ClickCon – A Chicago Photography Trade Show

Today we’re taking a look at ClickCon.
It’s a convention for photography in downtown Chicago. My friend Adam
suggested it. Sounded really interesting to check out. We just went to the trade
show. They have a lot more. Depends on pricing tiers of registrations and all
that. But you can do panels, informational things… All that sounded really
interesting, but we just went for the trade show. At the trade show with all
the booths you can check out a lot of gear that you might not be able to see
elsewhere. You can also buy a lot as well. Procam was the large sponsor for this
event. So they had a large booth with a lot of gear from pretty much any company
that you could imagine for photography and videography. But you could also buy
it throughout the tradeshow itself. A lot of the booths had things for sale at
certain percentage off usually, which was nice. It’s quite the challenge getting to
downtown Chicago. Especially in my case it’s around a two-hour drive. But Adam
and I decided to go to one of the suburbs because he’s closer in and then
take a train to Union Station. From there we needed to get to the actual
hotel, which I think was about 1.2 miles. But that’s still pretty long walk.
So we used a ride-sharing service. I think that was the first time that I’ve
ever used any type of service like that. It was interesting going into someone
else’s car and being like okay.. let’s go to the hotel.
Of course Adam handled all that, which is very helpful and definitely a good
benefit having a friend there to get things done.
The hotel itself seems like a great one for a photography convention. It’s very
classy inside even if you just wanted to take photos outside of the convention. I
took one of my Canon EOS M50 cameras with 11 to 22 millimeter lens
and the Boya microphone. With that setup I was doing mostly like interview style
videography and just trying to get some clips of the convention. So we’re gonna look
at all that grouped up and then in the description of this video you can click
on time codes to select which area. We have the x-rite company. Didn’t do too
much there, but it talked a little bit with them about the color correction
stuff and (they) quizzed me on my camera. I don’t have zebras on the M50, so it’s not ideal.
But maybe in the future I’ll try to do more color grading and things like that. Those are intense! Is that like a acrylic on it? Rep: Acrylic, yep. Those are the metallic ones?
Rep: That’s metal. Yep. 30 by 45… So that is $315. (okay) I mean that’s before
the mount. I think the mount on something this size is like another $40
bucks. (ohh) So you’re looking at $360..$370.. right around there. It’s… it is $25 to get one of these.
I mean with this we do use your image. (okay) So then it’s sent to
you with your image on it whichever one you choose and then you can really see… (If) you do video you should check this.
So it’s our auto start video player. Scott: Oh nice! So it’s going to just auto
play right when that relief button is released….
Scott: Okay So we’ve got volume. We can
pause, resume. And then so it only plays videos and slideshows. So we can skip
through multiple videos or multiple slideshows. So this can be a portable
portfolio if you want to carry your videos on you. Instead of pulling out
a phone and going to YouTube… pull out your branded portfolio that is you.
Or you (can) add it onto packages, seniors.. families..
Adam: Is that battery replaceable? It’s not. You charge it and plug
into your computer, but we have a 1 year warranty on them. Yeah, so they come in
white and black. The inside all the same. And then the other one is our full wrap, so
these are $99 for 4 gigs and this one is $129 for 4 gigs as well. Later this year we’re gonna release a 32 gig, which I believe is going to be $149 and $179.
Scott: Okay We’ve got a new drive.
Our duo, so USB to “C”. I don’t know if they have anything
type-C, but that will go into your computer or if you have an Android phone or anything like that. Yeah, yeah so… you kind of…
You kind of match… You find a drive that fits your brand.
Your logo. Who you are and what you want to portray. Then find a box that
works with it. So you can do flash. Adam: I love some of these like the crystal looking…
Rep: Yeah, yeah, crystal USBs are great. They are crystal so if you do drop em on concrete or tile that they can (ohhh… yeah) shatter, but they have weight to them. They’re nice they’ve got a metal top and it’s actually…
Adam: Feels quality. Yeah, it’s the only device that we actually
subsurface engrave. So everything else is surface, but this one’s actually inside.
Adam: That’s awesome. it keeps the crystal clean on the outside And then you have in more
depth to your logo. Scott: Ohhh, yeah. That’s quite heavy. Adam: How much does like a normal… Rep: 4 and 8 gigabytes are (USB) 2.0. 16 to 128 is (USB) 3.0. They start at $19 go all the way up to a
128 for $78. And then the more you buy the more you save. So you know by like 20 of
these for your logo on you save like 15-20 percent. Rep: they’re small… and lightweight so… Adam: Probably good for budget-conscious?
