City Market Street Photography with James Dewitz | Olympus OM-D E-M5

Today we’re taking a look at street
photos with my friend James at a local city market. He was in Thailand for many
years, but he came back for a short time. Thought like a good opportunity so we
made it happen. I have a previous video with all his equipment if you want to
check that out in the description, or a card. “A lot of people do like pet
photography.” yeah “and I can’t wrangle cats or dogs. I love dogs but I can’t… I’m
not good at wrangling them.” mm-hmm “Or like babies…” yeah “I don’t do.. I
don’t do like newborn photography.” That would be not too pleasant, I’m sure. Sort
of like dogs but worse? “I don’t know. I have like an irrational fear of babies.” Oh! There’s a
little bar with a really nice front window. It’s got those neon lights.
James was definitely drawn to that. From From there, there is a large restaurant
brewery that we walk through. And this really interesting looking gate. I don’t know why it’s there,
but again, James was drawn to that. We took a few photos. “But I’ve
got the 30 on and it’s just.. I can’t.” Oh… your too, too close.
“Don’t let me go in the water.” “Don’t record me going in the water!”
“Back up just a little bit… back up a little more…” “Yeah, a little more?” Actually, the building itself was renovated. It’s used for the brewery. It’s
used for the restaurant. For weddings… It’s really beautiful. Nice
building just itself. The nice brick… Yeah, I think this might turn into a
random photos everywhere… We were getting to the city market just as it was opening up.
And a good opportunity just to check things out. Survey the area, whatever
you want to call it. There is a trolley that goes through there and it’s a nice
addition to the market itself. Goes from the Sinnissippi Riverfront Gardens to
that area. James started talking to the staff that runs the trolley.
He’s getting motivated to start taking photos, so that was a good opportunity. “Is it like electric? How does it drive?”
“Propane!” “It’s propane…” oh wow
“Historically it would have been electric.” So in this case it worked out nicely.
Took some photos of them. No, I make Youtube videos… “Oh really, that’s cool!”
yeah mostly about photography “Oh really!”
“She does too. She does the ahh…” “I just do birds.” “I’ve been… Some of the falcons by the Register Star.” Okay. Nice! “I’m a birdwatcher. I don’t take pictures of people. Only birds.” I found the food trucks really interesting. I think James did as well.
Some of them are super unique. Like this one with the flowers. Nice round shape to
it. James was able to get a really interesting candid of one of the food
trucks with a tiny window. The person working with it or owns it… He was popped
out just looking around. I think he noticed us. At the same truck he also got
another candid of some of the people interested in the menu. With the Bell
Churros truck he was able to talk to the staff. Interact with them a little bit
and then take their photo. I think that one turned out really interesting. Also,
with the food trucks, a lot of them have these chalk menu signs. So many different
colors. A lot of texture to them. Really nice fonts and artistic skill put into
those menus. With these two people we had a great chat about photography and also
travel. I think they saw his camera and they
went up to him and talked to James and he eventually took some photos of them
as well. Albert’s Instagram will be in the description if you want check his
photos out. Really great work. “Yeah, so he stopped me and he asked what I was
shooting on. And I said oh.. this is my Olympus OM-D E-M5! And he said.. oh.. oh..
I shoot on a Sony! Okay, so that’s a good way to meet people as they come to you. Yeah, he just stopped me.
He just stopped me… Actually, so I don’t really shoot on Sony
so it’s a good good way to kind of get reviews from people actually use them.
it’s practical reviews. Also we met another photographer talked to him for
quite a while about photography gear. If you wanna check his Instagram out, find him
on there. Again, great work as well. With this picture you can see James really likes
interacting with people. I think that’s a great way to go about things. Got the
child and the mother running that booth. Even I managed to be in some of the
photos. I really do like this one specific photo. It worked out nicely. Put
it on my Facebook page. Here we have a candid of a worker in action… I like how its framed. Just super interesting to see little bits and pieces of what people
are doing. With the theme of candids.. they see.. Oh, there’s a camera. It’s pointing in
my direction. They give you that look. Which, if you’ve done any type of street photos… You know that look. This one you pull
back those layers and you see different things. Go right to the hands most likely
with the main focus, but you look around you see the different expressions. Pink hair gets you noticed by photographers. In this case he got spotted multiple
times. Not every photo was taken of a person. This one of cucumbers. I like the
composition of it. Another friend of ours arrived. We went to dinner and then
afterwards we walked around the city market again, and of course he couldn’t
avoid having his photo taken. James was great on that taking photos of
him. On our way back we went past the local bar again. In this case he took a
few more photos. He was able to actually pose this person.
He was super polite about it. Behind the scenes it’s a pose but… If you didn’t know that you can see…
It looks super natural. Something that you can just think about what’s
happening. Think about the story behind it. Thanks to James Dewitz for going on
this photo outing with me. Again his links will be in the description if
you want to check out his work. I also have the other video on his gear. It’s
really nice to see how he works. See how he does things with, especially street
photos, which isn’t a genre that I get much into. So with that it’s also great
to have someone with you with that style photography. Because there’s a little
more extra motivation involved, and putting yourself out there when you have
a friend with you it works out nicely. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did
please consider subscribing. That helps me out a lot. Likes and shares
help out a lot as well. Thanks again! I’m Scott from Photography Banzai.

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