– Sir. – What? – There is a man for you. – Fine, let him in. And you here, just clean, you’ll finish later. Clean the foam away and apply the wax. Oh, what a pleasure. What brings you here? – Don’t mess with me, Sal! I’m here because your gang has got my man. – Aurelius, bring me our guest. Fine, let’s do business, shall we? Why shouldn’t I kill both of you right now? – We’ve got a thruce! A peace deal, I remind you. – You killed one of my men. – You one of mine. – There’s no proof. – We have a deal: each one decides the punishment of his own men. – But the other approves. Aurelius, bring us coffee. The way only you can make it. – Yes, sir. m e o w Will you have some cedrata in it, sir? – No, no. Celebrations shall follow the negotiation. – There is not going to be any negotiation! – Do you want to lose your best man without even trying? – What do you want, bald man? – Your Baldness, please. I want to control the port. – Absolutely no way. I can give you one mooring for your traffics, not one more. – Fifty percent will be fine. – And who are you?!? For the electric child’s sake! – I’m lovin’ it.

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  • Avanguardista.

  • Illuminante il modo in cui gli autori toccano il tema della banalità del male che per tutto il tempo aleggia nella storia senza essere mai nominato. Brillante come gettano le basi per eventuali sequel ma con classe, accennando ad un tale "Bambino Elettrico", plausibilmente il capo di una terza famiglia mafiosa. Decisamente un peccato per Scorsese l'aver distribuito il suo ennesimo Mafia movie proprio prima di questo capolavoro, destinato a metterlo in ombra. Voto 10/10.

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