Rep: military families Rep: budget-conscious but military families.
Where the spouse that’s in service can carry this in their pack. When it’s full loaded it comes
with an optional easel as well. Adam: Okay, nice. Adam: this one is like an embossed. Where that might not necessarily be (wanted)… But then I see this one where it’s just a straight leather. Rep: Hi there, how are you?
Do you guys print? You’re at the right place! We do papers
we have been around for over 425 years (1584)… Hahnemuehle! Are you familiar with Hahnemuehle? This is our newest paper. That’s a metallic paper. It’s 100 percent cotton. Michael: So that’s actually before and after makeup. Michael: That’s like a different style.
Ron: Oh.. ohh.. shi.. wow! And same with this woman she like appears and
disappears… Adam: How hard is that to do?
Scott: Well the… Scott: Is it like a specific place that only does this type of printing? Michael: Well, I print it myself… We have a 1000 lumen, 2000, and this one goes all the way up to 8,000 lumens. So runs off the internal battery. So you
can run cord free. Turn it on it’ll tell you how long you’re running at that
level and the amount of time you have. So you can really plan the shoots. Adam: Does it have where you can hot swap a new battery at all or no? No, you can always plug in and run it off AC.
Adam: Okay That’s half power right there…
Scott: Haha, oh yeah. So then quickly just got a nice diffuser… To rapidly change, well they took my attachment for the fresnel but… The fresnel would go on there.
Adam: Okay, that’s a cool ahh… Yeah, we build them right in Monterey
California Adam: It’s light weight too! Could easily have someone with a boom… (yeah) and not struggle too hard with it. Rep: What this adapter is, so you can put them in a Profoto, softbox, Bowens… You’ve just got to get a Bowens to profoto adapter. Goes in the Elinchrom really easily. Adam: But you could definitely get that into
off you know… Rep: 1510 Pelican and all your gear and everything in there. (right) yeah, because you only get one carry-on And you’re not checking us! Person: So that’s why I’m just eye-balling everything I’m trying to pick up. Thank you! How’s it going guys? Got some great bargains today. Yeah, 20% of everything… Already low price and on top of that we’re throwing in a rebate, up to 50… Great deal on a travel tripod if you’re in the
market. Normally you’ll find this on sale for $99 it’s 65. No rebate for that, sorry.
It’s already down this low… And then, ahh, this is a super deal. The tripod alone is $300.
Carbon fiber, wanna feel it? (Oh yeah!) Yeah. with the VA-5, which is our one of our
top-selling fluid heads. Of course, as an online video person… Making videos all the time about
photography. I do.. a lot of it is really video. So in my case checking out the
microphones and things is really interesting. There’s a company
Saramonic, very helpful representative showing us the different microphones
that they had on there. Ahh, the build quality, sound quality… is quite a bit different on
these guys. This would.. as far as microphones of that style, which are cardioid condenser microphones. This is pretty much the Cadillac of those. (okay) much bigger diaphragm… So it’s, ahh, no.. no battery? No battery, right. Yeah, runs on the plug-in power. It’s got a unique shock mount that actually holds the mic very well. You don’t need
to have a furry ball on one of these guys either, uses a double thick wind screen.
These are all metal construction on the outside here and then this also
comes with TRS and TRRS cables. So you can use it with your mobile device out of
the box. You don’t have to go buy a separate cable to be able to do that…
Scott: Nice, I’ll have to check those out. This is a really great micro shotgun microphone. So that’s not a shotgun microphone.
That’s not a shotgun microphone… not shocking right the cardioid
condenser microphone means they got a big open pattern up front, right. This guy is a full shotgun microphone, but in a small format. In order to have a shotgun
microphone you need an interference tube, which is what this is here. Sound comes in from the
side and gets bent back towards the capsule and sound coming in from the front
cancels that sound as well. Which is why you get side rejection on these guys.
