Camera Mouse

This particular program puts
them on the playing field of life. The great thing
about Camera Mouse is that it’s so easy. All you need to run the Camera
Mouse is a computer, a webcam, and, oh yeah,
a person. Once you have all those three
things then all you have to do is come over to the computer
and go “” and click. Once you get to
the site then you just bring the cursor
down to the download and click. So the best part of the whole
thing, to download is free. Once you’ve downloaded
the Camera Mouse program on to your computer you
click on the icon. The person’s face should
come up in the webcam picture. The webcam should capture it. Then you see this face
and then we find a feature. But before we find a feature we
would probably want to go to the Settings section. The Settings section gives you
a whole array of options to be able to customize it for
both program and the individual. We’ve got the Settings up
and minimize the Settings. Find a feature
on Hannah’s face. I’m going to select
her nostril. And then I’m going
to minimize her. And bring up a program. This is our Paint program
that was made here at Boston College. And this allows you to color
on a white sheet. Alright. I am going to press
the Num Lock, which will activate Hannah. Now move your nose right. And to the left. You want to go up. You want to go down. Good job. Nice going.
Alright. Now do you want to get fancy? An M!
Good job. You’re not limited to just
a Paint program. The thing is if you can use
a mouse you can use the Camera Mouse. And it works with almost
anything you can put on the computer,
even the internet. Among the many uses
of the Camera Mouse, one of the most helpful uses
is introducing new and easier methods
of communication. For example, this is
the Midas Touch program. And with it the user is able
to pretty easily spell out actual words and sentences
that are spoken for them. We have placed the green dot
on Hannah’s nostril. So, Hannah, how are
you feeling today? (computer)
I space F-E-E-L space H-A-P-P-Y I feel happy. (Maureen)
Hannah is able to click
on the letters she wants using the Camera Mouse
dwell time click option. This feature allows her
to dwell the cursor on a button for a set amount
of time, which indicates to the computer that it
should click on that item. The amount of time the cursor
has to rest on the button is adjustable in the Settings
portion of the Camera Mouse. It’s amazing here because
anybody can go on and use their face to work the computer. But with our kids here, they have extremely
limited mobility. They are non-verbal
most of them. And everything that’s done to
our kids are usually done– This give them a real sense
of accomplishment. So it’s really exciting. It’s exciting to see
the smile on their face when they make
that first goal or they beat their Buddy
in a basketball game or they are able to say
“Yes, I want the ice cream.” And you can hear them say
“Yes, I want the ice cream.” Things that they couldn’t do
outside of this room. So it’s really exciting for me
to watch this in the kids. It’s great.

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