they have speakers there DJ sells you know I wrote some some questions so we can finish this conversation what’s your favorite food in Vancouver Korean food actually specifically like what kind of food yeah Korean food what what Korean for this oh I guess mostly Korean fried chicken oh you know fried chicken like can you ever come to Korea visit Korea I would love to buy you some fried chicken here I know I want to go I want to go next year actually yeah next January do you know Justin who’s helping us with I don’t know him but I’ve seen him on Instagram yeah he’s also from our school and marketing fashion market here he said he’s doing the staff work for for non define life it’s really helpful he’s been really no cooperated like as a team we’re moving as a team so he’s coming visit next year next January so so yeah man if you are possible if you can no wait what do you serve Oh next 9th of July and okay and then you’re there for two years yeah but I’m not like a full-time as a full-time fucking soldier I’m just part-time I’m doing a part-time okay because because I have a baby yes be surprised right yeah shit happens man no watch out yo what always be careful so yeah I’m really kind of these data stressful about financial financially need to need to be independent make more money yeah I feel ya and I wanna make money enough money with doing what I love you know saying yeah so the thank you for helping me out like this means a lot like prom stay connected do it I think I got lots of conversations to use for our video YouTube channel I feel more I think I could get a bit nice are you busy you have to go let me know yeah somebody’s after work okay man what’s your interest these days what I mostly just taking photos here and there mostly just focusing on school obviously because I really want to like do well in way with my collection yeah let me know if you need any materials is really cheaper here here like Vancouver I used to you know study fashion design there I found out that like all the materials all the fabrics are fucking expensive bro it’s like overpriced where’d you buy your fabrics here dress hole oh god okay or some like some other places but I don’t remember the name cuz I usually call it vessel yeah if you need something let me know I it’s really cheap right here I feel bad I will also think of doing business like favorite story – thank you

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