C-Loop – Camera Strap Mount Solution

Rider: Billy Middleton
Photo: Ivan Wong Hi guys my name is Ivan I’m an action sports photographer While shooting photos
I noticed that the strap would get in the way I noticed that the strap would get in the way This is due to how it’s mounted to the top of the camera This seems like a small issue But when you’re out in the field
and you only have one chance to take that shot Everything matters So with the help of my brother and a friend Both of whom are photographers We came up with a solution The C-Loop A swiveling device that allows you
to attach the strap to the bottom of your camera By mounting the strap to the bottom of the camera We discovered many benefits The strap is out of the way and the swivel design reduces tangling The camera is easier to reach for and handle Also, because of the swiveling design the lens is able to be tucked to the side making it easier to go through crowds and tight spaces and best of all, the C-Loop works with all cameras and devices with tripod mounts

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  • It is funny how someone else invents this now, as I have used such and it is from 1972. Difference is what I use, has single loop and it use quickhooks what allows attaching to default position quickly as well.

  • @TheFri13 Thanks for sharing. There are many variations of similar ideas of mounting the strap to the camera. However, the C-Loop is unique in its engineered construction and design. Definitely feel free to check out our other YouTube videos and message us if you have any questions.

  • Out of curiosity: Why is this video unlisted?

  • @CirkusBolgen – now public 🙂 – we originally did not want to have duplicate videos. Have a great weekend!

  • BlackRapid FTW!

  • I have a question wish one is better 60d or 5d markII?

  • The C-Loop has a built in swivel which prevents it from spinning itself loose overtime. All of our hardware is made in the USA.

    We love our 5d Mark II!

  • no way in hell this is worth 40 for just the C-LOOP (seriously WTF $40!!!) or 65 for the combo pack…. think its a rather innovated approach but with CarrySpeed and R-Strap you get everything for less and a better tripod mount (if not the same, if you want to argue)

  • Nothing. Black rapid just has a nicer, more comfortable strap.

  • Loved my C-Loop, remember when I first saw your guys' kickstarter way back when. I need to get a new one, but I was wondering if you have updated it to not block the tripod mount?

  • Thanks! Our solution is the M-Plate Pro. Check it out on our website.

  • Cool invention, definitely have to ad this to my gear. By the way what is that red cover over the grip on the camera in the beginning of the video?

  • désormais disponible en France sur notre site Geek-Trend

  • The sliding section so you can wear it under a jacket and it doesn't slide against your shoulder which was my main issue with the normal strap

  • there's a flaw in your design- you're covering access to tripod mount. what you should have done is – make it not rotatable and have the tripod mount inside the adapter itself

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