Get more directionality out of it. This one has the same type of rounded shock
mount. It also has a high-pass filter in the back, so if you’re moving around like
you are now that causes low frequency vibrations… We can filter that out at least in some respect with this. Double thick windscreen and again the two cables
$79… About $20 bucks more for the shotgun version… I did check out the Canon booth. Didn’t do too much there, but it’s nice they had a area for
cleaning sensors and things free so all the can users could get their stuff
fixed up. Also, I did talk to one of the reps really quickly didn’t get anything
interesting out of it, you know, new cameras or anything. But he was curious
about the M50 and what I thought of it. So I told him about that… With the Sony booth they had a lot to show off. They had the brand new A7r IV to check out. The main thing that I noticed with the camera is the grip. It’s a lot better than
the previous version. it’s more substantial. It’s just a lot
nicer in the hands. Now, I didn’t look at it too much. But definitely interesting
camera. Of course it has a lot of megapixels. That’ll be up to you if it’s
something you want to check out. So have you ever looked at the STF? Adam: I’ve seen them reviewed and stuff online… So the thing you’ll notice when you look at it… it’s got like this weird kind of dark ring on
side of it. So it has basically a filter on the inside. So it’s a 100
millimeter 2.8 lens. Because of that dark rings it’s gonna meter at f/5.6.
But that ring is going to smooth out the bokeh beyond what the aperture blades
can do. So points of light, things like that are going to be perfectly circular.
And then it’s stupidly sharp that lens is. Like showing it off to some of the sales
guys. So one of the guys down the counter I snapped a photo of them and they
zoomed in and you could see that tear like in his eye… it was crazy! Also, another representative showed off the new features with their autofocus
system. You’ve got the animal autofocus plus the human eye autofocus.
You can have it prioritize on the person or the animal. There we go, it’s on animal mode… it’s tracking the dog. Now we’re going to… International symbol for
animal and people (haha, nice)… Right to him. (Should I move around?)
I’ll move the camera… Nikon was there, of course. They had
their Z cameras lined up. They had models there to take photos of. Definitely a
nice setup. We did quickly check out Sigma my friend was interested in the
new F/1.2 lens, but they did not have it to check out. Also, he did look at the
100 millimeter F/1.4. That’s a huge honk’n lens! It is a hefty lens.
It is but… Ev.. All of the image…
Rep: Goes to 1.4, it’s really fast… And it’s really sharp Adam: All of the images I’ve seen
coming out of this thing you’re absolutely amazing!
Rep: Yes! Adam: I think after a long day I probably want
to monopod it though. Rep: That’s why there’s a tripod collar.
Adam: You’ve got it. (Sigma Art lenses) are design for
sensors well north of 50 megapixels. That’s why they sing on everything current. I did ask them about the EF-M lenses and the representative did not have any
information. He wasn’t even sure they were gonna release them in the United
States. So that’s up in the air. Who knows what’s going to happen. We did check out Panasonic quickly. I did talk with the representatives a little bit about the
phase detect autofocus not being the cameras, and also the full-frame camera
and how the GH-5 series might go in the future. They seem to be thinking that
it’s gonna stick around, which is good. But of course they were not super
thrilled with my questions… Adam: (I noticed Godox is) going away from the twist-on to the lock. Well, we just got the new X2s and it does look like it does have that. Adam: I’ve got whichever the most recent pro Sony one… (Nice…) Oh it is a little bit thinner. (Yeah) Adam: I do like the big display on the Pro S, but… which I have. I’ve got the old version of this and I’ve got
the current Pro S. Adam: The switch lock…
Rep: Switch lock… Yeah, like see how the new ones the new type of tightening… Maybe this one later… not now. (right) Yeah. (Okay) Adam: Alright, well thank you. Fujifilm was there, of course. They had some cameras set up to check out. They were also doing a lot of
printing, which was a little interesting. They had all their instant cameras as
well. Litra was there. I had done a previous video on their original Litra
light. They had a new version to check out. That looks nice.
They also had a larger light that had a lot more features and a full screen and
they had some type of diffusion on it. So that’s the 2.0 of what you used and then we have a pro. Which is bi-color, oled display, and app controllable with some really nice accessories. it was a big look at ClickCon.
The photography convention in downtown Chicago. Interesting trade show.
I might try to go to more in the future. And it was really convenient to have a
friend there to help get there and do things that I’m not usually doing like
ride-sharing services and all that. Super helpful. Hope you enjoyed this video. If
you did, please consider subscribing. That helps me out a lot.
Liking it and sharing it with your friends helps out a lot as well. I’m Scott from Photography Banzai.

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